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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts & Happy TGIF to y'all! :D Yesterday, Brendon was evicted from the Big Brother house, and Kalia won the title of HOH for the week. Who will she put up? Will she try to backdoor someone? And the question on everyones mind, will the person that gets evict, fight their way back into the game on Thursday?

Polls across BB land are placing Cassi first as the past HG to come back into the BB13 house to battle it out for another shot at the game, with Dom being a close 2nd, Brendon in 3rd, and Keith..well, Keith's barely on the radar. lol :P If you haven't yet voted, then go to to cast your vote for the HG you wanna see come back to have a fighting chance at the game!

America's Vote

While you're there, you might wanna check out Dani's HOH Blog. The fight between Dani/Rachel was because Dani told Shelly that she gave shoutouts in her HOH blog to Shelly's family for her. Rachel, knowing that BB doesn't allow that, called Dani out on it and accused her of playing on Shelly's emotions and using it as a form as manipulation. Well, it looks like Rachel might have been right. Genius game play tactic? Or crossing the line? Or did CBS edit it out (if she did indeed write it)? Who knows.

She *did* mentioned Josi on the blog, but she told Shelly she said more than that. She said...

On the Blog:
"I cannot wait to meet Josie and Tony, she speaks so highly of you both!"

What she told Shelly she said on the blog:

Dani: "I told Tony & Josi hi from you in my blog. I said that you (Shelly) are really really sorry you can't send her off for her 1st day of school but to know that you're there in spirit for her and I told Tony that he better remember to draw a heart on her hand."

If you'd like to see it for yourself, go to Aug. 3rd, 3:41pm BBT, Camera 1.

Today on the feeds, Kalia will be making her Nominations for the week and the Have Not's Comp as well.

Okie dokie, let me go gather up the Overnighter so we can see what happened last night on the live feeds!! :D

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

9:00pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Adam was telling R/J/J/S about the "Jack Shack" that Mike Boogie & Howie used in BB7. (It was a chest by the pool that held pool stuff, such as floaties, and Boogie & Howie would remove everything and have "alone" time in it. lol)

Rachel: "That's hilarious."
Adam: "That's how it became known as 'Howies Jack Shack'."
Rachel: "Better than in the shower!" (re: Lane from BB12)

Adam then said that Kalia said she put vibrators on her want-list for her HOH basket & how BB told her that they can't get those for her.

Rachel: "That's so gross."
Adam: "She wants to turn the HOH bathroom into an amusement park."

9:26pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Porsche was telling Rachel that she's mad & frustrated because she thinks Jeff/Jordan are mad at her because she voted for Brendon to stay over Jordan.

Rachel: "Don't worry about it. They'll get over it and they'll forget about it."

Porsche told Rachel that she's not in an alliance with Dani/Lawon/Kalia, she just like to hang out with them.

10:40pm BBT:

Kalia: "Who wants to see my HOH ROOOOOOOM?!?"

As soon as Kalia opened the door and saw pictures of her family, she started crying.

Kalia got excited when Dani pointed out that she got a picture of her boyfriend.

Porsche: "He's cute!"

She got Starbucks frappuccinos, mac n cheese, a belt (she thinks it might be from her boyfriend? but she's not sure), a "Kalia's Room" sign that's been hanging on her door since she was a kid, pita chips, and lots of goodies (cake mix, potato chips, and wine.)

She got a letter from home, it was from her mom.
She then turns back to the belt and wonders why she got it.

Kalia: "Is that his belt? That'd be really weird, wouldn't it?"

She looks at the brand of the belt and says she thinks it's his belt.

As HG's left the HOH room, Rachel stopped to congratulate Kalia on her win and said that she's a strong competitor, and she's proud of her.

Rachel leaves.
Lawon and Dani are still there. Lawon's telling Kalia how cute her man is and that it's not what he expected. In the middle Lawon/Kalia's boyfriend talk, Dani interrupts...

Dani: (mocking Rachel) "'I just wanna say that what I said 2 days ago, I mean, 2 weeks ago'..she said that yesterday!" (re: calling Kalia a floater.)

She then gets up and imitates Rachel.

Dani: "Like, literally, you should've seen my face as I was sitting her, I was like..."
Kalia: "I saw you."
Lawon: "You have a beautiful family!" (*way to bring the focus back to Kalia, Lawon. lol)

Lawon leaves.
Girls talk about Kalia's family some more. Dani keeps switching the topic back to Rachel.

11:07pm BBT:
Dani: "I really wanted to punch her, I couldn't handle it!"

This is on-going.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the backyard..

