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Friday, August 12, 2011

Evening in the BB House + Nominations

Good evening BB fans and welcome to the Evening post!! The live feeds went to trivia around 5pm BBT, which means the Nomination Ceremony is underway!!

The live feeds have been *CRAZY* today!!! Game changing convos, a couple of verbal fights, good stuff!!

Miss all the good stuff from this afternoon? You can watch it *ALL* on the Flashback Feeds!!

As I reported at the bottom of the Afternoon post, Bren/Rach offered to work with Dani and to have her put up Adam/Shelly. Dani told Kalia after her convo with Brenchal that she's gonna do just that..put up Adam/Shelly. Will she hold to that? Or make a last minute decision to back out of the possible deal? We shall see!!

By the way, here's the transcript from the Storage Room convo between Kalia/Dani:

4:50pm BBT:
Dani: "What if I put up Shelly and Adam, and tell them they're both pawns, and just say that I'm gonna backdoor Brendon, and cover all the tracks, I make a 1 week deal with Brendon and Rachel for us, to keep us safe next week, if Brendon gets it, he'll nominate Jeff and get Jeff out. What do you think? Nobody else is going to (go after Jeff)."

I'll post the nominations spoiler below when the feeds come back! :D

Nominated for Eviction:


7:05pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Brendon/Rachel are playing it off like they don't know what's going on.

Brendon: "What do you thinks gonna happen Jordan?"
Jordan: "She's gonna backdoor you."

Jordan leaves.

Rachel: "I can't believe Dani listened to us!"

HOH Room

Dani is telling Adam that she "needs Brendon to go home".
Dani: "There's no question, HE HAS TO GO! You're just a pawn in my game."

9:14pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Shelly & Rachel are fighting!

It's a bunch of he said/she said (from Shelly playing both sides of the house). Brendon is telling Rachel to stop.

Jordan: "Where are all these stories coming from?"
Rachel: "From Shelly!"
Jordan: "Whoever this person is, is gonna sneak right through and we're gonna chop each others heads off...and it's not all lies, but it's all getting back to us, and we don't know who it is!"

Jeff and Jordan said that to confront them if anyone is telling them so-and-so said this/that so that people can find out who's going between both sides of the house.

Jeff: "So watch what you say."

Shelly/Jordan leave.
Rachel: "But she's lying!!"

Porsche/Brendon are telling Rachel to calm down, she's done her part by outing Shelly.

Porsche leaves.
Jeff/Rachel/Brendon talk.

Rachel told Jeff that Shelly is working with everyone else.
Jeff: "I just want the telephone sh*t to stop."

Jeff said he wants to see Porsche fight because she doesn't do sh*t in the house. (*lol)

7:32pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Shelly said she's more mature than to get into it with Rachel and blames Porsche for being the mole in the house going around to both sides of the house telling people about deals and conversations.

Jordan leaves a minute later. Shelly stays in the lounge room.

7:35pm BBT:
HOH Room

Porsche and Kalia are filling Dani in on the fight that just happened.
Porsche: "Jeff has to know it's not me, because I never talk to him!"

7:38pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Jeff: "I thought you were gonna kill Porsche. Why did you try to have this meeting?"
Jordan: "I was just trying to see who was lying!"
Jeff: "We're not on anybody's radar! And you call a meeting? For what??? Would you just be quiet!? If I have to back you up, have it mean something!"
Jordan: "Okay! Stop yelling at me."

**Basically, Shelly's game is unraveling in front of her eyes. The houseguests are catching on fast that it's Shelly that's going between both sides of the house.

7:41pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

They're figuring out that Shelly's the one going back & forth in the house. Rachel brings up a story that she only told Shelly, and how it got back to her (Rachel)..that's how she knows it's her and not Porsche.

7:48pm BBT:
Jordan & Rachel are comparing notes.

Rachel: "I've been telling people for 3 WEEKS that it's been Shelly doing all of this!"

*This is not good news for Jordan, since her & Jeff have Shelly in a Final 3 deal.

Rachel: "What Shelly's doing, with talking with you like you're best friends..and I hope you guys are, but she's trying to slowly get you to turn on me! I'm surprised she hasn't started."

8:02pm BBT:

Rachel said she's been saying for weeks how it's Shelly that's been going back and forth and Shelly needs to take the fall for it. Brendon told Rach to not be the one to out her though.

8:04pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Jordan said she wants to figure out who's the person saying a bunch of stuff.

Jordan: "How can you even play the game, when everyone knows what you're doin'!"

Jordan tells Dani that it's tense between people in the house, and it's not fun anymore. Jordan said she's about to start a fake rumor, just to see who's playing telephone in the house. Dani said that's what Keith did.

Dani's encouraging Jordan to start a fake rumor to see who's the one telling everybody everything.

**Alright guys, my brain is fried. I'm outty for the night! I'll be back tomorrow with The Overnighter! If you wanna know what's going on inside the BB house tonight, ya gotta get the live feeds! Comes with a 3 day free trial to check'em out!! G'dnight! :D

Stay tuned...
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