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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet the BB13 Houseguests!!

Good morning BB addicts & welcome to Thursday...cast reveal day!! :D

So, ya wanna know who you'll be seeing all summer long on the live feeds, backstabbing, manipulating, and lying their way to the finale?

There's only 8 HG's posted on!! Where's the other cast members at? lol :P Time will tell!! (Rumor has it that the other remaining HG's are 'dynamic duos' from previous BB seasons, but there is no official word on that yet!)

*Click on the pic to go to to read the BB13 cast bios.*

I have to hurry up & get ready for work this morning, but when I get back, I'll give you lil BB addicts some more in-depth info and cool stuff!

Also, don't forget, you guys & gals only have *6 more days* to get the Early Bird Special!!!

Stay tuned...
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