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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Morning/Afternoon in the BB House

Good morning/afternoon BB fans & welcome to the morning in the BB house post!! :D Today is the most important POV Comp of the season!! It's pretty simple: if Rachel/Jordan win POV, they stay and Shelly goes. If Shelly/Adam win POV, Rachel goes. Simple as that.

Okay, let's dive right on into the Morning post!!

Currently on the live feeds...

10:41am BBT:
Lounge Room

Jordan and Rachel are pep talking each other, telling each other that they gotta fight hard to win the veto, they can win it, then win HOH next week and get each other to the end.

Rachel: "We're so close (to the end), Jordan!"

The talk about how much production likes Dani, then the feeds cut out for a minute.

Jordan/Rachel then start to do some stretches, preparing for the veto comp today. They can hear BB production still building the comp outside.

11:03am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel told Porsche that she's always had Porsche's back in the game and that she never turned against her. Porsche asked why Rachel voted Dani out. Rachel said because she got Brendon out, twice.

Porsche said that she was upset because Jordan/Rachel didn't celebrate Porsche's HOH win when she got her HOH room.

Porsche then admitted, when asked, that she hid Mr. Quakers (Rachel's duck) in the toilet tank of the HOH room. They laughed and hugged.

Rachel said she was gonna hid something of Porsche's, but didn't. Rachel also said that Dani told her that Shelly took her (Rachel's) toy puppy. Porsche said she doesn't know where it is.

Kalia enters to use the HOH bathroom.
Porsche/Rachel hug again, and Rachel leaves.

11:14am BBT:

Porsche: (laughing) "I hate Dani." (re: telling Rach about Porsche hiding her things.)

Porsche then tells Kalia about her convo with Rachel.

11:16am BBT:
Shelly enters.

Shelly: "I heard Rachel come up here. I was laughing." (feeds cut for a few minutes.)

Talk is about how Jordan can keep Rachel in check. Shelly said she (J) has been "babysitting" Rachel for a while now. Porsche said how Rachel was sad about Brendon being gone (when he left), and Shelly said..

Shelly: "Then she can go be with him!"

11:34am BBT:
Wood/Steel Bedroom

Jordan said that she (J) hopes she wins POV because she doesn't think they (Porsche/Kalia) will use it on her.

Kalia: "Don't say that." (**She's trying to make Jordo feel comfy so she won't fight hard in the POV Comp, which isn't gonna work anyways. J/R know its 'do or die'.)

11:50am BBT:

Adam is now in the Steel/Wood bedroom with Jordan/Rachel/Kalia. Talk is about music. Non-game chatter all around.

Rachel leaves, roaming around the house (off-camera).

12:00pm BBT:
Feeds on 'We'll Be Right Back' for a few minutes now.

**Off-Topic: Those of you on the East Coast, specifically in North Carolina, I hope & pray that y'all are safe & that you guys & gals get through this hurricane okay!! My thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes are with you & your families!!

12:11pm BBT:
Feeds still on 'We'll Be Right Back'. Hmm...

12:17pm BBT:

Jordan/Adam/Rachel are in the bathroom. Jordan said that she's so nervous (about the pov comp), that she's sweating.

Rachel and Jordan head into the lounge room.

Rachel said she's nauseous. Jordan said it's nerves. Rachel said no it's not nerves, it just came on she was gonna throw up.

Jordan: "Thank God it's the end of the season!"
Rachel: "No kidding."

They start talking about outfits that they wear for good luck in the comps. Rachel said she wears glitter in comps she wants to win.

12:23pm BBT:
Jordan: "What time is this veto?"

Jordan said that she still hears production building the POV comp in the backyard.

12:43pm BBT:

Jordan tells Adam that if Rachel goes, then he's the next target to get out. Adam said, game play aside, his feelings were hurt when Jeff was mean to him by saying that he (Adam) didn't vote for Jeff to stay. Jordo said she's sorry & will tell Jeff that. They talk about Shelly's betrayal. Adam said he doesn't trust Shelly.

Jordan then told Adam that if Jordan/Rachel win the veto, they're gonna vote out Shelly this week & that they want Adam on their (R/J) side. Adam thanks her.

Jordan goes into the lounge room with Rachel & they talk about the POV. Rachel said the POV Comp won't start until 5pm BBT. They then start talking about wedding stuff and how it's funny they both met their future husbands in the BB house.

12:55pm BBT:
HOH Room

Adam comes up to eat his lunch in her HOH room and talk. She was napping. Adam asked if she wants him to leave. She says no.

Porsche told Adam how Rachel wanted to make a Final 4 deal with Kalia/Porsche.

Porsche said for them to not trust Shelly. Porsche then said that the newbies deserve to be in the house and have a shot at winning BB because Rach/Jordan already had a shot and how Jordan already won. Adam agreed & said how they (newbies) went through so much to get there (BB) and all the vets had to do was wait on a phone call.

1:01pm BBT:
Kalia comes up to the HOH room and joins Porsche/Adam.

Talk is about the POV Comp. Kalia said that Jordan told her that she hopes it's a comp where they have to run. Kalia wonders why she said that to her (K), but thinks it's probably because Rachel/Jordan are more "active".

Porsche thinks it'll be an active POV Comp for sure.

**Since the POV Comp is for a few hours, I'm gonna take a break but I'll still be moderating comments & within ear-shot of the live feeds! :)

Stay tuned...
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