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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning, everybody!! :D Happy TGI-Friday to y'all! So we have our Final 3...Rachel/Adam/Porsche. And as of last night, we have the winner of the Part 1 Final HOH...Rachel!! That means that Adam/Porsche will go head to head in the Part 2 Final HOH skill comp (either Saturday or Sunday). Whoever wins Part 2, will go head to head in Part 3, which is questions & that will be live on Wednesday.

Okay, I'm gonna put the Overnighter together real quick, but as I do, here's a funny video to watch. It's bonus footage from the Jury House. I have 2 words for you: Clown Shoe. lol Check it out!!

10:10pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

While Adam was in the Diary Room, Rachel took the alone time to work Porsche to take her to the Final 2 (if Porsche wins Part 2 & 3), and why she shouldn't take Adam.

They start off by talking about 'what if' scenarios. Rachel tells Porsche that Adam has Jeff/Jordan's vote and that he's been playing a good social game.

Porsche: "I guess you can play a good social game."
Rachel: "Maybe social game does matter."
Rachel: "Guess so."

Talk turns about Evel Dick. They wonder if Dani found out why he left (after she went to the Jury House). Rachel said she's anxious to hear what Dominic's secret is.

Rachel, still working on Porsche, said that they (Rach/Porsche) worked together the whole summer & protected each other, even if it wasn't "executed the whole summer".

Rachel: "And technically we did make a deal in the beginning of the summer to have each others backs."

(Banging noises can be heard in the background...from outside, perhaps?)

10:38pm BBT:
Adam emerges from a long Diary Room session.

Porsche: "Whoa! I thought maybe you went on a spa day vacation." (*lol)

Adam sees what time it is..he didn't do his 10:10pm shout-out to his girlfriend because he was stuck in the Diary Room.

Adam: "Love you Fara! Love you baby! Miss you! Final 3! Sorry I didn't do better against The Warrior (Rach) and the Machine (Porsche)!"
Porsche: "Is that our names? I like it!"

10:41pm BBT:
Porsche gets called to the Diary Room

Adam/Rachel play cards and talk.

Loud constant banging can still be heard. Adam thinks production is building seating for the Finale. They then talk about when the Finale is. Adam said production told them that it's "less than a week" until the Finale.

Porsche comes out from the Diary Room. Adam's shocked that she was in there for just a few minutes.

10:56pm BBT:
Porsche goes back into the Diary Room.

Rachel said that Porsche feels sick from the endurance comp..headache & nauseous. Adam said his legs are really sore. Rach said she thought Porsche would've stayed up there for a lot longer. Adam said that Rachel looked comfy on the endurance comp. She said it was a breeze for her and that the sound of the water helped relax her.

Rachel: "Did (production) tell you when Part 2 (Final HOH) is?"
Adam: "No.."

Adam said it's strange being in the Final 3 and how it's almost over.

11:22pm BBT:

Adam said that his biggest regret in the game was on Day 55 when he sided with the newbies again (after Jeff left). Adam also said he didn't like when Dani said 'If my dad didn't like you before, he'll definitely hate you now' (for not voting for Dani to stay).

Adam talks about how Kalia offered him a Final 2 deal. Rachel said that Kalia was popping Final 2 deals out with everybody like a toaster.

Adam then said he wasn't "playing the fence"..he was always on the vets side, but had to have the newbies think he was on their side.

11:29pm BBT:
Rachel is now in the Diary Room.
Adam/Porsche talk.

Adam: "I said this a long time ago..that if I ever got to the Final 3, whoever won the 2nd part, I'd be more leaning towards to take to the Final 2. But at this point, who knows."

Porsche bats her eyes and acts flirty..
Porsche: "If you still wanna take me, you can. I'm cute!"
Adam: "I'm not taking people based on how cute they are. If that was the case.."
Porsche: "..then we'd all be taking you."
Adam: "Exactly."
Porsche: (laughs)

They continue to chit chat as they play cards. They joke and say maybe Porsche can pick a fight with Rachel and get her to punch her, so that the Final 2 would automatically be Adam/Porsche.

Adam said that the only thing that sucks is that if one either of them (P/A) goes to finals with Rachel, then they won't have her/Brendon's votes.

Rachel comes out of the Diary Room a little bit later and they all talk about the endurance comp again. Porsche said she almost threw up a couple of times during the comp and that's why she got down when she did because she would've fallen down while puking.

All 3 were in bed by 1:45am BBT.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! Since the Final 3 won't have anything to do today (no comps, no game talk..except for possible 'take me to Final 2' talks), I'll do a quick afternoon post later on today. Until then, enjoy your Friday afternoon!! :D

Stay tuned...
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