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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Final HOH: Part 1-Endurance Comp

Good evening, BB fans!! :D The Part 1 of the Final HOH has begun!! If you wanna watch tonight's HOH Endurance Comp, then ya gotta get the live feeds!!!

*Watch the Endurance Comp on the Feeds!!!*
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7:05pm BBT:

Adam seems to be uncomfortable. He keeps making struggling noises/sighs.
Not much talking going on.
Porsche said she's trying to not throw up & that she ate too much today. (*lol)

Adam's still making noises like he's uncomfortable.
Rachel looks like she's meditating..very comfy.

Adam: "F**k!" (He's in pain.)

Adam: "How you girls doing?"
Porsche: "My shoulders hurt, I'll be honest."
Adam: "My legs are killin' me."

Adam: "God da**it!"
Porsche: "Hang in there, Adam!"
Adam: "Ahh geez..."

Adam: "F**K!...God da**it

7:23pm BBT:
Adam's OUT!!!

Rachel and Porsche both have their eyes closed and they move up & down.

Porsche: "Is it going higher? Or lower? Oh my god.."
Rachel: "I have no idea."

Adam does some leg stretches. Seems like his calves are hurting him pretty bad. He can barely walk.

Porsche: "I know you're sore (Adam) but don't let me drown in this, okay?"

7:39pm BBT:


Adam: "Good job, Rach!"
Rachel: "Thanks!!"

Adam wants to get in the hot tub..he's sore.
All 3 of them said they closed their eyes during the comp. Rachel thought it'd rain on them.

Porsche: "I can't believe none of us threw up.."

Porsche told Adam that if Part 2 of the Final HOH (between Adam/Porsche) has anything to do with using their arms, then he'll win because her arms are messed up.

7:47pm BBT:
All HG's are in the BB house.

Adam can barely walk. He's in so much pain.

He's taking small, slow steps as he walks.

Stay tuned...
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