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Friday, September 9, 2011

Mid-day Check In

Good afternoon/evening, BB fans!! :D Figured I'd give y'all a mid-day check in on the houseguests.

Nothing much has been happening today in the BB13 house. Adam/Rachel/Porsche have been talking about different moments from the season and doing some bonding. Fun chatter throughout the whole day, mixed with some fun in the sun (swimming, suntanning, grilling, working out, etc.)

Here's a current shot at the live feeds:

Tonight, the houseguests get their Final 3 Dinner!! w00t w00t!! The feeds will most likely be cut for an hour or so, so if you see trivia for a little bit tonight, don't freak out. lol :P BB will give them a nice dinner and some champagne to cheers with. (I'll post screenshots of that tomorrow.)

I'll be back tomorrow with The Overnighter or at the very least, an update. Either tomorrow (Sat) or Sunday will be the Part 2 of the Final HOH (or at least that's when it's rumored to be) so I'll definitely keep ya posted on that.

I hope everybody is enjoying their Friday night..whether it's just lounging around the house watching tv, or out with family or friends!

See y'all tomorrow! :D

Stay tuned...
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