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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Nights BB Episode (Updated!)

Happy Wednesday Night, BB fans!! :D Tonight's show starts at 8pm EST & it'll show Nominations (since they weren't shown on Sunday's show), and most likely the POV Comp & Veto Ceremony as well.

At 6:03pm BBT, Rachel/Jordan talked in the kitchen and said they hope they're doing the right by keeping Adam this week.

They're both currently studying the HG's faces on the memory wall in case they have the Morph-O-Matic comp coming up this week.

Wanna know what's going on inside the BB13 house right now? Then ya gotta get the live feeds!! :D

On tonight's show, the BB announcer said that "things got heated up" with Jeff/Dani/Brendon in the jury house & we'll see that footage tomorrow!! Oooo I can't wait!!!

Okay guys & gals, enjoy the live feeds!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Morning/Afternoon in the BB House

Good morning/afternoon BB addicts!! :D I just got home from work & I'm ready to dive on into the Morning/Afternoon post.

Last night, nothing much happened on the live feeds.

Rachel found her puppy at 12:17am BBT.

Shelly popped through the opening at the top of the bedroom walls (where there's a camera) and used her own stuffed puppy as a puppet and, in a puppet voice, told Rachel to look under pillow. Rachel did and was so happy to get her puppy back. Ironically, Kalia was in there about 1 minute before this happened and Rachel thinks it might have been Kalia who gave her puppy back. lol :P

Okay, let's see what the HG's are up to, shall we? :)

9:57am BBT:
I turned on the feeds and saw Shelly sitting on the backyard couches, as "Blackbird" by the Beatles was playing loudly over the loudspeaker..then the feeds went to 'We'll Be Right Back'.

10:04am BBT:
Feeds still on WBRB as BB gives the housguests a wakeup call.

10:09am BBT:
Feeds back.
Shelly's in the kitchen. Jordan/Shelly are in the bathroom.

10:12am BBT:

*Shelly/Adam talking about Josie in the backyard as they smoke.
*Jordan/Rachel are in the bathroom, getting ready for the day.

10:21am BBT:

Adam says he feels bad lying to Kalia/Porsche (about working with them). Jordan said that it's that point in the game where he needs to decide to either be nice, or win the money. Adam says he likes to be honest, and it's killing him that he's lying to K/P, but loves working with Jordan/Rachel because they're honest.

Rachel joins in on the convo.

Adam tells Rachel the same thing..that K/P want him to work with them.

Jordan: "They're just doing what Dani wants." (..which is to get Rachel/Jordan out.)

Adam leaves.

Rachel: "They (K/P) think they won already. 100%."

They talk about the upcoming HOH comp. They think it'll be physical. Rachel said if it has to deal with running, she'll be able to beat Kalia.

Rachel: "Are you sure they (K/P) aren't working with Adam?"
Jordan: "I don't think so. We need Shelly (in jury) for votes, and I trust Adam."

Jordan: "Tell Kalia that we're voting to keep Shelly, so that she votes for Shelly. Then tomorrow, the votes will be 2-1 and we'll tell Adam we told her to vote Shelly out."

Rachel: "All they do is sleep & eat! All summer! Kalia never had a golden key, at least Porsche has that excuse..they don't listen to production, they're arrogant, they're mean, they make fun of us all the time..we have to win HOH next week and then win the POV."

Rachel: "Daniele coached them on what to do and Dani's in the jury house!"

Their whispering-convo continues.
Jordan: "We just need to win 2 more things (HOH/POV) and we're good."

Rachel's scared that Adam will "go where the power is", so if Kalia wins HOH, he'll go to her side.

Rachel leaves the bathroom.
Jordo continues to do her hair.

10:38am BBT:
*Cams 1 & 2: Shelly outside on BY couch, alone.
*Cams 3 & 4: Jordan doing her hair in the bathroom.

11:04am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Shelly just admitted to Rachel that she took her dog and put it back under her pillow. She said she's trying to prove her trust/loyalty to both her and Jordan.

Rachel: "We need someone to stick with us.."
Jordan: "And not play sides. If they win HOH, you're still protected because they wanna get me and Rachel out."
Shelly: "I will say in my speech tomorrow that I have you (J/R) back, I will NOT turn on you guys, and I will make it 100% clear. There will be no questions where Shelly Moore is in the game."

Shelly: "I hurt you. And I feel back. And there's nothing more I can say. Actions speak louder than words."
Jordan: "What if you're a tiebreaker and Rachel and Kalia are on the block?"
Shelly: "I swear to GOD I'm with you guys!"

Jordan's not buying it. She's questioning Shelly in her actions and saying that she flipped on the vets so quickly.

Rachel questions Shelly on celebrating Kalia's HOH win last week with her and Porsche. Shelly was honest and said that she had just turned on the vets and her only hope of being safe, was for the other side to win HOH.

