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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dynamic Duos: Past BB HG's

OMG OMG OMG!!! Okay, I literally choked on my iced tea when I saw this, but on, they released who could possibly be the remaining 6 HG's!!

"This season, some of Big Brother’s most familiar faces will be re-entering the house for another shot at the game!"

Which former dynamic duo do you think will return to the Big Brother house?

Notice how it says who " you think.." will re-enter the house? So your vote isnt for who you WANT to enter, it's for who you THINK will enter the house for another shot at half-a-mill.

Ohhhh BB gods, PLEASE let Evil Dick back in that house!!! And if I see Jessie one more season, I swear I'll start to pull my hair out! lol

Okay, so who do y'all wanna see back in the game & watch all summer long on the live feeds?? Let your voices be heard in the comment section below!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Meet the BB13 Houseguests!!

Good morning BB addicts & welcome to Thursday...cast reveal day!! :D

So, ya wanna know who you'll be seeing all summer long on the live feeds, backstabbing, manipulating, and lying their way to the finale?

There's only 8 HG's posted on!! Where's the other cast members at? lol :P Time will tell!! (Rumor has it that the other remaining HG's are 'dynamic duos' from previous BB seasons, but there is no official word on that yet!)

*Click on the pic to go to to read the BB13 cast bios.*

I have to hurry up & get ready for work this morning, but when I get back, I'll give you lil BB addicts some more in-depth info and cool stuff!

Also, don't forget, you guys & gals only have *6 more days* to get the Early Bird Special!!!

Stay tuned...
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BB13 House Tour w/ Julie Chen

We've seen the pics of the BB13 house, but now we have the House Tour with Julie Chen!! :D

Anybody else think that the fortune teller will play a role this season? I can just see that thing starting to talk & give clues, as the lights dim and the HG's come running into the lounge room to hear what it has to say!!

Next up, we will meet the cast of Big Brother 13!!

Stay tuned...
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BB13 House Pics: Part 2!!! (More pics added!!!)

Updated @ 9:29pm EST:
There's two new things that I need to report...

1) Britney Haynes from BB12 posted this on Twitter:

2) A 49 second clip of Julie Chen on Entertainment Tonight in Canada giving the house tour showed Mrs. Chen stating the following:

"Dynamic duos from the past will have significant roles this season."

Hmm!!! What does that mean??!!


Okay, so I guess we don't have to wait until the house tour with Julie Chen to see the backyard, outside the HOH, and the living room because those pics (and more!) have just been released!!!

Psss...just a quick reminder, y'all only have *8 MORE DAYS* to get the Early Bird Special!! Get the live feeds now, save $10!!

Also, I know all of you lil addicts out there are anxious to see the BB13 cast pictures, but you're gonna have to wait just a little bit longer..they will be released in 2 days, on the 30th!

Let's get to the pics, shall we? :D

Big Brother 13 House Pics: Part 2

Backyard patio, complete with new comfy looking seating & a brick floor...

Loving the graffiti on the backyard walls! (..and no that does *not* say "Evil", it says "Evikshan", as in "eviction".)

Outside the HOH room is the chess board & 2 park-style benches...

The spiral staircase that leads up to the HOH room is now caged in...(anyone else think one of the HG's is gonna try to climb that? lol)

The living room has a modern feel, with a rug made of fake grass...

Now, we've already have seen the HOH room, candy themed bedroom, the dinning room, and lounge room, but here are a couple more pics to show more details of all 4 rooms (there's been a few changes)...

The candy room is still the same from yesterdays pic...

The HOH room no longer has any orange pillows or throw blanket (or orange anything, for that matter), the headboard has been removed, the brick wall has now been replaced by modern looking faux wood panels & blue on the walls, the table has been replaced, and the 2 lounge chairs have also been swapped out with more modern looking chairs.

A more detailed look at the lounge room...

And another view of the dining area/kitchen...

Okay, so we got surfboards, a candy themed bedroom, a fortune teller machine in the lounge room, graffiti on walls in the backyard, park benches by the chess board, and a couple of modern-looking rooms (such as the HOH room, bedroom #1, and the living room)...I think it's pretty safe to say that there is no consistant "theme" to the house, although I will say this much about the BB13 house; there's a lot of f*@#ing bikes up in that place!! lol :P

Alright, so that's it for house pics!! Next up, we meet the cast of Big Brother 13 on Thursday (June 30th), so make sure to come back for pics & bios!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Brother 13 House Revealed!!!

After waiting up until 2am EST, my patience has paid off...Ladies and gents, I present to you the Big Brother 13 House!!!! :D

(And it looks as if there will be 14 HG's this season by the number of spots on the memory wall and place settings at the dining room table!!)

This is what we will see on the live feeds all summer long!!

The Big Brother 13 House:

The entry way, kitchen and dining room...

The kitchen...

14 spots on the Memory Wall & 14 place settings! :D...

The Lounge (that's a fortune teller machine in the left corner)...

The house bathroom...

Bedroom #1...

Bedroom #2, "The Candy Room" (my favorite!!)...

The luxurious HOH Room, complete with a fish tank in the corner...

