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Friday, September 2, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House + Celeb/Pandora's Box/Luxury Comp

Good afternoon all you BB addicts out there!! :D This morning, the houseguests were told to get dressed up nice (it's unclear if they were told if it would be for a guest visitor to enter the BB13 house or not).

At 10:40am BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means it's time for either Pandora's Box and/or a special visit from a celebrity!! When the feeds come back on, I'll post what happened below.

Currently on the live feeds...

11:47am BBT:
Feeds are back!!!

It was a LUXURY COMP!!!!

Rachel: "Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous!" (**Guess she didn't get to play?)

They grabbed clothes during the luxury comp.
Jordan: "I was just grabbin' stuff!"

BB's Jessie was back in the house! Hahahahaha!!!! Rachel got to watch the rest of the HG's play in the luxury comp. Sounds like Rachel opened up Pandora's Box.

HG's are trying on all the clothes.

Adam confirmed that Tori Spelling, 8 months pregnant and all, rang the doorbell & entered the BB13 house!!

Adam: "Greatest day EVER!!!!"

Rachel said that Jessie, aka "Mr. Pectacular", was wearing a speedo bathing suit that barely covered his whole butt that said "Mr. Pectacular" in sequins on his backside. (*LOL!!)

Rachel/Porsche/Kalia look at the signed pic that Jessie gave Rachel.

Rachel: "I saw Jessie in the box and I was like 'Nooooo!!!!'"

12:05pm BBT:
Adam said that Tori Spelling kissed his duck for him.

The shopping spree was for only 3 minutes. They talk about how Tori said that her 4 yr old daughter loves Adam.

Adam hugged & thanked Rachel for opening up Pandora's Box.

They look at the shirts that Jessie gave everybody.

12:21pm BBT:
HG's are chit-chatting non-stop about everything..Pandora's Box/Jessie/Tori Spelling/the clothes they got, etc. Everyone in great spirits! :D

Rachel said that she said "No" to opening up Pandora's Box at first, but then changed her mind. She saw Tori Spelling on the screen with new clothes & waving.

Adam said he was shaking from meeting Tori Spelling.

12:30pm BBT:
All HG's still happily talking about the luxury comp/Pandora's Box.

Adam said he had an appletini and saw Tori Spelling..dream come true. Jordan said that a lot of Adam's dreams came true: him being on BB, still being in the BB house on his 40th birthday, and meeting Tori Spelling.

2:23pm BBT:

HOH Room

Porsche and Rachel are talking up in the HOH room. Since Porsche/Kalia are gonna be nominated today, and Kalia is the target, this convo is kinda pointless. But if anything noteworthy happens, I'll be sure to post it. :)

So far, it's just a clearing of the air convo..why they did & that in the game.

2:36pm BBT:
Rachel told Porsche that she (R) has her (P) back, more than Kalia and how Kalia made..or tried to make..Final 2 deals with everyone in the house, including last night when Kalia tried to make a Final 2 deal with Rachel.

2:48pm BBT:
Rachel/Porsche make a Final 3 deal together.

Rachel: "If you're not nominated (and Adam is) and you win veto, would you take Kalia off the block?"
Porsche: (hesitant to answer)

Porsche eventually says that she wants Kalia in the Final 3 with them (P/R).

They say they'll see what happens with the veto & end the convo.

3:46pm BBT:
HOH Room

Talk is about how worried Kalia/Porsche are for the veto. Adam stated again that if he won veto, he's not using it to save either from the block. Rachel said Kalia's worried that she's the target this week, and she is.

3:54pm BBT:
Rachel says they (Rach/Jor/Adam) have to win veto to keep the nominations the same. They think the POV Comp will be the Otev comp.

**This whole week is about who wins POV. If Kalia doesn't win POV, she's going to jury. If Kalia wins POV, Porsche goes home. Simple as that.

4:22pm BBT:
Feeds on trivia for Nomination Ceremony. Rachel's gonna put up Porsche/Kalia.

Stay tuned...
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