Jordan: "If we don't win HOH, we (R/J) are screwed."
Rachel: "When it comes to a Final 3 situation, everyone has an equal chance (to go to Final 2)."

Jordan tells Shelly about how she won in the Final 3, though she was the one that wasn't in Kevin/Natalie's alliance. She was the target.

Jordan: "I will be sick to my stomach, if Kalia and Porsche are sitting in (the Final 2) chairs."
Rachel: "I would have rather of had Dani win, than Porsche or Kalia."

Rachel asked J/R can have a minute alone. Shelly says sure and stands up to leave, and says...

Shelly: "I will stand by you two for the rest of my life! I'm not gonna f**k you again. Rachel I'm not gonna vote you out. Jordan I'm not gonna vote you out. I'm 100% with you guys. I have nothing to gain."

Jordan asked Shelly if she threw any comps all season. Shelly (lies) and says she gave up on the 1st HOH of the season but that was it.

Shelly thanks the girls for listening and heads inside.
Jordan/Rachel talk alone.

Jordan: "She's lying..about the robot POV. She told me she threw it right after the comp. I swear. That right there is a lie."
Rachel: "I don't trust all. Okay this is my only argument to keeping Shelly...and you're a better judge of what people will do...Kalia/Porsche do not like Shelly. They have been mean to her all week long. They've been ignoring her all week long because they think she's going home."

Rachel said she's "sketched out" by Adam & that they (R/J) can beat Shelly in comps. Jordan doesn't know what they should's "50/50" (between Adam/Shelly).

They go on to talk again about how Kalia thinks she already won the game.
Talk turns back to about Shelly.

Porsche comes out.

Jordan: "We might keep Shelly." (**This part of their plan to get Kalia to vote Adam out and piss him off tomorrow.)

Jordan: "We're still trying to figure out what to do."
Porsche: "She's gonna keep filling your ears with the sh*t she's filling ours with."

Porsche goes inside.
Kalia comes out, Porsche tells Kalia to leave J/R to talk.
Kalia: "Huh?!"

Porsche/Kalia go back inside.
Rachel: "I can't stand Kalia."

Rachel & Jordan go back to pros and cons of keeping Shelly or Adam. They go back & forth..who to trust, who would really stick with them, who would be easy to beat in comps, etc etc.

Rachel: "Why is this so hard?!"
Jordan: "If we for sure win (HOH) this week, Adam will be on our side. If Shelly's still here, she'll do what's best for Shelly."

Adam comes out.

Jordan tells Adam that they told Porsche they might keep Shelly and that they're worried that he won't be with them next week.

Adam: "You girls are my girls."
Rachel: "Porsche and Kalia are gonna try to get you on their side."
Adam: "They already have! I told you.."

Kalia comes back out.
Rachel: "Kalia can we please talk to Adam?"
Kalia goes back in and slams the door in anger.

Rachel: "She didn't need to slam that door like that."

Jordan/Rachel start talking to Adam again. Jordan told Adam about Shelly lying about not throwing the robot comp, but she knows she did.

Rachel is telling Adam that if he's with them, then he needs to REALLY be with them.

11:44am BBT:
Jordan/Rachel are telling Adam why it'd be a stupid move to side with P/K if Kalia wins HOH this week and how they (K/P) haven't done anything all summer long. Adam totally agrees.

Jordan brings up the fact that Porsche has told everybody how she just wanted to see what it's like to have roommates.

Jordan: "And that's somebody that I wanna give the money to? No!"

Rach/Jordan are trying to pick Adam's brain and see what he thinks about Porsche, Kalia, how they played the game, and feel him out to see if he'll truly side with Rachel/Jordan so that they feel like it's a good decision to keep Adam instead of Shelly.

11:52am BBT:
Adam/Jordan/Rachel are still talking. Jordan told Adam how Porsche told them a little bit ago how she (P) said "Whoever stays this week (A or S), we'll just get out next week anyways."

Jordan thinks Adam's girlfriend, Fara, is cheering for Adam to team up with Jordan/Rachel.

Adam says he can't stand that he's being playing by Kalia and Porsche, and that Shelly just played him too.

11:55am BBT:

Rachel: "We're offering you a fair fight and saving you."
Jordan: "We have your back, you have our back."

Adam said that tomorrow's HOH comp is gonna be physical and Porsche can't play, and Kalia sucks at physical comps, and it'll be them 3 (A/R/J) against Kalia.

12:02pm BBT:
Jordan said that Kalia wants to know the way that Jordan/Rachel are voting so that she can vote with the house and how she hasn't played her own game all summer and still isn't by wanting to vote with the house so she doesn't piss anyone off.

