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Friday, August 26, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB fans!! Welcome to Friday Afternoon in the BB house! The house is been uneventful thus far on the live feeds, but we'll have a nomination ceremony to come later on today. Porsche said last night that her target this week is Rachel, but if Rachel wins POV tomorrow, then things can switch up in the house pretty quickly, espeically if Porsche still puts up Adam as a renom. But..that's thinking a little too far ahead right now.

With only 19 days left of the BB13 season, I'm expecting some twists to start any day now. One thing that comes to mind, is the Fortune Teller in the lounge room. I think that will play a part in some sort of upcoming twist for sure.

Currently on the live feeds...

11:56am BBT:
Backyard Patio

Shelly said that when she said good morning to Jordan today in the bathroom, Jordan just starred at her. Talk turns to the votes to get out of Jeff last night & asked who he voted for. Adam said that Jeff yelled at him. Shelly tells Adam that he was "expendable" to Jeff/Jordan.

Shelly: "(J/J) had you lined up to play for them, and then take you out.

Shelly tells Adam that J/J were gonna take her to the Final 3 & that if Jeff was taken out, Jordan was gonna team up with Shelly.

Adam goes inside.

Porsche & Kalia come out. They talk about possible upcoming twists, such as a Pandora's Box. Kalia said that if BB brings back a houseugest for a day (like they did was Rachel in her season), to just keep it in their minds that they'd be leaving soon & are no longer in the game, so they don't exist.

**Could be nothing, and it could just be me doing some very wishful thinking, but Evel Dick posted on Twitter that he's in L.A. for the week. *Thoughts of Evel Dick causing chaos in the BB house via a Pandora's Box run through my head...*sigh* Only if.*

(Porsche said last night that she'd open any Pandora's Box, simply because she's bored. Come on it! lol)

Porsche confirms that she's nominating Adam/Rachel today. (**That means that if Jordan wins veto, she can pull Rachel off, and Jordan would be safe as well.)

12:11pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Talk is about the POV Comp, what it will be, etc. Jordan said she does good when her back is up against the wall. Rachel said she just wants to go to jury. Jordan tells her to think positive and still try to fight to stay.

Jordan then tries to nap. Loud noises behind the walls keep waking her up.

12:38pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Porsche said she's putting Adam/Rachel up on the block. Adam's not happy & is pushing for her to not put her up. Porsche said that he'll be safe because Jordan won't even wanna fight for it.

Kalia thinks that Rachel/Jordan are gonna continue to cry come Saturday (POV Comp day) because Brendon/Jeff aren't there to talk them out of their pity party.

12:44pm BBT:
They all do a Final 4 deal..

Adam: "This is OUR house! They (the vets) were just guests in our house. We fought so hard to get here, they just came back in."

They go inside. Talk is about why the HOH room is locked.
Shelly: "They gotta be setting something up there (in the HOH room) for you. They gotta be."

Porsche goes up & says the HOH door is still locked.

12:53pm BBT:
Shelly & Porsche have a quick chat.

Porsche doesn't think Adam's gonna trust them now (because he's going up on the block). Shelly tells her to play her game the way she wants to play it.

12:58pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Porsche said she thinks BB is fixing the HOH tv. They talk about how it could be BB setting something up like a Pandora's Box.

1:17pm BBT:
*Cams 1 & 2: Shelly on BY couch, smoking.
*Cams 3 & 4: Kalia/Porsche/Adam in Lounge Room.

1:43pm BBT:
*Shelly/Adam/Porsche on BY Patio.
*Jordan/Rachel were in the BY, but just went inside. Shelly gave a nasty stare to Rachel as she walked by. (Not sure if Rach saw.)

1:45pm BBT:

Jordan tells Rachel that if she (Rach) wins veto, then they still have a chance & to not throw in the towel until then. Rachel said that if Rachel goes and Jordan stays, to take Adam to Final 2 and she'd definitley win the game. Rachel said she has at least 3 votes (Jeff/Bren/Rach) for Jordo to win.

They start walking around the house, talking about the game..if Jeff is in the Jury House yet or not.

Rachel: "I told Jeff, in my goodbye message, that I'd take care of you & that we'd fight to be here."

**Okay guys & gals, I'm gonna take a break and I'll be back at 4pm BBT (7pm EST) to resume posting. The HG's still have not had their Nominations Ceremony and all is calm in the BB house. I'll still be within ear-shot of the feeds, so if anything happens, I'll be sure to post it right away! :D (PS The HOH door is pandoras box or anything.)

Stay tuned...
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