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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Morning in the BB House

The BB houseguests were woken up at 7am BBT this morning. They have a morning POV Comp to play, no time to sleep in!

So far, the HG's have been running around getting ready for the comp. Let's see what they're up to now!

Currently on the live feeds...

8:09am BBT:
Kitchen Area

Jordan said that Porsche will most likely be the renom but that whoever gets evicted, is just coming right back anyways. Rachel said she's not going anywhere...

Rachel: "I have to stay & get Daniele and the floaters out of this game."
Jordan giggled.

Rachel: "This is my 4th up of black coffee."
Jordan: "Oh my lord!"

8:14am BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia: "I'm a million percert positive I'm gonna win that veto."

Dani told Kalia to relax, don't be so nervous, and to know that Rachel's gonna be fighting for her life. Kalia said she knows.

Then we get trivia on the feeds @ 8:16am BBT!!! Time for the POV Comp!!! :D Starting a new post in a minute.

Stay tuned...
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