Adam is talking about how Shelly cries about losing comps but then says she throws them. He also said that Shelly's gonna offer the world to Rachel/Jordan but she has nothing to actually offer.

**At this point in the convo, it seems like Jordan/Rachel are pretty comfy with keeping Adam but don't tell him.

Adam: "If you keep me here, I'll get those f**king bitches outta here!" (they all laugh)

Jordan pops her head inside and tells Kalia she can come outside now. They're done talking.

Kalia goes outside.
Shelly's doing her hair in the bathroom, as Porsche lays on the bathroom lounger talking to Shelly.

12:08pm BBT:
*Jordan/Rachel are in the house.
*Kalia/Adam are outside talking.

Kalia: "So what did they offer you? I know they offered you everything under the sun."
Adam: "They're debating on whether or not to keep me."
Kalia: "Are you gonna flip back (to their side), Adam?"
Adam: (lying) "No."
Kalia: "I don't shake on sh*t that I don't mean."
Adam: "I know they're scared to keep me."

Kalia said her legs are hurting her from working out with Jordan yesterday.
Adam goes inside to get something to eat.
Kalia's outside alone.

(**A part of me wonders if Jordan made Kalia workout so hard, just so that she'd be hurting for a couple days..including for tomorrow if there's a physical HOH comp.)

12:12pm BBT:
*All HG's (except for Kalia) are in the kitchen/dining room area.

*Non-game chatter all around.

Porsche just made bunny ears out of foil.

Rachel's making bunny ears as well.

Jordan/Kalia/Shelly are back outside.

12:22pm BBT:

*Adam/Porsche/Rachel are in the kitchen/dining room area.
*Shelly/Kalia/Jordan are in the BY talking about food allergies.

12:39pm BBT:
Backyard Patio Area

Kalia: "I wasn't mad (when I slammed the patio door), I was just cold (inside the house) and wanted to come out. But I am a little ticked off that nobody has campaigned to me yet, like my vote doesn't matter." (**Because it doesn't. lol)

Kalia said that if the 4 of them (R/J/K/P) are in an alliance together, then they should be talking about who to get rid of this week. Rachel/Jordan said that they might not vote the same way this week. (**Yea right.) They also said they don't know who to get out.

Shelly/Adam join the patio crew.

Talk turns to how Rachel thought that Keith/Porsche were a couple in the house.

12:50pm BBT:
Shelly mentions how everyone is camera ready for the HOH Picture Day today, and Porsche still doesn't have her HOH camera yet.

Adam: "Maybe they forgot. Everything happens for a reason in this house."
Porsche: "Should I go ask?"
Rachel: "If you want."

1:02pm BBT:

Houseguests are on the BY patio area talking about Rachel's BB season (per Shelly's questions).

1:06pm BBT:
HG's waiting for Porsche to get her HOH camera.

Convo is non-game chatter. (Current topic: Hammocks, tire swings, etc.)

1:17pm BBT:
Most HG's are inside the BB house now.

Rachel/Kalia/Porsche are left alone outside.

Kalia/Rachel talk about working out. Kalia says she's sore from working out with Jordan. Rachel encourages her to workout again today. (**To make her more sore for tomorrow, Rach? :P )

Kalia said that she wants to start running because her boyfriend used to be a trainer and runs.

Kalia: "I wanna run a marathon."
Rachel: "Me and Brendon are.."

1:18pm BBT:

Adam went into the Candy Bedroom to talk to Jordan. He said that Kalia questioned him on flipping or not. Adam thanked Jordan for being so honest and wants to be the same way with her & said that's why he told her about the newbies making a Final 4 together.

1:29pm BBT:
All 4 Feeds are on Kalia/Shelly on the BY patio. (Porsche just came out and said HOH pics will be soon.)

1:34pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Shelly talks to Jordan. She wants Jordan to know she feels bad for hurting her and Jeff and wants them to be friends after the show is done.

Shelly: "I'm never gonna hurt you again! You know that!"
Jordan: "Yea!"
Shelly: "Whether you vote for me or not, I wanna see you and Jeff have the best in life."
Jordan: "I really appreciate that."

1:40pm BBT:
It's HOH Picture Time!!

They're doing a Hugh Hefner inspired the girls as Playboy bunnies & Adam as Hug Hefner. (Their bunny ears are made out of foil. Porsche and Rachel made'em.)

A few minutes later, Rachel almost had an accident..she stepped on the bench and it slid from underneath her legs.

The HG's do a "cool walk" towards the camera...

Jordan/Rachel/Porsche by the weight bench.

2:07pm BBT:

*Adam is in the jacuzzi.
*Porsche/Kalia/Rachel are on the BY patio, looking through pics on the HOH camera.

2:17pm BBT:
*All HG's are outside, chillin'.
*Kalia/Porsche/Rachel are playing cards on the BY patio.
*Adam is in the jacuzzi.
*Jordo is about to workout.

