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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Overnighter

Goooood morning, everybody!! :D Happy Sunday to y'all!! Before I get into the Overnighter, I wanted to go over this weeks happenings like I did yesterday. (I already posted this weeks schedule on the right side of the blog a few days ago, but figured I'd go more in depth this morning.)

Okay, so there still is no official word on if the feeds will be blocked from Tuesday until Thursday like they were last year.

Also, like I said yesterday morning, this Thursdays Endurance Comp *WILL* be shown on the live feeds!!! w00t w00t!! :D (Last season, the Final HOH Endurance Comp wasn't and I guess our complaints were heard loud & clear! lol) So all of you live feeds watchers, rejoice! You will get to see the Final HOH Endurance Comp LIVE!!! *Happy Dance*

Tonight's Sunday Night Episode will be the last one for the season. As someone posted in the comment section yesterday (I think it was trusty sidekick here on the blog), next Sunday's episode will feature a special 10th Anniversary of 9/11 on CBS. (This is normally the 'Remember when..' episode where the Final 2 or 3 houseguests look at the memory wall and remember past houseguests and what happened during their BB season.)

Here's the BB13 Schedule:
*Sunday: Nominations/Pandora's Box Episode
*Tuesday: Eviction in the BB13 House + Final 4 HOH Comp
*Wednesday: Taped Eviction & Taped HOH Comp
*Thursday: Live Eviction/Live HOH Endurance Comp
*Sunday: No BB Episode (9/11 Special on CBS)
*Wednesday: BB13 Finale!!!

Okie dokie, now that we got that out of the way, let's dig into The Overnighter & see what the houseugests were up to last night! :D

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

9:04pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Adam said that he's not using the veto and he's worried that Kalia is gonna "pull out all the stops" when campaigning to Jordan/Rachel to keep her and promise them the world like Shelly did. Jordan said that Kalia's 100% going this week.

Jordan then asked Adam if he would take Porsche over Rachel to the Final 3, and Adam said no. He's taking Rachel. (**As he stated last night to Jordan, it'd be damaging to his game if he didn't take Rachel because he'd lose Brendon & Rachel's vote in jury.)

9:09pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

The girls are talking about how they need to get Adam to use the veto on one of them so that Jordan goes up & out, which would keep both Porsche/Kalia in the game.

Porsche: "(Adam) needs to make a move in the game."
Kalia: "We'll tell him that if he takes Jordan to the end, he's not gonna win the game."
Porsche: "Mm hmm."
Kalia: "Because he won't! That's not a lie."

(**Since Adam's not using the veto, I'm gonna continue with the rest of the Overnighter.)

10:15pm BBT:

Kalia whined/campaigned to Jordan.

Kalia: "I know everyone wants to (win) and everybody, like, needs (the money) and all that stuff, but Jordan..I wanna win soooo badly! Even if I took 2nd (place), it's still more money than I've ever seen in my entire life! And I just feel like I'm so close ad I'm so scared. I'm SO SCARED. About leaving this week."

Talk continues.

10:28pm BBT:
Kalia starts crying.

Kalia: "This really sucks, and it sucks a lot. I'm not that much of a threat! And I still think it's possible for people to beat me! I got beat Adam! It just sucks! It's not fair! It's not fair! It's not fair that you're not rewarded for playing the game! I love (Porsche) but it sucks that the girl who wore bikinis all summer gets to stay!"

Jordan: "If you guys were HOH, it'd be the same way." (re: Jordan/Rachel being on the block if K or P won HOH.)

They talk for a little bit longer. Adam comes in and the conversation becomes a little more relaxed. Jordan tells Kalia that 'it's only Saturday'. Kalia said she doesn't like when she doesn't have control of things..such as her fate in the game.

10:42pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom
Kalia goes into the Candy Bedroom and has another meltdown.

Kalia: (crying) "That's what you get for playing. If you just coast, you stay."