11:07pm BBT:

Rachel told Jordan how she told Kalia that she's sorry for calling her a floater and that she's a good competitor, and how Dani was making disgusted faces the whole time she was telling Kalia that.

Rachel: "Danielle is just like..horrible!"
Jordan: "I think outside this house I would like her, but not in this house."

Jordan said that was really mature of Rachel to do & was happy that she told Kalia that.

Back upstairs..

11:11pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia said that she's "nervous" about who to nominate. Dani is coaching her through it and saying that "it's already out there", so might as well pull the trigger (in regards to Rachel) and that she's gonna gun after her (K) anyways, so it'd be best to get her up & out. Dani tells her she has a couple of options and they go over them.

Dani: "There's Option A, or Option B. The only thing is, keep weighing in the veto, so there has to be a possible 3rd option."
Kalia: "I have a lot of different thoughts. 1)if I put up Rachel/Jeff.."
Dani: "One of them's staying."
Kalia: "But, what I can do is, I can tell Jeff that he's not my target.."
Dani: "You could do that just in case.."
Kalia: "I'll be like,'re not my target, but I have to put both of you up in the event..I know you'll fight for that veto & I know you can beat her. And when you do (win it), you'll keep (the noms) the same & she'll go home." (**Good luck with that. lol)
Dani: "Not a bad idea."

Kalia: "OR...we need someone that can win the f**king veto so we can backdoor her!"
Dani: "You could never put up Lawon, and I think it'd be really stupid to put up Porsche, and it'd be stupid to put up Adam because he never wins, and Shelly.."
Kalia: "I think Shelly could be a disaster."
Dani: "I don't think it'd be good either."

Dani: "I'm not gonna lie, your plan (of putting up Jeff/Rachel) is not bad!"

(**That's exactly who Dani wants up on the block this week & is pushing Kalia to do it.)

They think that if Rachel wins veto and takes herself off, it might be best to vote Jeff out, but they'll cross that bridge if/when they come to it.

12:12am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel went up to the HOH room and while she was there, Dani ignored her. Rachel then asked Dani if she could talk to Kalia alone, and Dani got up...didn't say a word..and just left.

Rachel: "Obviously we're not best friends.."
Both Rachel and Kalia laugh.

Rachel, again, told Kalia that she's proud of her for winning HOH and that she's the first newbie to win it. Rachel was honest with Kalia and told her that if she would have won HOH this week, she would've put Kalia on the block. Rachel then said that if Kalia didn't put Rachel up this week, she'd honor a 1 week only deal to keep Kalia safe next week.

Kalia said that she was happy to win HOH, but then was like "Oh crap, I have to nominate people now." Rachel said that the crappy part about winning HOH.

*Sidenote: The exchange in the HOH room is very friendly and relaxed between both girls. Rachel seems better without Brendon, as does Kalia without Dani being in the same room.

Rachel throws out the offer of the 1 week deal again. Kalia said she'll talk to Rachel tomorrow, bypassing her offering but doing it in a genuinely friendly way.

..but the friendliness ended quickly as soon as Rachel left the room.

Kalia: (laughing) "Humble pie tastes good, doesn't it homegirl."

Since the Overnigher is turning into a book, I'm gonna do some quick cliffnotes of the rest of the happenings in the BB13 last night.

1:27am BBT:
Adam told Dani that he threw the HOH comp. His reason was because he felt he wasn't ready to put 2 people up for nomination.

1:30am BBT:
Adam told Rachel about how he had a crush on Rachel last season, but that she found Brendon, and he found "the love of his life" (his girlfriend), so his crush is done.

1:40am BBT:
Porsche told Kalia/Shelly that she's mad that Rachel never thanked her for voting for Brendon to stay.

2:06am BBT:
Adam/Jeff were playing pool. Jeff said that this weeks HOH is a waste because he thinks whoever gets voted out, will just come back in to play anyways.

2:57am BBT:
Kalia told Adam that he has the ability to play the game really well & that he shouldn't think the vets have any kind of advantage over him. (**Dani told Kalia earlier to work on getting Adam & Porsche over to "their side". This is what she's doing in this convo.)

3:03am BBT:
Adam told Jeff how Kalia is coming to him and talking with him now, but that he's taking Shelly's advice and is just listening to her while not saying anything. (**Remember, Jeff/Jordan/Shelly/Adam are in an alliance.

3:15am BBT:
Jordan said that she thinks Kalia should nom Porsche, instead of Rach/Jeff. Jeff agreed. They're both scared that Shelly could go up this week because they "need her".

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! I'll be starting the morning post shortly! :D

Stay tuned...
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