1:32pm BBT:
*Shelly's laying out.
*Jordan's working out.
*Adam/Rachel/Porsche/Kalia are playing cards on the BY patio.

**Okay guys & gals, meet me back here in a couple of hours for the Wednesday Night's Episode post!! :D Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House (Updated!)

Good afternoon, BB addicts & welcome to the afternoon post!! :D Thanks Rachel and Shelly, the day has been loaded with lots & lots of game talk. Rachel keeps flip-flopping with the idea of keeping or getting rid of Shelly. If you missed the loooooong convo between Rachel/Shelly, go to Camera 1 @ 10:25am BBT.

Here are the liffnotes from the Shelly/Rachel convo:

*Rachel complimented Shelly on playing a good manipulative game.

*Shelly planted the idea in Rachel's head that if ALL vets (including Jordo) is in jury, then Rachel would win the game.

*Shelly saying again that she wants to work with Rachel to get her to the end.

*Shelly said that Adam has done nothing and won't help Jordan/Rachel get to the end, but she (Shelly) will..she just wants to get to Final 3 with people that deserve to be there..she doesn't wanna see Kalia/Porsche in the Final 3.

*She then tells Rachel that Adam will go after Rachel/Kalia if he wins HOH this week. He will keep Porsche safe (Adam/Porsche have Final 2 deal).

*Shelly said that if Rachel/Jordan are in Final 2, the votes would be split.

*Rachel told Shelly that she (R) is taking Jordan to the end regardless.

*Shelly's talk w/ Rachel got her (R) to think about keeping Shelly and going to Final 3 (Jordan/Rach/Shelly).

12:12pm BBT:

While that convo was going on, Adam/Jordan had a talk in the bathroom. Adam said that Shelly talking to Rachel made him nervous. Jordan told Adam that she (J) wants him to stay this week.

Rachel/Jordan then talked.
Rachel told Jordan that even though she knows Shelly's a manipulator, she's still worried about Adam and if he'll really protect them (J/R). Jordan said she can't trust Shelly. Jordan tells Rachel to talk to Adam.

1:18pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

Rachel said she's nervous about him being true to his word of being with Jordan/Rachel, and feels that Adam might have doubts about them (J/R), too. Adam said he regretted going with 'The New Kids' (after Jeff got evicted last week). Rachel understands why he did it, though.

Adam said he hopes to win HOH this week so that he can prove that he's working with Jordan/Rachel. Rachel said that all 3 of them (Jordan/Rach/Adam) need to talk game together and study together if they're really Final 3 with each other.

1:48pm BBT:
A look at the feeds..

Cams 1 & 2: Jordan/Shelly are suntanning.

Cams 3 & 4: Kalia/Porsche/Rachel are on the BY couches, talking non-game.

2:13pm BBT:

*All HG's are outside in the BY.

No game talk. The HG's are in currently in chill mode. :P

2:15pm BBT:

Shelly grabbed Rachel's stuffed doggy out of the kleenex box and put it under her pillow.

2:38pm BBT:

Rachel tried to convince Jordan to keep Shelly. Jordan tried to convince Rachel to keep Adam.

Rachel said that keeping Shelly would be keeping a target in the game. Jordan said that Kalia/Porsche would still get her (Rachel) out first, then Shelly 2nd. Jordan also said that Adam was the one who told them (R/J) about the newbies (Adam/Porsche/Kalia/Shelly) making a Final 4 deal last Thursday..Shelly never told them, Adam did..which makes Adam more trustworthy. Jordan added that Adam's a terrible liar, while Shelly is a great liar.

They both agree that Adam will fight to win HOH, while Shelly wouldn't.
They both head back outside.

3:00pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Rachel said she's scared for this week. Jordan said they just need to win 1 HOH and 1 POV. They talk about this weeks upcoming HOH comp. (**Ironically, building noises can be heard in the background from somewhere on the CBS lot.)

Jordan thinks it'll be something physical for sure.

3:36pm BBT:
3:19pm BBT:

*Jordan/Kalia are working out.
*Rachel's reading the bible.

3:36pm BBT:

*Jordan/Kalia still working out.
*Rachel is now napping on the BY couches.

Updated @ 6:20pm BBT:
Nothing much has been happening on the feeds the past couple of hours. I was waiting for something post-worthy but haven't found anything yet.

Rachel/Porsche worked out together, Adam fussed with the Fortune Teller but had no luck with getting it to work, Adam's still worried about Rachel not keeping him, Kalia told Porsche they need to get Rachel out next week..same old, same old. :P

I'm gonna take off for the night. Tomorrow I have to work at 10am EST (7am BBT), so I'll come home & just start the Afternoon Post around 11am BBT (2pm EST)! :D Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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