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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Nights BB Episode

Good evening, BB fans!! :D I'm happy to report that the live feeds will come back on tonight!! w00t w00t!! :D Nobody is sure of exactly when that will happen, but last season the feeds came back after the West Coast airing. The minute they come back on, I'll let ya know!

Tonight's show is gonna show is gonna be jam-packed full of goodies!! We'll see footage of Shelly entering the jury house, the POV comp, veto ceremony, Kalia getting evicted, and Adam winning HOH.

The Chat Room will be open tonight, so grab your snacks, beverage(s) of choice, and join me in the chat room as we watch tonight's awesome show!!

See ya in the chat room & in the comment section! :D

This is from an 'addicted' fan that went to the taping of last nights eviction show:

"Show starts off with the POV/Veto - Adam Wins - (Jordan out 1st, then Rachel then Kalia then Porsche, Winner Adam) Adam keeps nominations the same.

Shelly's arrival to Jury House & Jeff gives her a piece of his mind (one of the best parts of the show audience clapping & laughing).

Dani tried to chime in & Jeff gave her a piece of is mind then too.

Eviction - Jordan voted to evict Porsche - Adam voted to evict Kalia - Rachel breaks the tie-breaker, Kalia Out.

She walks out & she was so amazed with the audience seeing the outside world yapping - During the exit interview I thought it was interesting that Kalia was yapping (as usual) & Julie had to reel her in to start the interview as she was so amazed with the audience people.

HOH competition
Adam Porsche & Jordan - Rachel did not compete - Most correct answers out of 6 - Of course Adam won - Porsche did Horrible with the answers

Announced that Wednesday's show will show the above (which was an hour packed show) along with the Nominations, POV/Veto Ceremony with the Live Eviction on Thursday

Side Note: Lydia Tavera & her mom were there as they obtained tickets in Lydia's name to attend as audience members - She waited in line with all the other folks went through Security showed her ID, took her picture & provided her e-mail address - Just prior to the audience members getting ready to go to the BB13 studio she was pulled out by an executive of BB13 & was told she had to leave - My take on this is why did they give her a ticket in her name & have her wait along with knowing who she was (as it was alot to go through to get in) in the LA heat (felt like about 100 degrees) then be told you need to leave - Felt bad for her & her mom."

Stay tuned...
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