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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BB13: Backyard Interviews

Alright, guys & gals..the live feeds are now broadcasting the Backyard Interviews so if you have the live feeds, turn'em on!! :D

First houseguest to be interviewed is Keith!

Keith said that he would still have picked Porsche as a partner..newbies for life! He said the cows comp was embarrassing (when he was humping during the comp lol). He was arrogant (shocker!) and said that he was the most physically fit in the house & thinks he was voted out 1st because he was such a physical threat.

He also said that Adam was the biggest floater in the house, but a good floater. He said he would have voted for Porsche and again said "newbies for life". When asked if he would do BB again, he said yes. He then pimped out his email for the ladies..he's single. (**Oh, dear. lol)

Next up, Dominic!

He said that he's happy that Rachel won & that she's a sweet girl. When asked, he said that him & Cassi are like "brother/sister".

He also said that he was shocked that Rachel won because she was such a big target. If he could go back in time, he would have worked with Jeff. He was very shocked that Rachel picked Porsche over Adam for Final 2. He thought she should've took Adam. He would have voted for Rachel if he had a vote. Porsche floated through half of the game and "did nothing". By the way, he's single & "ready to mingle", ladies! ;)

And next, we have Kalia!

She said the duos twist was her "biggest nightmare" but that her and Lawon are "amazing friends". She then said that she loved/hated golden keys.

When asked, she said that Dani was wealth of info and that she taught her that you can go into the BB house and make friends. Kalia said that Dani made her "stronger" and play less emotionally. She loved playing the game with her and wish she could've played the game with her longer. She thinks that Adam and Shelly were the biggest floaters in the house & that Rachel might be a great girl out of the house.

Kalia said that she thinks Rachel & other vets were scared of her (because Rachel said in her Final 2 speech that Kalia would have won the game).

11:55pm EST:
Cassi is up next!!

Cassi said that she was so happy that she was shown as the nice person that she is. She was afraid of editing. She said it was "bitter sweet" sitting at home watching BB. She said she missed it. She said she talked to Dom the most after getting out of the house because being on BB is an experience that only those on the show can relate to.

Cassi said she was shocked at Shelly's game (eg: lying, throwing people under the bus including Cassi), but she doesn't fault her for playing the game. When asked if she thinks that Dominic is really a virgin, she said yea and that he's truly a sweet guy and flirtatious.

She said she wishes that BB would have put more of her game play in the shows but said she'd do BB again "in a heartbeat". When asked, Cassi said she regretted being paired up with Shelly and wishes she had a different partner. "Coulda, shoulda, woulda."

When asked, Cassi said that she does not think Rachel got her out of the house based on game play.

Up next, is Jordo!

She said that Rachel is an awesome girl and Brendon is so funny and nice and never thought they'd work so well together..JoChel. She said she played the same way as her season...laid low, threw some comps, got her far.

She didn't really think she could win for the 2nd time, she wanted Jeff to win this season. She's happy he won jury prize, though. When asked, she said she's most proud of giving Shelly the call from home.

She said that her and Shelly are drama at all.

She was just told about Porsche lacing the muscle milk with benefiber:

Jordan said "That is SO MEAN!" She had no idea.

Jordan said that her & Jeff have to talk about who's gonna move where (they still live in different states). She thinks she's a better player with Jeff and would never do BB without him. She said she loves Rachel and will definitely keep in contact with her.

Next up, Lawon!

(**I'm gonna take a break real quick.)

Up next, is Porsche!

When asked about the benefiber incident, Porsche said she was bored one night and didn't know the effects. The host said "Ask Jordan". lol Said Dani/Kalia "guided her" and she was just doing something to pass the time.

**I'm bouncing back & forth from Superpass Backyard Interviews, and Evel Dick's backyard interviews on (Right now, he's interviewing Kalia and she claims she didn't eat that much this season. lol Dick laughed.)

Next up, is Dani!

Dani said she was NOT shocked that Rachel won. She knew Rachel would win against either Porsche or Adam. She also said that Rachel deserved to be in Final 2.

She said she "adores" Dominic and that he's a sweetheart. She said that the golden key is why she went to the jury house. She then said that her move to get Jeff out was too early. She said she's gonna take "so many friends" from this season, unlike in BB8.

When asked, she said that Rachel is a floater and was "the biggest floater in the house" but she respects her game because it got to the end..BUT, that she talks about hating floaters, when she's a floater herself.

And now it's time for Jeff!

He said him & Jordan are "gonna take the next step" and that they're moving in together! He said this season was harder than BB11 and more stressful. (Jeff's voice is raspy like he's losing his voice.) He said that him & Shelly are good now and that they had time to decompress in jury.

He must know about the death threats at Shelly because she said he didn't want any fans from the show to be mad at Shelly for making a move & getting him out.

Jeff said that Rachel has a "big, big heart" and that him & Brendon are great friends, even in the jury house. When asked if he'd do BB again, he said "Never say never" and that's it SO STRESSFUL in the house, a lot harder than what it looks like.

Jeff said that him and Jordan are "very comfortable" in their feelings and don't feel that they have to display their affection everywhere. "She's the ying to my yang." He also said he's not going to the Vegas Bash this year but they (J/J) will be at the wrap party tomorrow.

**Alright guys, I'm outty for the night!! I'll be back tomorrow to post some more BB stuff. Have a great night, everyone!! :D

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