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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Overnighter

Goooood morning, Big Brother addicts!! How's everyone doing today? :D Last night, I stayed up until 1am Central Time Tweeting last night's Big Brother: After Dark show & I had a great time! If I have the energy tonight, I'll give it another go & do some more tweets for tonights BB After Dark show! So if you're not yet following me, go to Twitter and do so!

Speaking of Twitter...
this morning there's a buzz going around on Twitter that Dani was sneak-eating a cookie in the Have Not's room at 2:11am BBT, Camera 2.

It happens so fast that it's hard to tell what she's eating, but one thing is clear; she's trying to be sneaky about it by hiding it under the covers. Take a look for yourself on the Flashback Feeds & let me know y'alls thoughts on it!

Okie dokie, let me go gather up the Overnighter & I'll start posting it below! :D

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

6:11pm BBT:

As Jeff/Adam lifted weights, the two did some game talking. (This happened right after I logged off of the blog last night.)

Adam starts off by saying that he thinks Dani/Dick have been talking the past couple of years, even though they said they haven't. Jeff fully agreed. Adam said he thinks they would have played both sides of the house & then came together at the end of the show.

Adam then told Jeff about how Dani's been asking him for his vote and he keeps saying 'I haven't made up my mind'. Adam said that Kalia wants to talk to him (Adam) for his vote, but how she's afraid they'll be seen talking. Adam said it's not weird because she's on the block and needs to campaign to stay, too.

Fast-forwarding this convo to 6:33pm BBT:

Jeff said that if Porsche or Kalia won, that Jeff/Rachel would go up, Jeff would fight to win the veto, pull himself off, then Adam would be the renom. Jeff tells Adam now it's the point in the game where he (Adam) has to play & win comps.

Jeff: "We'd still have the votes, but it's a scary thought still."

Adam said that he wasn't buying anything Dani was sellin'. Jeff said that Adam would have been on the bottom of the totem pole if he went with Porsche/Dani/Kalia. Adam agreed.

This is a long convo and worth the watch on the Flashback Feeds. I gotta press on with The Overnighter. To cliffnote this convo, Adam wants Rachel out ASAP, but Jeff wants them all to stick together for the Final 5. Adam suggested to keep Porsche (who Adam has a deal with) and get rid of Rachel first. Jeff disagreed. Adam also showed some hesitation about taking Shelly for the final 4. He said he's "looking for signs" of not being able to trust Shelly because he's already seen some.

7:24pm BBT:

As J/J walked around the backyard, they talked about Adam. Jordan said that Adam wants Rachel out & then he'll flip to the other side. Jeff told Jordan about his convo with Adam when they were lifting weights & how Adam said he has doubts about Shelly now to go to Final 4 with.

Jordan: "(Adam's) gonna take Porsche (to Final 4)."
Jeff: "Yea, I know!"
Jordan: "..because he thinks he can beat her. Well then if we get HOH, we'll get rid of Porsche this week."

8:00pm BBT:
(I tweeted this last night during BB After Dark.)

Their convo ended at 8:15pm if you wanna catch it on the flashback feeds.
Shelly pitched the 'Let's keep Dani' plan again. Adam still didn't budge. He's unshakable.

9:28pm BBT:

Porsche: "I feel like I'm climbing a mountain by myself."
Dani: "You?!.."

Dani's trying to think of how she can get Adam's vote.

Porsche: "So what do we do now?"
Dani: "I don't know."

Porsche said she has to win HOH. Dani told Porsche that if she wins HOH, to put up Rachel/Jeff & use Jordan as the replacement nom.

Dani said that she'd never give Adam her vote because he hasn't done anything in the game. She then admitted that Jeff's "playing the game well" and that she'd give him her vote.

10:22pm BBT:
Around the House

Kalia was trying to Dani, as Dani kept walking away from her with a sour attitude. Kalia said that they only have 22 days left (actually it's 21, Finale is on Sept 14th but the HG's think it's the 15th), and Dani said she's not happy about how many days are left. She then got snippy with Kalia.

