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Friday, June 17, 2011

BB13 "Early Bird Special" Available Now!! (Updated)

Good morning all you lil BB addicts! I'm super excited to tell you that the Early Bird Special is now LIVE!! :D It's truly the best deal of the season for just $29.99 (saving you $10 off the normal season pass) and signing up now will cover you through the *whole season* of Big Brother 13!!!

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The Early Bird Special!!

You have until July 6th @ 11:59pm EST to get this awesome deal, but don't delay because once this deal is gone, it is gone until next year! So hurry up & snag up the Early Bird Special while you can!!

You get instant access to the live cameras inside the Big Brother house, unlimited access to the Flashback Feeds, $10 in FREE music downloads every month, BB chat rooms, and so much more...all for $10/month with the Early Bird Special.

But wait...there's more!

Can't get enough of the live feeds? Well then you're gonna love the Live Feeds Mobile App!! It's as an add-on to your regular live feeds once you sign up for the feeds, you can then add the mobile app for just $4.99/month!

Updated @ 5:11pm EST:
The mobile app is available for Android phones (while iphone users will get a page in a browser that launches the quicktime player for the feeds) and will be available on July 7th when BB13 begins!

Get ready, guys & gals...BB13 is almost here!! :D

As if that was exciting enough, here's your very first look at the front of the new Big Brother 13 house with Julie Chen!!

The new commercial can be seen here!

Stay tuned...
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