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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Thursday..Live Show Day!! :D w00t w00t!! Tonight is the live show, where we'll see Shelly get evicted and then Kalia/Adam/Jordan/Rachel will all compete for the title of HOH this week. (By the way, if y'all are wondering if Adam is really on Jordan/Rachel's side this week, the answer is yes..he is. He told us live feed watchers last night. I'll cover that in The Overnighter.)

Okay, let me go gather up the Overnighter (it's not too long) and we'll what the HG's were up to last night!! :D

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

10:53pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Rachel/Jordan/Kalia talked about how Dani campagined to stay, and how she threw Kalia under the bus in the process.

Rachel told Kalia that Dani said she (K) was crying in the Diary Room because Dani as going home and that Kalia wouldn't know how to play the game without her. Kalia said that's not true and that when she sees Dani, she wants to ask why she said some of the things she said.

Kalia then asked who Rachel/Jordan are voting out today, and they never gave her an answer. Kalia said she wanted to know what they're thinking (regarding votes) because nobody's talking to her about anything.

11:26pm BBT:
Bedrooms Hallway

Jordan told Adam that Rachel/Jordan have been studying for tomorrow's HOH comp. (They're pretty sure it'll be a questions HOH comp due to the fact that they weren't on lockdown so late at night. I'm thinking they're right.)

Jordan also said that Kalia was just asking Rach/Jordan who they're gonna vote to evict this week. Adam, jokingly said, he thought he had a Final 2 deal with Kalia.

Jordan: "Yea, that's who has your back." (sarcastic)

Adam states that he has Jordan's back and to not worry for the HOH comp.

11:30pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Jordan shows off her 'Fire Marshall Bill' face, from a tv show called "In Loving Color" that was on years ago. (Never seen that skit? Watch it here. For those of you who don't know, this is how Jim Carrey got his start in Hollywood.)

Porsche then does a couple of her own silly faces...

Jordan then goes outside to show Shelly her Fire Marshall Bill impersonation.

Jordan said that Jeff thinks it's the ugliest face when she does it.

12:36am BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia told Porsche that Shelly gave Rachel back her dog today. She thinks it's to get votes to stay this week. Porsche was unaware of Rachel getting her dog back.

Kalia then told Porsche that Jordan/Rachel told her downstairs a little bit ago that they're not sure who they're voting out. (**They're voting Shelly out but they're not telling Kalia/Porsche until sometime today, and even then, they might lie and tell Kalia to vote out Adam, just to get Adam mad at Kalia and make sure they're not working together.)

Kalia doesn't understand why Jordan/Rachel haven't decided on who to get rid of yet.
Kalia: "It's probably because they (J/R) are not together on who they think should leave."

They then start to quiz each other on days of events in the house.

Porsche: "What happened on Day 31?"
Kalia: That's not gonna be a question! Are you kidding?"
Porsche: "When Adam was laying in the hammock today, he said "Give me a day," and I was like, "Day 31.", and he was like, "Brendon used the Veto on Rachel."
Kalia: "That's weird. I've never seen a comp like that where...that's so weird!"

Kalia seems worried at this point that she doesn't have the Days of Events knowledge like Adam does.

Kalia: "I'm screwed, if that's what the questions are."

They then start to go over Days of Events in the BB house.

12:43am BBT:
Backyard Couch
Adam (alone)

Adam talked to us live feed watchers and shined some light on what he's thinking, who he's truly aligned with, his game play, and pretty much everything else.

(Since this convo is super duper long, I'm just gonna do cliffnotes as I listen to him talk.)

He starts off with..

Adam: "Alright America, and Canada, live feed watchers from coast to coast..."

*He's back with the vets.
*He doesn't care if he's loved or hated..he's still there in the house.
*He's there for another week, has another shot at HOH. "Let's see if I f**k this one up".

*He didn't throw any comps except for the gumball one, he just "sucked" at all the comps.

*He thanks Dani for getting Dom out.
*He said he never trusted Dani. "She was playing this game full throttle."
*Adam said that K/P are "doing this Dani" still.
*Adam's BIGGEST REGRET: turning his back on Jordan.
*Regarding Shelly: "You got caught. You dug your own ditch. I never fell in that ditch."

*He thinks people "love" Shelly and "hate" him, but he said "That's fine."
*"It's my money to win!"
*Adam floated from side to side so that he wasn't a target and he needed to survive in the game.

*He said he's glad someone else got Jeff out but that he would have loved to go "head to head" with Jeff in the Final 4 or Final 3.

*"I did it my way." ..regarding playing his game the way he wanted to play it.
*"Rachel is a good person that doesn't always know the right thing to do. She's so emotional. Way more than me. But God bless her. She's in love. I hope you at home that hate her, can ever feel the love that Brendon/Rachel have for each other."

*"Rachel's a competitor. Jordan..sweet, sweet Jordan. Why did I turn my back on her? I need the numbers."

*"I'll be in the Final 5 of Big Brother!"
*Adam: "I"m gonna piss off people this week if I win HOH." (K/P)

*He hopes Brendon keeps his word and votes for someone who competed...he wants Brendon's vote over Jordan if J/A are Final 2.

*"I had to do what I had to do, to get by. If you don't respect that as a game move, then don't."

*"I"m gonna shower my girl (Fara) with love! I f**king love that girl!" (**Awww!!!)
*Adam was to "snuggle the sh*t outta her in bed", wants to win the money for him and Fara so they can start a family and have money in the bank.

*Adam said you don't have to be evil/mean to win BB. He said Dan played a good game..was tight with Memphis, stuck to it, got to the end together.

*He said that Jordan is a "sweet person" and had "Every right to go off on Shelly! Every right!"

*Adam said Rachel's the smartest one in the house and she saw through Shelly's "bullsh*t" before anybody else did but nobody believed her because they thought she was "crazy", when she's not.

*Adam said he respects Rachel's game.
*"Daniele is gonna be the crucial vote (in jury)."

*Adam didn't trust Dani because she kept him out of the loop on her plans. It bothers him that Dani said Adam would be "writing a check for Jeff" if she left, but by Dani staying, he would have been "writing a check for Dani".

Adam: "In life, nice guys finish last. I'm trying to do the right thing, be honest and open, but it won't always get you far in life. But I wanna show the world, friends, family, everybody..that you can play this game and NOT be malicious and vicious. You're gonna have to make big decisions, but roll back the tapes..when I campaigned, I deserve to be here..I never (threw anybody under the bus)."

*Adam wishes Dom was still in the house so they could play the game together.
*Keith: played too hard too fast.
*Cassi: sweet, funny girl. She was a victim of jealousy.
*He hopes they're still rooting for him.
*Adam: " sorry but..something didn't seem right."

He goes on for a few minutes. If you have the live feeds, this is definitley worth the watch!! Start at 12:43am BBT on Camera 3.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D Meet me back here on the blog tonight at 8:30pm EST (30 mins before BB starts). I *WILL* have the link for y'all to watch tonight's live episode, so don't worry..I got ya covered!! ;)

Until tonight, enjoy the live feeds!!!

Stay tuned...
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