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Monday, June 27, 2011

BB13 House Tour Tomorrow + More!

It's here, BB fans! The last full week of waiting for Big Brother 13 to start is here! :D Can you believe it? Next Thursday we will be watching the very 1st episode of BB13!!!!

Okay, let me calm down a bit..take a deep breath..and move on with this post. lol :P

There's a ton of info I wanna tell you guys & gals, so I'll start off with...

Mobile Feeds:
As I previously mentioned, this year you can get the live feeds on your mobile phone! Here's the breakdown...

*You have to get the live feeds 1st, then get the mobile feeds as an add-on. (The mobile app is not being sold by itself.)

*Android users: there will be an app (available July 7th when the feeds start).
*iPhone and tablet users: you will simply just need to use your browser to access the feeds and it'll look like this:

The Early Bird Special:
The Early Bird Special is still going on, but not for very much longer!! Right now, you can snag up the feeds for $29.99 for the *WHOLE SEASON*!! Want the mobile app as well? That's an extra $10 for the whole season!! (Or you can pay $5/month with your monthly feeds of $14.99/month subscription after the Early Bird Special goes bye-bye.)

The Early Bird Special expires on July 6th @ 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Speaking of the feeds...

This year, there will be a WHOLE NEW LOOK for the live feeds with SO MUCH MORE cool stuff than previous years. Chat will be better, the quality of the feeds will be better, the navigation will be better, and it'll be a ton more interactive than ever before! If you've never had the feeds before, then this is the year to get'em!! :D

BB13 House Pics/Media Day Tomorrow:
Tomorrow morning, us BB addicts will get to finally see the inside of the new BB13 house!! What will it look like? Oooo I'm so excited..I can't wait!!! (I feel like a kid on the night before Christmas lol) Make sure to come back tomorrow to find out what this seasons theme will be for Big Brother!

And last, but not least...

*I will be releasing the 1st Cynic article of the season from Drew this week, so stay tuned for that! (It's hilarious..y'all are gonna love it!)

*I have more Chat Room moderators this year.

*I will be having an extra blogger (or two) this year for those rare times that I have to step away from the computer & BB land for an extended period of time so that you BB addicts can still get your fix. ;)

Ladies & gents, this is it..the summer of BB13 about to begin. Are you ready??!

Stay tuned...
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