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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BB13: Finale Party

Good evening, BB fans!! Well, we've made's BB13 FINALE NIGHT!!!!!!! :D w00t w00t!! Tonight, we will see Porsche vs Rachel in Part 3 of the Final HOH comp (questions) and then whoever wins, gets to pick who they want sitting beside them in the Final 2. Porsche/Rachel made a deal with each other saying that they're gonna take each other to Final 2, but will they stick to the deal? Or will either of them change their mind and take Adam to Final 2? We shall see!!

While we wait for the Finale to begin at 9:30pm EST, take a look at the latest article from Drew, the Big Brother Cynic:

"And Then There Were 3"

The Chat Room is now open, so make sure to come on in & grab a seat! Don't forget your snacks & beverage(s) of choice! I'll bring the champagne! ;)

I'm going to post a 'Thank You' note after the show is done, so please make sure to stick around for that. (..Plus I'll be posting a new pic of Bella and she's just too cute to miss! hehe)

Alright guys & gals..this is it! It's Finale Night!!! Let's do this!!!!!!!

9:30pm BBT:
Show begins...

Winner of Part 3 Final HOH is:


Rachel Evicted:


*Brendon votes for RACHEL
*Dani votes for PORSCHE
*Jeff votes for RACHEL
*Shelly votes for RACHEL
*Kalia votes for PORSCHE
*Jordan votes for RACHEL
*Adam votes for PORSCHE

Winner of Big Brother Season 13 is:



America's Choice ($25,000) is:


Stay tuned...
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