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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Evening in the BB House (Post-HOH Comp)

At 7:26pm BBT on the live feeds, it's been confirmed:

Rachel is this weeks HOH!!!

(I'll report what's happening on the live feeds for a little bit, then I'm gonna take off for the night.)

Currently on the live feeds...

7:30pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom
Jordan/Rachel..then Porsche

Rachel & Jordan just got done taking a shower.

Jordan's a little worried that they (Rach/Jordan) might have voted out the wrong person..she hopes they didn't. Rachel said it's already been done and they'll be fine.

Porsche comes in.
Jordan/Rachel leave soon after & head to the bathroom where Adam & Kalia are.

Rachel: "We're the Final 5!!"
Adam: "No sh*t..who would've thunk?!"

(Rachel's making a heavy-metal/rock on sign with her hand to Adam who's in the shower.)

Rachel: "Jeff and Brendon would've killed us in that comp!"
Jordan: "Oh yea!"

Rachel is coughing a lot.
Jordan said the next time they're talking to Julie Chen, she's gonna tell Julie that they (J/R) are "BFF's". (*Rachel got a little mad at Jordan for saying she's a "handful" during the live show tonight. They're fine now, though.)

7:40pm BBT:

Adam's finishing up his shower.
Rachel's blow drying her hair.
Jordan's putting on her mic pack.

*Jordan's putting on makeup.
*Rachel's blow drying her hair.

Kalia said that she voted Adam out.

Porsche: "Oh crap..I told Adam you were voting for him to stay."
Kalia: "We need to keep pushing (Adam) for us newbies to stick together."

Adam walks through saying he needs to have a cigarette. The girls tell him they're gonna be on lockdown for awhile as production cleans up the backyard. He sits down and joins them.

Kalia: "Sorry, I thought I was voting with the house. They (Rachel/Jordan) told me 5 minutes before the show that they were voting you out."
Adam: "It's okay. I don't care. I'm just happy I'm still here."

They all talk about how happy they are to be in the Final 5.

Jordan/Rachel are in the bathroom talking about how either Kalia or Porsche needs to go this week & how they need to win veto this week to keep the noms the same. (Rachel's gonna nom Kalia/Porsche.)

Kalia enters & they talk about the HOH comp. Jordan wonders what the "sticky stuff" was. Rachel said whatever it was, it tasted good.

Jordan: "Those sprinkles were real! I put one in my mouth."

7:56pm BBT:
Wood/Steel Bedroom

Porsche told Adam that whichever one of them is not nominated, they need to win the veto & then use it to pull the other one down, so that Jordan goes up & goes to jury.

(Example: Kalia/Porsche are on the block, Adam wins POV, uses it to save Porsche, Jordan goes up, Porsche/Adam have the votes..with Rachel as the tie breaker.)

Jordan/Rachel keep passing through, talk-blocking Porsche/Adam.

8:00pm BBT:

Kalia said she's worn out from the HOH comp. Kalia said that Shelly told her that she was fine with whatever happens (getting voted out or staying). Kalia said she told Shelly that she'd know that she's always been honest with her (Shelly) by voting for her stay.

Jordan said that Rachel and her (J) were going back and forth on who to keep and that they were on separate pages & that it didn't even matter who left or stayed because they both (Adam/Shelly) played both sides of the house.

**Okay, there's gonna be a lot more game talk tonight, but I'm outty for the night!! Meet me back here in the morning for The Overnighter!! :D Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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