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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning BB fans & Happy Sunday to y'all! :D Last night on the live feeds, Jeff & Jordan talked to Kalia. Jordan was trying to avoid going up to talk to Kalia all day yesterday out of fear that she would "lose her cool" and she didn't want that to happen. Did she? Or did she put on a smile like Jeff suggested and just have a nice convo? We'll find out!

Let me get last night's happenings and I'll start posting'em! :D

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

10:17pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

**If you're looking to start your Sunday off with a laugh, then you need to check this out on the Flashback Feeds!

Rachel joined Jeff/Jordan in the Have Not's room, and Jeff started (jokingly) giving Rachel crap about how she asked him if she could have some of his dinner that he cooked, he said yes, then she said nevermind and never ate what he made.

Jeff: "You asked me 20 f**kin' times if you could have'em! I said YES you can have'em!! If i didn't want you to have any, I wouldn't have beat around the bush!"
Rachel: "Yea but I'm really sensitive."
Jeff: "I'm the opposite of sensitive!
Rachel: "Brendon said you promised him you'd be nice to me."
Jeff: "No, I said that I'd take care of you. This is tough love! Jordan's my love, and my girlfriend. You don't see me carrying her around by a leash and petting her hair.."
Jordan: (laughs)

Jeff: "I'm gonna take you to shock therapy when we leave here."
Rachel: "I don't even know what that means.."
Jeff: "Do a video blog for Brendon right now.."

Rachel's been doing video blogs for Brendon around the house the past couple of days. She thinks Brendon's at home watching the feeds. lol

Rachel: "Brendon! Jeff's being mean to me!"
Jeff: "Brendon, she is banana panackes!" (*lol)

Rachel: "Jeff said that I'm like your little puppy.."
Jeff: "How many times a day do you have to pet Rachel's hair to satisfy her (until she feels that) she's loved?"
Jordan: (still laughing)
Rachel: "Brendon, I miss petting your head.."

Rachel turns around and looks at Jeff.
Jeff: "You're not getting any pets in here!"
Rachel: "Aww, no response."

Jordan lets out a huge fart.

Rachel: "And that's my day in a nutshell."
Jeff: "That was Jordan!"
Rachel: "JORDAN!!!"
Jordan: "I pooted!
Jeff: "That was GROSS!! That was an earth shaker!" (laughing)
Jordan: "I had to get it out!"
Jeff: "Don't come by me now, I'm grossed out!"

Jordan starts blowing on Jeff's tummy & making farting sounds.

Jeff laughs.

Okay, moving on with The Overnigher!

12:02am BBT:
Everyone is telling Adam "Happy Birthday". He turned 40 yrs old.

(**Happy Birthday, Adam!)

12:03am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Shelly told Jeff/Jordan how Kalia came up to her in the Storage Room and asked if she told Rachel that she (Kalia) was thinking about putting up Adam on the block as the renom.

Shelly: "She heard it from Adam, then went upstairs and told Kalia!" (**Adam heard it from Shelly. She's the one who told him.)

Jeff: "See! Don't tell her sh*t because she just goes up there and tells them everything!"

Shelly's trying to make J/J not trust Rachel.

12:16am BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia told Jeff/Jordan that she never wanted Jeff or Jordan out, and never planned on backdooring them. Kalia put Jeff up so that she could fight hard for the veto, so that Rachel would go home. She said that her only target was Rachel and that she wants Rachel up & out.

Jeff: "That doesn't even make sense, but whatever..go ahead."

Kalia continues.
Jeff: "But you understand that if Rachel would've won veto, I would've been up & out. Give me that much."
Kalia: "I understand that, but that's where the risk comes in.."

Kalia said that this was the week to get Rachel out because she's emotionally a mess from Brendon leaving, and she wanted to make sure that she had a strong person (Jeff) playing against her in veto.

Jeff reminds her of what Julie Chen said about being careful with nominations this week because a HG will "have the chance" to play the game again, and that even though Kalia/Dani think Rachel's going home, he thinks she's coming right back in the game. Kalia said she thought about it, but she didn't want to base her decision on "what if's"...she said that Rachel could come back for a day, and then leave again (like last year), so she took the risk of gunning for her eviction this week.

The end conclusion to this convo:

Jeff: "You made me dance for my dinner, so I'm gonna expect a couple of dances for Big Jeff." (..if he wins HOH.)

Kalia said regardless, she still is gonna "watch their back" in the game.

**That's it for The Overnighter!! One thing I did notice is that Dani wasn't up in the HOH room with Kalia like she has been since Thursday. This started yesterday afternoon when she was down in the Candy Room a lot, spending time with Adam (which she did a lot last night as well) and Porsche.

On a different note, Adam said that this birthday was his best birthday ever because he got to spend it in the BB house, which has always been a dream of his. (If you recall, Adam's been telling the HG's all season that he just wanted to make it to his birthday in the BB house. Well, that wish came true. :) )

Stay tuned...
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