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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday: Post Finale (*UPDATED!!)

Happy Thursday, BB fans!! :D Whatta season BB13 was!! We have Rachel as the winner of $500,000 (Congrats, Rach!!), Porsche took 2nd place of $50,000, and Jeff won America's Choice & received $25,000!

While I start my own personal BB detox, I figured I'd come back to the blog for a quick update.

Rachel will be on 'The Talk' with Julie Chen today (2pm EST, but check your local listings.)

Rachel was on The Talk and they brought the Zingbot on the show! Then Rachel played a game called "Slop Till You Drop" and won her honeymoon for 2 to Aruba for 6 nights/7 days!! Congrats, Rachel!!

Here are a few pics I took of the show today to hold y'all over until the video is uploaded on

Rachel on the show:

Zingbot makes an appearance:

Rachel playing a comp called "Slop Till You Drop":

Also, here's an interview with Rachel on

If you have the live feeds, here's the schedule that they're showing:

Stay tuned...
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