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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Overnighter

Gooooood morning BB addicts!! :D Happy Sunday to y'all! Yesterday the HG's had a prize & punishments POV Comp. If you missed yesterday's post, I highly recommend you scroll down 1 post.

Adam won the POV, while Jordan has to rock the humilitard for the week. (She looks adorable in it, though!) Other HG's won some prizes: Shelly won a call from home, but also is on 24 hours solitary confinement...Kalia won a Caribbean trip (though she stated last night that she's thinking about just taking the $$ for the trip instead, like Jeff did in BB11, and using it for 2 different smaller vacations), Jeff won money $5,000, and Dani won a Veto Pass which will allow her to play for Veto in case she's not picked).

It seems that it'll either be Brendon (who, at this point, is slated to be the renom), or Shelly that goes home this week.

Let's dive into The Overnighter and see what happened! :D

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

9:01pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dani: "I think (in 3 weeks) is gonna be the fast forward week, so we need to get rid of Jeff before then. Because those physical (comps) and super quick. He's gotta go."
Kalia: "You know you're gonna have to backdoor Jeff.."
Dani: "But there's only 2 more comps we can backdoor him."

Dani: "Here's the thing..I think if you can, for HOH, throw it to Porsche. Reason being is because she'll put up either Rachel or Jeff, or Jeff and Jordan....Because you're not gonna put up Jordan."
Kalia: (shakes her head no)
Dani: "You realize that when it comes down to it, that you're gonna have to (put up Jordan)!"
Kalia: "I told you I would!"
Dani: "Okay I'm just sayin'."
Kalia: "I feel like I have another week or two (before I have to do that)."
Dani: "The numbers are dwindling, so you're gonna have to put her up sooner rather than later."

Kalia said she had a talk with Porsche and she said that Jordan would put up Kalia if she had the chance.

10:04pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Jeff told Jordan that if he goes up as the renom, and Adam doesn't vote for Jeff to stay, he's gonna be pissed because Jeff threw the POV comp to Adam like he promised.

Talk turns to about his convo with Dani.

Jeff: "I told (Dani) I'd vote Brendon out because (1) I'm not on the block, and (2) it'd be better for the whole house."

Talk continues.
Jordo said she's worried that Dani could backdoor Jeff because of him winning two cash prizes ($10,000 and $5,000). He also said that he didn't take the veto (threw it to Adam) so that he didn't have a make a choice between saving Adam/Shelly.

10:43pm BBT:
Storage Room

Jeff: "Here's the thing, if I go up (as the renom), I better get your f**king vote."
Adam: "Yea, and I'll be like 'you (Dani) f**king told him in front of me that (Jeff's safe this week)'.."
Jeff: "Yea."

11:08pm BBT:
Have Not's Door

Dani said that she's putting up Brendon as the renom (after Adam takes himself off the block) and that she has the votes to keep Shelly this week.

Dani: "You have my word."
Shelly: "Thank you."

12:40am BBT:

Jeff is on the backyard patio, as Jordan is dipping her legs in the hot tub.
They talk about what's best for them in the game, not what everybody else wants.

Jordan & Jeff agreed that it might be best to keep Brendon/Rachel in the game and get them to go after Dani, but the downside to that is that it might be hard for them (J/J)to get get Bren/Rachel out later in the game. They also agree that if Brendon leaves, then Jeff's the next target.

They both wish Dani would put up Rachel as the renom, but it's not gonna happen because Brendon's the won that "wins 80% of the competitions". Brendon's a bigger threat than Rachel is.

Jordan: "When Dani replaces Adam with Brendon, we don't have the votes anyway to save him."
Jeff: "Yea we do."
Jordan: "Me, you, Rachel and who else?"
Jeff: "Adam!"
Jordan: "Adam said he would (vote for Brendon)?"
Jeff: "No but we could flip him."
Jordan: "He wouldn't."
Jeff: "I think I could convince him to."

Jeff: "Maybe we should try to make a move and team up with Daniele."
Jordan: "Well then do it!"

Jeff said he doesn't trust anybody, including Rachel and Dani.

12:54am BBT:

Jeff: "Rachel is SO FAKE, I can't take it."

Jordan & Jeff said that they want Kalia and Porsche out "so bad".

Jeff states that he's glad he threw the veto comp because he would've been in the same position, with more pressure on who to use it on, and he wouldn't have won the $5,000.

They go round & round with this conversation until around 1:30am BBT when they decide it's best to keep Bren/Rachel around for now, even though they think they'll try to stab them in the back...but they also know that if Rachel or Brendon won HOH, they'd gun after Dani/Kalia.

Jordan & Jeff decide that if they win HOH, they're gonna gun after Dani because then Kalia and Porsche would be 'useless'.

1:44am BBT:

They talk more about making a deal with Dani & how their "word" is everything, but they could only that "card" (of being trusted on their word) once, before they can't use it anymore. (In other words, make a deal with Dani to keep them safe, then turn back on it.)

Jeff: "Everyone really, really trusts us..our word is what it is. And if I tell somebody 'this is my word', I could really f**k somebody (over)! I'm not scared to! Everyone thinks I'm this f**kin' golden kid, I'm a f**kin' scumbag!" (laughs)
Jordan: "Yea you are!" (joking)

2:01am BBT:
HOH Room

Dani confirms that she's gunning for Brendon this week, but wants Jeff & Rachel out soon after.

2:06am BBT:
Backyard Patio

B/J/J talk about the votes this week and who might go up as the renom.

Jeff: "It's either me or you (going up as the renom)."

Brendon thinks he can get Porsche's vote but he know that Dani's gonna be "right in her ear" telling not to vote for him.
Jeff: "Porsche's up there (in the HOH with Dani) right now!"

Brendon said he's gonna use the time that Shelly's in confinement to talk to Adam to get his vote. Jordan said she thinks it's gonna be hard for Bren to get Adam's vote. Jeff tells him to just "be honest" with Adam. Brendon said he's gonna use the 'As long as I'm still here, I'm their biggest target' card & that keeping Shelly doesn't benefit him. Jeff added that Brendon can tell Adam that he'll be the next target after Brendon and Jeff go.

Brendon goes inside.
Jeff/Jordan (again!) weigh their options on who to keep: Brendon or Shelly.
They say they're gonna vote to keep Brendon, but if Brendon can't get Adam's vote, then J/J will vote with the rest of the house so it doesn't put a target on their backs. They agree to sleep on it and talk more about it tomorrow (today).

**And that's it for The Overnighter! :D Today's Sanity Sunday for me, so I'll meet y'all back here on the blog tonight at 7:30pm EST!! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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