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Monday, September 5, 2011

Morning in the BB House

Good morning/afternoon everybody! :D Welcome to the Morning in the BB House post! The houseguests were woken up by BB at 9:15am BBT. They've been getting ready for the day & for today's Veto Ceremony that should be starting soon.

Let's see what they're currently up to on the live feeds.

9:50am BBT:
A look at the feeds...

Kalia/Adam are outside. Adam's waiting for the bathroom to be available so that he can take his shower.

Jordan/Rachel are getting ready for the day.

Jordan/Rachel go up to the HOH room so that Rachel can change.
On their way to the HOH room, Jordan whisper-screams to Adam in the kitchen...

Jordan: "Adam! We still good?" (re: not using the POV)

Adam said yea.
J/R go into the HOH room. Rachel changes into a dress.

Rachel said she doesn't wanna sound rude but she doesn't think Adam deserves to be in the Final 4/5. They think Adam will take Porsche to the end.

Rachel: "Adam said he wouldn't evict you because it's 2 votes (in jury against him), and he won't evict me because that's 2 votes (Bren/Rach) against him."

They're talking about jury votes. Rachel thinks if it's Adam/Rachel or Adam/Jordan in the Final 2, then they (R/J) would have at least 3 of the jury votes but to not tell Adam that.

Rachel thinks that if Jordan/Adam are Final 2, that Daniele would vote for her to win. Jordan highly disagrees.

Rachel: "We have to win the next veto so that guarantees us to be safe. Don't repeat this..since we don't know if we can trust Adam anyways, and we have to pick between Adam or Porsche, should be stick with Adam?"
Jordan: "Oh yea!"

Jordan said he's not good at physical comps, including endurance. But Porsche's good at endurance comps.

Rachel: "But he'd beat us in (a question comp)."

Jordan said she's rather risk going to Final 3 with Adam, over Porsche because Porsche hasn't done anything but sleep & tan all summer and wanted to be on BB to find out what it's like to have roommates. She said she doesn't wanna risk giving 1st or 2nd place to someone like that.

Rachel's worried that Adam will flip on them next week & go with Porsche.

10:08am BBT:
Jordan told Rachel that she (R) won't be allowed to play in the next veto comp. (**I'm pretty sure that all Final 4 HG's will get to compete.)

Rachel: "You sure?"
Jordan: "Positive!!"

Jordan said that on her season, Natalie wasn't even allowed to watch the veto comp, let alone participate in it.

Jordan is telling her how the eviction before Final 3 goes, and then how they all go outside for the endurance comp.

Jordan: "I'd be better if Adam won HOH (this week).."
Rachel: "..because then it'd be me and you, against Porsche, in the veto comp."
Jordan: "I'm almost positive that whoever wins (HOH) next week, doesn't play in veto." (**Jordo, you might wanna find out from production either way. I'm 99.9% sure everyone gets to play in the veto comp.)

Feeds auto-switch to Kalia talking Adam's ear off (non-game).

(*hits the mute button* Ahhh, that's better!)

10:28am BBT:
Rachel's in the Diary Room.
Kalia/Adam are talking about the Casey Anthony case. Kalia's talking about her friend that works on the Nancy Grace show.

Porsche just joined Kalia/Adam. She's asking Adam/Kalia which earrings to wear with her outfit.

Kalia's complaining that her legs are sore and that it's muggy outside.
Adam said he's next up in the Diary Room soon. He goes inside to go pee.
Porsche follows him inside to get nail polish.

Rachel's out of the Diary Room & is in the bathroom doing her hair. Porsche joins her.

Adam emerges from the bathroom stall. Talk is about going for a run in the rain. Rachel and Brendon like to run in the rain if it's not too cold.

Porsche/Adam leave the bathroom.

Adam returns a couple of minutes later.
Jordan/Rachel/Adam talk about today's veto ceremony.

Adam said he has his speech prepared. He's gonna keep it classy, even though he'd love to say some mean things.

Adam leaves and tells Jordan to join him outside in a minute so that Kalia/Porsche don't bug him to use the veto. Jordan said okay & tells Adam that if Adam doesn't use the veto, she'll give him back Fara's necklace.

Jordan: "But if you use the veto, I'll kill you!"

Rachel/Jordan go into the kitchen to get something to drink. Talk is about how bad Gatorade is for you *IF* you don't workout because it contains a ton of sugar.

10:42am BBT:
BB: "Adam, please go to the Diary Room." (*Veto Ceremony about to start!)

10:43am BBT:
Feeds on trivia!! Time for the Veto Ceremony to begin!! :D

Feeds will be back in about 30-45 mins. Starting a new post!

Stay tuned...
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