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Monday, September 5, 2011

Afternoon/Evening in the BB House

Good evening, BB fans! Hope all of you having an nice & relaxing Labor Day!! :D The HG's are still unaware of tomorrows eviction & HOH comp. They still think all of that is happening on Thursday as usual.

The HG's now know tomorrow is eviction day! Production told them at 4:32pm BBT.

Both Kalia & Porsche have been campaigning over one another to stay in the house. Let's see what the HG's are up to on the live feeds!

Currently on the live feeds...

3:40pm BBT:
HOH Room

It's Kalia's turn to campaign to stay. She offered Rachel a Final 2 deal. Rachel declined. They go through different things that happened in the game. (During this convo, the HG's went on inside lockdown.) They talk about a possible Final 3 scenario (J/R/K). Rachel said she has to talk to Jordan.

As Kalia campaigns, she throws Porsche and Adam under the bus in the process. When they end their convo, Rachel asked Jordan to come upstairs to the HOH room to talk.

3:57pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel asked Jordan how bad she wants to get to the Final 3 together. Jordan said a lot, of course. Rachel tells Jordan that maybe they should keep Kalia this week because she'd get rid of Adam...Porsche probably wouldn't.

Rachel: "If she stayed, and won veto, she'd get rid of Adam."
Jordan: "You sure about that?"
Rachel: "No."

Jordan/Rachel talk about the Final 4 Veto and they need to ask production if Rachel will get to compete in the veto or not.

Jordan: "If Porsche stays, you have a better chance."
Rachel: "Adam and Kalia hate each other. So they're gonna wanna take each other out."

They both agree they don't trust either Porsche/Kalia.
Jordan talks about how Kalia "doesn't need the money" because she's well off right now and that she (K) doesn't want Jordan to win BB because she already won before.

4:08pm BBT:
Jordan/Rachel go over different scenarios & try to figure out who to keep this week. Jordan thinks that there's NO WAY that Porsche would win the $500,000 next to anybody in the house. Adam's a 50/50 shot.

3:17pm BBT:

Jordan: "As of right now, I think Porsche should stay..because if this next one is questions, Kalia will win."
Rachel: "If we keep Kalia, she's gonna be in Final 3."

Rachel said her gut is telling her to evict Kalia.

4:32pm BBT:
Production told the HG's the eviction is tomorrow.

Adam is now up in the HOH room with Rachel/Jordan, deciding who to keep this week.

Adam thinks that Kalia needs to go. Jordan questions Adam/Porsche being together. Adam said they're "friends" but he's with Rachel/Jordan for Final 3. He thinks Kalia would have a better shot at winning HOH than Porsche would.

Adam said if he wins the veto, he has no problems getting Porsche out.
Rachel said that Kalia said she would for sure win HOH or the Veto if she stayed.

4:43pm BBT:
Rachel's telling Jordan that if she feels that she wants to give Kalia a "pity vote" (so she's not breaking her word to Kalia), then that's fine because Rachel has no problems breaking a tie.

Adam reminds Jordan that Dani/Kalia wanted to break up Jeff/Jordan.

Jordan just wants to make sure that Porsche is TOTALLY out of the picture to get further and that Adam won't keep her. Adam says, again, he's 100% on board with Jordan/Rachel for Final 3 and will get rid of matter if that means if he's losing a jury vote or not.

4:58pm BBT:
Rachel announces to the HG's that it's HOH Picture Time & to get into their gear that Jessie gave them.

They change into their regular clothes for more pics.

5:20pm BBT:
Jordan/Adam/Rachel sneak in a Final 3 pic while everyone else is outside.

Jordan: "Hurry hurry hurry!"

5:28pm BBT:
Cams 1 & 2: Kalia's in the kitchen.
Cams 3 & 4: Adam/Jordan are in the BY working out.

5:35pm BBT:

Jordan: "You don't have to campaign to me, you already have my vote."
Kalia: "Thank you thank you thank you!"

(As Rachel/Adam/Jordan already discussed today in the HOH room, Jordan's gonna vote for Kalia to stay so that it doesn't hurt her jury vote. Adam will vote Kalia out and then Rachel will be the tiebreaker to vote Kalia out.)

**Okay guys, I'm outty for the night! If anything happens (like the Fortune Teller starting up or any major game talk), I'll update this post! Otherwise, enjoy your night watching the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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