Dani: "I don't know what you want me to say, Kalia."
Kalia: "I don't want you to say anything, it just seems that everything I say is not right."
Dani: "Well I don't know what you want me to say! Because you want me to be like cheery and happy, when I'm going home!"
Kalia: "Now that's not what I want you to do, either!"

Dani: "I'm sad, Kalia!! This sucks! Something I wanted for a really long time, and I have no shot to stay because people don't wanna play the game and because I'm not gonna campaign against you. It sucks! I'm really, really sad! And the only person I have to blame, is myself. So I'm not mad, I'm really, really sad. I wanna be here more than anybody else in this house. Whether you believe that or not, I know that for a fact and it sucks."

Kalia said she just wants to be able to talk to Dani as a friend. Dani said she doesn't feel like talking to anybody. Kalia points out that she sees Dani talk to other people.

Dani goes on to complain about how much "it sucks" that she's going home.

Dani: "..and all because I put my trust into 2 complete morons (J/J) that made a deal with me, and apparently didn't." (**Did Dani forget how she was teaching Kalia last Wednesday how to backdoor Jeff by using jellybeans as HG's?)

Kalia: "I swear I'm gonna get'em outta the house. It'll be hard, but I will."

Dani goes on to tell Kalia to make sure Rachel doesn't get to the Final 2 because everyone's gonna want to take Rachel since she's easy to win against at the end.

At 10:33pm BBT, Dani told Kalia that they should just eat whatever they want since they're on the block anyways, doesn't matter.

Dani went on to complain about everything/everybody. She said that Rachel's a moron, Jordan gets on her nerves & she can't win anything, she called Jeff a "tool", get the picture.

11:25pm BBT:
HOH Room

Earlier in the night, Jordan/Rach said they needed to study for upcoming HOH question comps in the HOH room while they still had it. At 11:20pm BBT, they head up to the HOH room and start studying.

2:40am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Kalia pitched a Final 4 deal to Adam that would include Kalia/Adam/Shelly/Porsche. Kalia said she's not afraid of Jeff or to make big moves in the game.

Kalia tells Adam he can still act like he's on Jeff/Jordan's side, even if he took the Final 4 deal.

Kalia said that with Dani going, she (Kalia) will finally be able to play her own game like she always wanted. She goes on to say that anytime Kalia had an idea in the game, Dani would shoot it down. With her gone, she can finally play the game the way she wants to.

Adam, who seems to be setting himself to throw the HOH comp, especially because Kalia said she doesn't mind winning HOH & getting blood on her hands, tells Kalia that he thinks it'll be a true/false and that she'll kick butt at it.

Kalia: "I already talked to Shelly about it, and she's completely (on board)."

Kalia said that Jordan & Rachel aren't that good at comps and should be easy to beat.

Kalia: "What are you thinking?"
Adam tells Kalia that he's weighing his options (re: Dani) but that he thinks Kalia will be safe come Thursday.

Kalia: "You're at the point where you have to pick a side."

Their talk ends at 2:59am BBT.

Adam never confirms if he's down for the deal or not, but he seems interested at the very least..which he should be. Adam would be dumb to not make this deal, not matter where his loyalties truly are in the house because he has an individual deal with Porsche, individual deal with Shelly, and is aligned with Jeff/Jordan/Rachel (at least for now). He'd be covering all his bases for this weeks HOH comp.

3:06am BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff is teasing Jordan on how she's pronouncing the word "task", when she's trying to say "tasks". They have a gigglefest for a while. It's a funny moment to watch on the Flashback Feeds.

Jeff: "So he did two task?"
They both laugh.
Jordan: "TASK(S)!"
Jeff: "How many were there?"
Jordan: "Two task(s)!"
Jeff: "TASKS!! Two TASKS! Three DOGS. There's not 3 DOG over there."
Jordan: "Stop!"

They continue to laugh.
Jeff: "I didn't know you had three 'dog', that's cool!"

At 3:16am BBT, Jeff & Jordan talked about all the missing things in the house.
Jeff: "Dude, where the f**k are those chess pieces at?!"

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D Starting the morning post in just a few minutes!

Stay tuned...
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