The HOH bathroom...

That's all the pictures of the BB13 house!! Sadly we're gonna have to wait to see the backyard, which is said to be a "Venice Beach" theme. And the Have-Not's room has also yet to be revealed, as well as the living room.

Okay, so what do y'all think? What's your favorite room(s) in the house? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below!

I'm totally digging the Summer/Boardwalk theme in the house. Surf boards on the wall, candy wrapper beds, the fortune teller booth in the it!!

More news, pics, and videos to be posted as they come in, so stay tuned!

Stay tuned...
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BB13 House Tour Tomorrow + More!

It's here, BB fans! The last full week of waiting for Big Brother 13 to start is here! :D Can you believe it? Next Thursday we will be watching the very 1st episode of BB13!!!!

Okay, let me calm down a bit..take a deep breath..and move on with this post. lol :P

There's a ton of info I wanna tell you guys & gals, so I'll start off with...

Mobile Feeds:
As I previously mentioned, this year you can get the live feeds on your mobile phone! Here's the breakdown...

*You have to get the live feeds 1st, then get the mobile feeds as an add-on. (The mobile app is not being sold by itself.)

*Android users: there will be an app (available July 7th when the feeds start).
*iPhone and tablet users: you will simply just need to use your browser to access the feeds and it'll look like this:

The Early Bird Special:
The Early Bird Special is still going on, but not for very much longer!! Right now, you can snag up the feeds for $29.99 for the *WHOLE SEASON*!! Want the mobile app as well? That's an extra $10 for the whole season!! (Or you can pay $5/month with your monthly feeds of $14.99/month subscription after the Early Bird Special goes bye-bye.)

The Early Bird Special expires on July 6th @ 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Speaking of the feeds...

This year, there will be a WHOLE NEW LOOK for the live feeds with SO MUCH MORE cool stuff than previous years. Chat will be better, the quality of the feeds will be better, the navigation will be better, and it'll be a ton more interactive than ever before! If you've never had the feeds before, then this is the year to get'em!! :D

BB13 House Pics/Media Day Tomorrow:
Tomorrow morning, us BB addicts will get to finally see the inside of the new BB13 house!! What will it look like? Oooo I'm so excited..I can't wait!!! (I feel like a kid on the night before Christmas lol) Make sure to come back tomorrow to find out what this seasons theme will be for Big Brother!

And last, but not least...

*I will be releasing the 1st Cynic article of the season from Drew this week, so stay tuned for that! (It's hilarious..y'all are gonna love it!)

*I have more Chat Room moderators this year.

*I will be having an extra blogger (or two) this year for those rare times that I have to step away from the computer & BB land for an extended period of time so that you BB addicts can still get your fix. ;)

Ladies & gents, this is it..the summer of BB13 about to begin. Are you ready??!

Stay tuned...
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Friday, June 24, 2011

BB13 Live Feeds "Rumor Control"

Good morning & Happy Friday to all of you BB addicts out there! We now have *LESS* than 2 weeks to go before the premiere of Big Brother 13 on July 7th!! w00t w00t!! :D

Just a reminder, the "Early Bird Special" is *still* going on! Snag the feeds for just $29.99 (save $10!!) After BB13 starts, the price goes back to $15/month, so save yourself some cash and get'em cheap while ya can! :D

(**NOTE: if you're getting a "proxy error" message when signing up, lower your security level on your anti-virus program just a notch & then try again. This is a common problem with anti-viruses software. If you're still having problems and/or have questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below!)

On this past Tuesday, the live feeds showed the very 1st (of 3) "Rumor Control" shows with Danielle (BB8) and Ragan (BB12).

Ragan was GREAT as a host! He was funny, witty, gave some good opinions, and was just awesome! Danielle, on the other hand..well..she was kinda rude at times (which was disappointing since I've been a fan of hers for years now). When a caller asked "What's your father doing right now?", her response was "Why don't ask you him yourself?" Not the warmest reponse in the world. Ragan later on said that Danielle & Evel Dick's relationship is once again "strained" (which I was sorry to hear), so maybe that had something to do with her not-so-nice response.

I took some notes from the live "Rumor Control" show for those of you who didn't get to watch it:

*Ragan hopes to see "hot messes" on the show, like Rachel. (lol)

*Danielle thinks that girls on BB typically don't work well together because they're too catty, and that's why guys win BB nearly every season. She's hoping that BB13 will be a female-driven season.

*Shockingly, Ragan is now friends with Brendon and Rachel!

*Ragan (jokingly) said he's still waiting for Matt to leave Stacy and come live with him in California. (lol)

*Dani said that "obviously" showmances are not good game play.

*Dani said she got down to 99 lbs (from being on slop) during BB8. Ragan said he got down to his "birth weight" from being on slop.

*Ragan wants the new HG's to "wait" to form alliances.."give it a lil bit of time. You don't know peoples personally right out of the box". (**I couldn't agree more!!)

*Dani said she likes to see "witty girls" on BB, like Britney in her Diary Room sessions.

*Ragan thinks BB could bring back 1 former HG this season...maybe someone who have had "bad luck in their season", someone that didn't make jury. Dani disagreed.

