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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Night Live Show + HOH Comp!!!

Goooood evening, BB fans!!! :D Welcome to the Thursday Night's Live Show post!! Tonight, we will see Shelly get the BB boot and walk outta the house, and then we'll see who will be this weeks HOH!

Allison Grodner (Exc. Producer of BB) just tweeted this!!

9:00pm EST:
Show begins...

Votes to Evict:
*Rachel votes to evict...Shelly
*Kalia votes to evict...Adam
*Jordan votes to evict...Shelly

Evicted from the BB House is:


This Sunday's episode will feature Pandora's Box with a celebrity.
This Wednesday will be an eviction. (Final 4)
Then on Thursday, another eviction. (Final 3)

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7:25pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

The HOH comp:
HG's (except for Porsche, the outgoing HOH) had to crawl through a sticky pool of clear liquid, get plastic donuts on the other side, crawl back through the sticky liquid, and put their donuts on a pole. It was a timed comp: Most donuts in 13 minutes, wins.

Winner of the HOH Comp is:


Jordan: "I'm happy you won!" (to Rachel)

Stay tuned...
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