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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Post-Endurance Comp

Rachel has won Part 1 of the Final HOH, which means that Adam/Porsche will battle it out in Part 2 (which will be Saturday or Sunday), which will be a skill comp. Tonight the HG's will be talking about the comp and most likely complaining about how sore they are (though Rachel doesn't seem to be sore at all.)

Okay, let's check in on the houseguests & see what they're up to!

8:04pm BBT:
Storage Room

Rachel does her Happy Dance! (Congrats, Rach!!)

8:06pm BBT:

Rachel & Porsche have already showered.
Adam's next.

Talk is about when the inside lockdown will be over. They wonder how long it'll take production to tear down the endurance comp set up. (**Probably a loooong time!)

Rachel's talking about the Paint Can comp from her season.

Adam said he's finally getting feeling back in his legs.

8:14pm BBT:
Rachel wonders if they'll get booze and/or a nice dinner (to celebrate Final 3). Adam/Porsche don't think so.

Porsche's complaining about her shoulder hurting.

Rachel said she's glad she's been working on her shoulders all season during her workouts. Rachel then said she would've loved to do an endurance comp with Dani because it would've been a "fight to the death". (**I would've loved to see that, too!!)

Adam's still having a hard time walking without being in pain.

Adam: "Well..that was fun!"

He heads back into the bathroom where Rachel/Porsche are.
Talk turns back to the comp and how it seemed to spin faster after Adam was off of it.

8:31pm BBT:

Adam & the girls are going over each individual comp from the BB13 season. There's been 27 comps so far this summer, with 2 more to go.

Adam: "We ALL earned our spot (in Final 3)! I don't care what anybody else says."
Porsche: "We worked hard to get here."
Rachel: "F**k yea!"

Porsche then said that Jordan already won BB once and that it's time for someone new to win it. She also said that Jordan gave shout-outs on the air on tonight's live show and how they're not allowed to do that.

**Alright guys & gals, I'm outty for the night! I'll be back tomorrow (I'm definitely sleeping in!! lol) Depending on what happens on the feeds tonight, I may or may not do an Overnighter tomorrow. It's at that point in the game where game talk is pretty non-existent and depends solely on who wins 2 of the 3 Final HOH comps. So until tomorrow, enjoy the feeds & Showtime After Dark!! :D

Stay tuned...
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