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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Tuesday, everybody!! :D Well, we only have 1 more Overnighter to get through (after this morning) and then that's it for the BB13 season! But..this season isn't over just yet! (..and for those of you asking, yes..BB will be back on next summer! w00t w00t!!

I got an email yesterday from Chelsia over at (aka Superpass/the live feeds) and she gave me a break down of what us feed watchers will get to see after tomorrow nights Finale. Here's the scoop:

*Wednesday: Backyard interviews LIVE around 8:15ish pm PT on the feeds.
*Thursday: BB13 Wrap Party LIVE from Tru Hollywood @ 7pm PT -?
*Next Thursday: First live chat with BB13 HG's (waiting to confirm) @ 6pm
*Next Friday: Shoot with BB13 HG's around Seattle (waiting to confirm)
*Sept. 29th: Second live chat with BB13 HG's (waiting to confirm) @ 6pm
*Oct. 6th: Third live chat with Brenchel & JeJo (waiting to confirm)
*Oct. 7th: Shoot with couples around Seattle (waiting to confirm)

Also, Kevin Campbell will also be rolling out footage from the Reality Mud Run this past Saturday, along with "A Day in the Life of Lawon". (**That should be fun to watch!! lol)

"We've got some fun stuff coming up! Just because Big Brother is over, doesn’t mean we are!" -Chelsia

There's also gonna be some cool live shows for Survivor and The Biggest Loser as well if you're into those shows.

Not much happened in the BB house last night. Adam tried AGAIN to get Porsche to take him to the Final 2, but she's not having it. So we can expect to see Rachel/Porsche in the Final 2 tomorrow.

Rachel also worked on Adam yesterday. (She talked to Adam as she jogged around the yard.)

She told him about everything she had to do to get to Final 3, the moves she made, how hard it was, the comps she won, etc. She then buttered up Adam a bit by telling him that he played a good game. (**Way to work that jury vote, girl!)

At 8:25pm BBT, Adam talked to the cameras/live feed watchers and asked for us to give him America's Choice ($25k) since he knows he's not going to Final 2.

He said if we live Jeff/Jordan, then we should love him too because they taught him to play the game with honor. He also said that he has nobody else to blame but himself for not winning comps to get him to Final 3.

And totally not game related, but funny..

Porsche/Rachel were shooting a game of pool and Porsche asked America if they liked the view they were getting from Rachel. lol

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D I'll do an update this afternoon/early evening on the happenings inside the BB house. Until then, enjoy your Tuesday!! (PS Tomorrow I'll be posting the latest article from Drew the Big Brother Cynic!)

Stay tuned...
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