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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Evening in the BB House + POV Comp Results

Good evening, BB fans!! :D At 5:41pm BBT, the live feeds finally went to trivia, which means the POV Comp is underway!!

As soon as the live feeds come back, I'll post the spoiler below!

Winner of the POV is:


Rachel/Jordan confirmed that Rachel won the Veto and that they're sending Shelly to the jury house!!

Rachel: "We have fought for two hard!!"
Jordan: "I should've stayed on longer..."
Rachel: "Everything we do from this point forward, is to win the game! You with me?"
Jordan: "Yea!"

They talk about how they have to win HOH this week.

Rachel said she's trying to not rub her veto win in 'their' faces.
Jordan said that the other side is gonna try to get'em to get Adam out but they are "FOR SURE" getting Shelly out.

7:43pm BBT:
Storage Room
The Veto Comp involved rope. Kalia has rope burns on her arms.

Porsche: "I had NO SHOT, my hands were numb..I was holding onto it wrong. And I was like okay, what am I doing wrong.."

Kalia: "Rachel kept saying 'I'm not goin' anywhere..', I should have pushed through the pain. (Rachel) kept moving higher & higher, to a more comfortable spot."

Kalia said that she's gonna try to convince Jordan at some point in the game to get rid of Rachel. (**Good luck with that.)

Porsche: "If they were smart, they'd get rid of Adam. He has a better shot at winning HOH over Rachel."
Kalia: "I just hope he finally wins (a comp)."
Kalia: "I'm hungry."
Porsche: "Me too."

They leave & go get something to eat.

7:57pm BBT:
Storage Room

Rachel keeps telling Jordan that they HAVE TO WIN HOH on Thursday, otherwise Rachel will go to jury and Jordan will be next.

Rachel: "We HAVE TO work together and we have to win HOH!"

Rachel/Jordan are talking about who
Rachel: "If we don't win HOH on Thursday, I go home. And you won't go to Final 3!"

They talk about how they can't let Adam get to Final 3 and they need to break up Porsche/Kalia because they're a team.

They make a Final 2 deal together & hug.

Rachel does a dance of happiness.

They move to the Candy Bedroom.

They continue their 'We have to win HOH' talk.

Meanwhile, in the dining room..

Porsche/Kalia/Shelly/Adam (off-cam, in kitchen) are talking about the comp.

Shelly said she has rods in her back and knew "10 minutes into it" the she wouldn't be able to do it. Kalia said she feels bad for Shelly, Shelly tells not to feel bad for her because she did the best she could and doesn't feel bad.

8:23pm BBT:
Cams 1 & 2: Jordan/Rachel are in the Candy Bedroom talking.
Jordan: "I just wanna walk around and smile."
Rachel: "You should because we're (gonna be) off the block now!"

Cams 3 & 4: Kalia/Shelly/Adam/Porsche are in the kitchen/dining room area.

Shelly: "It's become personal and you can't let the game become personal."

Shelly's saying that she's fine with going to jury and that she'll help determine the winner of the game and she's fine with that. She talks about how her back is spasming from the comp and her back surgery was $300,000 and she wasn't gonna risk it to win the veto.

Shelly: "I have a great life when I go home. When Rachel goes home...her reputation hasn't changed. Don't let her get the money. If she does (get to the final 2), nobody won't vote for her except for Brendon..and maybe Jeff and Jordan now."

Shelly's encouraging Kalia/Adam/Porsche to go to Final 3 together.

Shelly: "I PROMISE you that anybody will win against Rachel."
Kalia/Adam are listening. (Porsche's in the Diary Room.)

8:45pm BBT:
*Adam went to the Candy Bedroom to lay down. Rach/Jordo are still in there. They all talk about the POV Comp.
*Shelly/Kalia are in the dining room area talking. Kalia's crying saying she's scared because she's "so close" to the end and is scared she won't make it.

**Okay guys & gals, I'm outta here for the night! BB After Dark comes on in a few minutes (12am EST), or you can watch the live feeds!! Meet me back here in the morning for The Overnighter!! Until then, have a g'dnight!! :D

Stay tuned...
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