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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning/afternoon BB addicts!! :D HAPPY FINALE DAY!!! w00t w00t!!!! Tonight, BB13 comes to an end & next summer, BB14 begins. And yes, I *will* be back next summer to blog!! Just make sure that to bookmark this blog, follow me on Twitter, or join the blog's facebook group so that you will know when I start to blog for next year (which usually starts about a month prior to BB starting.)

As I mentioned yesterday, the live feeds has some awesome shows ready for us after the finale tonight. This will certainly help with our BB withdrawls. lol ;)

*Tonight: Backyard interviews LIVE around 8:15ish pm PT on the feeds.
*Tomorrow: BB13 Wrap Party LIVE from Tru Hollywood @ 7pm PT -?

Tonight, I will be blogging the finale *LIVE* and will also have the chat room open. Bring you snacks & beverages of choice! :D

And now it's time for the last Overnighter of the BB13 season!! (**Okay, I honestly just got a little sad as I typed that. *sigh*)

6:06pm BBT:
Backyard Couches
Porsche/Rachel (Adam just left to go to the bathroom)

About a minute after Adam gets up and leaves to head to the bathroom, Porsche/Rachel (who are seemingly taking each other to the Final 2) talk about how they're getting money "tomorrow" (today).

Porsche: you realize tomorrow we're gonna have some money?
Rachel: "But we don't get our checks til like a week."

**As we learned from Jordan this season, she said that she got her $500,000 check (without taxes taken out) 2 days later via FedEx.

Porsche tells Rachel that Adam is "trying" (to go to Final 2) and Rachel said anybody in his position would try & that he should try. They go over things he said to try to get Porsche to take him to Final 2..such as threatening her with his jury vote.

Adam comes back out. The girls stop their convo & continue to play cards.

9:11pm BBT:
BY Couch

Adam is pleading his case to America (again) to get America's Choice ($25k). He said he's been trying to get to Final 2 but it hasn't been working, but he has "a few more tricks up his sleeve" that he will use today, finale day.

10:57pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Porsche & Adam were talking about how the backyard is gonna be used for media/press/backyard interviews after the finale. Porsche said it would be "In-crediable!" if she was the one who won $500,000. Porsche wonders if Shelly would vote for Rachel over her.

Porsche, who was fishing to see if Adam told Rachel that he'd help get the jury to vote for her (Rach), said she heard from Rachel that he said that. Adam said he never told her that (which is true). He tells Porsche that he told Rachel that she has a good chance at convincing the jury to vote for her.

Adam said that he's been making arguments to Rachel for her to take him to Final 2. He goes on to say that he told Rachel that even though she has HG's that don't like her, Dick/Dani made enemies during their season so it's possible that she could get the votes.

Rachel comes back outside. Conversation between Porsche/Adam stop.

11:53pm BBT:
BY Couch
The Final 3

Rachel told Adam/Porsche about a hamster she had as a kid, named "Buttons", and how she would play chess with it & sometimes the hamster would win. (*LOL!)
Rachel: (laughing) "Oh my god I'm such a nerd! So embarrassing!"
Porsche: " did the hamster win sometimes?"
Rachel: "I'd let it win..(laughing)"

A little while later, they all decided to go inside and pack up their stuff.

Porsche asked Rachel if it'd be too weird to wear the dress on finale night that she wore when she first came into the house. Rachel thought it'd be cool.

**And that's it for the last Overnighter of the Big Brother 13 season!! :D

The live feeds are also over for the season. At 10:00am BBT, the feeds cut off and switched to this:

So depressing!! :*( But like I said, there's gonna be a ton of shows on the feeds after tonight's finale, so hang tight until then! Tonight we'll see the live backyard interviews (which I will post here on the blog).

Okay guys & gals, I will see y'all back here tonight 9:00pm EST (BB starts at 9:30pm EST tonight). I'll open up the chat room then as well! See ya then!! :D

Stay tuned...
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