1:14am BBT:
Lounge Room

Porsche told Rachel that Kalia said that Rachel wanted to make a Final 2 deal with her (K/R). Rachel said that never happened and in fact, Kalia wanted to make a Final 3 deal between Rachel/Jordan/Kalia. Rachel said she has no problems confronting Kalia on her lie. Porsche said it doesn't matter and that people will say anything in the house to further their game.

This convo is on-going. Rachel tells Porsche to make sure that she has Adam's vote (to stay). (**She does.)

1:35am BBT:
Jacuzzi Area

As Porsche is throwing Kalia under the bus to Rachel in the lounge room, Kalia campaigned to Jordan in the backyard & throwing Porsche under the bus. Jordan did a series of "Mm Hmm's" as Kalia told her that she was serious about going to Final 4 (P/K/R/J). Jordan said that she's worried about Porsche in the game. Kalia asked then why would she keep her in the house. Jordan said she didn't say she is or isn't.

Kalia tells Jordan that Porsche only wanted to be on Big Brother for the exposure so that she can get future gigs. (**Which is true.)

2:39am BBT:
Wood/Steel Bedroom

Porsche asked Adam if he has a Final 3 with Jordan/Rachel.

Adam: (sigh) "Don't ask me that."
Porsche: "I'm asking! If I stay, I wanna know if it's 1 against 3 or.."
Adam: "Don't ask me that."
Porsche: "If I win HOH, who are they gonna take? Each other (J/R)? Or you?"
Adam: "If one of them wins veto, they're probably take (each other)."

(Feeds cut for a few seconds..)

Adam said that he told Porsche to win the veto this week and that he's been trying to play the game as honest as possible. Adam said the night of the Double Eviction, he went back to the newbies side, but then jumped ship because half of that alliance was working against him.

Porsche: "I'm gonna tell you something that I probably shouldn't, since you're not on my side now.."
Adam: "It's not that I'm not on your side.."
Porsche: "But I took Pandora's Box because I thought there was $10,000 in it. But it was 2 cases with $5,000...don't tell Rachel or Jordan, because they don't know, but I gave ($5,000) to Kalia."
Adam: "I'm not gonna say a word. It wouldn't benefit me to."

Adam starts talking about how bad he felt turning his back on Jordan and that he set himself with 'them' and then turned his back on them. They then talk about Kalia making Final 2 deals with everybody in the house.

Porsche said that Rachel told her to get Adam's vote to stay. Adam said she has his vote for her to stay, without a doubt.

3:00am BBT:
Backyard Patio

Adam talked to us live feed watchers again last night. I'll give y'all the cliffnotes.

*He thinks people in the house are "crazy".
*Otev Comp happened today.
*I'm nice & naive sometimes.
*I didn't make many deals. Too many deals=can't follow through.
*Jeff taught me to pick a side and go with it. I picked his side..mostly.
*Shelly dug her own ditch. Too many deals.
*Not using the veto. Made with with J/R. Sticking to it.
*"I'm in the Final 4. Who would've thunk that. Who would? I would."
*"I control my own destiny. Have to win that HOH."
*Adam said this upcoming veto is the most important of the season.
*"Porsche, kid..I love you. But if you wanna be in the Final 3, ya gotta earn it. Too many deals, too many lies, catch up to ya."
*"Everyone's playing the game their way, I'm playing the game my way."

Adam goes back inside and goes to bed.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D Today is 'Sanity Sunday' for me, but I'll be back to start the last Sunday Night Episode of the BB13 season (wow..that sounds weird!) around 7:30pm EST. As always, I'll have the Chat Room open! Until tonight, enjoy the live feeds!!

PS If anything happens in the house while I'm out & about, I'll post it on Twitter! So if you're not yet following me, please do so! I won't be back to my computer until tonight and Twitter will be the only way to update y'all on any happenings while I'm out.

Stay tuned...
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