*Ragan: "The 'Have-Nots' room should smell REALLY B.O.!"

*When asked by a caller if they'd ever do an All Stars season, Ragan said he'd definitely do it in a heartbeat! Dani said she would as well and that if anyone (that's been on BB) said no, then "they'd be lying".

*Danielle said she thinks Hayden deserved to win BB. (Hmm...that one, I don't agree with but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.)

*There were talks about a "couples" All-Stars (whenever All Stars happens again) *Dick/Dani, Matt/Ragan, Jeff/Jordan, etc etc. Ragan said that it'd be hard to trust Matt in a couples all stars season because of BB12.

All in all, it was a really fun show to watch! If you missed it, you can always watch the reply on the live feeds. There will be *2 more shows* of Rumor Control before BB13 starts (which I will not be covering here on the blog), so make sure to check'em out!

Also to keep you entertained until BB13 starts, is "Happy Hour" with BB9's Chelsia and Missy every Thursday at 3pm PT / 6pm ET!

Okay my lil addicts, that's it for now!

Stay tuned...
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BB13 Press Day

Good morning fellow BB addicts! :D The countdown is well underway to the premiere date of Big Brother 13 on July 7th and we have just a short couple more weeks to go!! Are y'all as excited (and anxious!) as I am?!

In case you missed the post, the "Early Bird Special" is going on right NOW! Get the live feeds before the show starts and save yourself $10! But hurry, this deal ends at 11:59pm on July 6th!!

Speaking of the live feeds, today (Tuesday June 21st) is the 1st "Rumor Control" show with BB8's Danielle, and BB11's Ragan at 6pm/EST!!

Only way to watch it is to get the live feeds!

In other news...

Press Day inside the new BB house was yesterday and if you're an NCIS fan, then you'll love this next nugget of info...

Pauley Perrette from NCIS was part of the press day crew on June 20th & hosted a competition for the press competitors. This was made public via twitter:

Us BB fans will get all the juicy details from what happened on Press Day on June 28th, so stay tuned for that info.

Also, according to Evel Dick (winner of BB8), he's predicting that the BB13 HG's will be "taken away from their lives" and go into sequester this weekend (25th-26th).

Okay so we got Press Day, talks of sequester, and 2 weeks until BB13 starts...I'm predicting a TON of Big Brother 13 news will be released very, very soon!!! ;)

*happy dance!!

Pssst...don't forget to follow the blog on Twitter & Facebook!!

Stay tuned...
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Friday, June 17, 2011

BB13 "Early Bird Special" Available Now!! (Updated)

Good morning all you lil BB addicts! I'm super excited to tell you that the Early Bird Special is now LIVE!! :D It's truly the best deal of the season for just $29.99 (saving you $10 off the normal season pass) and signing up now will cover you through the *whole season* of Big Brother 13!!!

Click Here to get
The Early Bird Special!!

You have until July 6th @ 11:59pm EST to get this awesome deal, but don't delay because once this deal is gone, it is gone until next year! So hurry up & snag up the Early Bird Special while you can!!

You get instant access to the live cameras inside the Big Brother house, unlimited access to the Flashback Feeds, $10 in FREE music downloads every month, BB chat rooms, and so much more...all for $10/month with the Early Bird Special.

But wait...there's more!

Can't get enough of the live feeds? Well then you're gonna love the Live Feeds Mobile App!! It's as an add-on to your regular live feeds once you sign up for the feeds, you can then add the mobile app for just $4.99/month!

Updated @ 5:11pm EST:
The mobile app is available for Android phones (while iphone users will get a page in a browser that launches the quicktime player for the feeds) and will be available on July 7th when BB13 begins!

Get ready, guys & gals...BB13 is almost here!! :D

As if that was exciting enough, here's your very first look at the front of the new Big Brother 13 house with Julie Chen!!

The new commercial can be seen here!

Stay tuned...
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Big Brother Live Feeds Early Bird Special

UPDATED: The 'Early Bird Special' will be available on Friday June 17th (instead of the 15th). They had to move back the release date due to technical errors.

Once again, is offering all you lil BB addicts out there the "Early Bird Special"!! It begins on June 17th!! It's 3 months for just $29.99!!

You get access to:
*The live cameras inside the BB house all season long
*Chat Room Access w/ other BB fans
*Unlimited Access to the Flashback Feeds
*$10 every month in *FREE* music downloads

I say it ever year, and I'll say it again this year: it's truly the best deal for the live feeds, so make sure to get the Early Bird Special before BB starts!!

Mark your calendars...
June 17th-"Early Bird Special"!!

Code for the Early Bird Special is "BB13QTEARLY" (in case it doesn't show up on the page).

Stay tuned...
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

BB13 Semi Finalists

This just in...

Robyn Kass tweeted (on June 1st) that the semi-finalists have been notified!

Robyn also tweeted:
"Not even close to locking a cast. No confirmation on the number of HGs yet." (May 28th)

Source: Robyn Kass on Twitter

More news to come as I get it in!! :D

Stay tuned...
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