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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just an update :)

Happy Saturday, BB fans!! :D I took yesterday off because I needed a full 24 hours without BB. lol But I'm back & I figured I'd do a quick post on what's going on in the BB world.

Okay, first things first...

If you missed the Backyard Interviews on finale night, they're now available on Superpass. Go to "Big Brother", then "Finale Coverage" to get to them. :)

Next on the list..

Here are three clips from Rachel being on "The Talk" with Julie Chen.

Interview with Rachel:

Zingbot makes an appearance:

Rachel & Sara Gilbert go head to head in a comp:

And in case you missed the news announcement, Rachel & Brendon are getting married this weekend! It was reported just about everywhere, including on
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Here's what Rachel tweeted late last night:

On their way to go tie the knot! (Girl, please get a pre-nup!)

UDPATED: Rumors are flying around now that Rachel/Brendon will NOT be getting married this weekend after all.

Okay guys & gals, that's it for today but I'll keep posting new info as I get it! Have a great weekend!!:D

Stay tuned...
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