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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts & Happy Sunday to y'all!! :D Yesterday was a game changing day on the live feeds: Rachel won the POV, which means that both Jordan/Rachel are safe from eviction this week.

Tomorrow is the Veto Ceremony, where Rachel will take herself & Jordan off the block (since they're playing in duos again per the twist from Pandora's Box), and Shelly/Adam will go up. Since Jordan/Rachel are the 2 of the 3 votes this week, they have their target set on getting Shelly out. Last night before I logged off, it seemed that Shelly gave up & threw in the towel, but it seems that she might be fighting to stay afterall.

Okay, let me go gather up the Overnighter & I'll start posting it below!

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

9:15pm BBT:
HOH Room

The girls were going over different best case/worst case scenarios for next weeks HOH and POV Comp. Shelly does her best to make sure that the girls target Rachel to get her up & out asap.

Shelly: "If you guys get rid of Jordan before Rachel, you're making a big mistake. I'll be really pissed if you do that."
Kalia: "I know this is really, really risky, but..let's say, we give Rachel HOH.."
Shelly: "AHHH!!!"
Kalia: "Listen!" ...

Kalia starts describing her plan, using candy corn as the HG's. (It's hard to know what her plan is because she's using candy corn as houseguests and rarely says the name of the HG she's talking about.)

Kalia: "Rachel hasn't won HOH since week 2. I've won 2 HOH's! I've literally been in power, or associated with power for 5 weeks of the game.."

Kalia continues with her scenarios and about how Adam hasn't won an HOH comp..not because he can't, just because he won't.

Kalia: " I'm literally head-to-head with Rachel in an HOH (comp). And now that she has a shot..a chance..she's gonna fight like..she's back to Rachel."
Shelly: "Gotta get'er out! Right away! I'll tell ya what, I will leave all my class at the door and & kick her really hard in the shins.."
Porsche: "I am TOTALLY cool with that!"
Kalia: "Give her a speech (of her) life: leave her flustered and jacked."
Shelly: "I'm gonna do a classy speech though."
Porsche: "Before you leave out the door, be like 'By the way, I'm telling Brendon you're pregnant'."
Shelly: "Nooo, I'm not gonna get sued for slander."

They continue to go on with different scenarios. Shelly leaves. Kalia/Porsche talk about their Final 4 deal with Jordan/Rachel. They say that Adam has to go next week, unless J/R go back on their deal. They also said that this POV Comp was geared for Rachel (hanging on a rope) because Rachel's legs are so strong.

Kalia then told Porsche about how the fortune teller was moving & the mouth was moving, but never talked and how they (Kalia/Shelly) tried to get it to talk for over an hour.

Later on around 10:15pm BBT, Adam/Porsche talked in the HOH room and Adam said if he won HOH, he'd target Rachel.

11:14pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Adam and Jordan are talking about their tempers. Jordan said she was surprised at her temper when she went off on Shelly. Adam said he has a really bad temper but only his brother and work causes him to flip out. He said his brother knows how to 'push his buttons'. (**All siblings do. lol)

Rachel joins Adam/Jordo a few minutes later.

Talk is about if any of them would ever do BB again. Jordan said no. Rachel said no, but said that an All-Stars would be different because people wouldn't try to get out competitors but they all are. Adam said he doesn't think he could do it (BB) again, even if it was an All-Stars. Rachel said that she would do Survivor, though.

Moving on.

12:10am BBT:
Dining Room Area

Shelly thinks that maybe Adam got some sort of special power from the fortune teller. (Shelly's paranoid that someone else got it to talk and got some sort of power.) Shelly's paranoia starts to rub off on Kalia.

Kalia: "I'm really scared that Rachel got some sort of power that will keep her safe."
Shelly: "She (Rach) will make it with the power.."
Kalia: "Absolutely!"

1:23am BBT:

The audio is really hard to hear because of the running water as Jordan washes her face, but she mentioned trying to get Adam to their side & working with him. Shelly comes in. Convo ends.

1:30am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Shelly: "I'm shaking, so just bear with me."
Jordan: "You gonna jump down my throat?"
Shelly: "No."

Jordan said that she's sorry for yelling Shelly the way she did and that she's sure her moms not gonna like watching that on tv.

Jordan: "You're an adult, and I was very disrepectful to you and I'm sorry."
Shelly: "Apology accepted. You had a right to be upset."

Jordan talks for several minutes, as Shelly listens, about how they (Jeff/Jordan) were hurt that Shelly backstabbed them.

1:37am BBT:
Shelly starts to cry as she tells Jordan that she never once talked bad about Jordan/Jeff in the Diary Room and how much she truly loves them both and it was "an honor" to play the game with them.

Shelly said she never once called Jordan a b*tch..
Jordan: "I never called you a b*tch (either).."
Shelly: "Yesterday in the bathroom, I heard Rachel say 'Even Brendon said she was a b*tch'."

Talk continues.

Shelly said that Jordan went and sided with Rachel right after the live show, and how Rachel was in on the plan to keep Dani until Jeff/Adam/Shelly had the huge fight (30 mins before the live show..wasn't shown on the feeds.)

This convo is on-going & worth the watch on the Flashback Feeds/ Start at 1:30am BBT, Camera 3. They talk until 2:28am BBT. They go over everything that happened in the game, how Shelly wanted to win BB for her daughter but that she has physical limitations (age/back problems/etc.), Shelly lied about things (like how she didn't approve of Dani's speech, saying that "Jeff threw the Veto Comp" just slipped out of her mouth..when she was really trying to get Rachel to turn on J/J), etc.

This convo half clearing the air, half Shelly trying to change Jordan's mind to keep her (S) in the game & throwing Rachel under the bus in the meantime (trying to get Jordan to turn on Rachel). They end their convo with a hug.

As Jordan/Shelly were having their talk, Kalia/Rachel were in the Candy Bedroom having their own talk.

They talked about moves they've done in the game, HOH & POV comps, lies, how they both say they respect each others game play, etc.

2:38am BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Rachel asked Jordan questions about some doubts she had in the game, about alliances, stuff she's heard, etc. Jordan reassured all of Rachel's doubts & worries and said that they (Jeff/Jordan) campaigned to keep her in the house, to not listen to lies, etc. Rachel said it doesn't matter what happened in the past anyways & that they have to move on in the game.

Jordan: "If you don't wanna work with me in this alliance, then tell me now. You're acting like you're having doubts."
Rachel: "Jordan, I have plenty of other things on my mind right now, other than this game."
Jordan: "You were perfectly fine, saying you were gonna go to bed, and now you're upset."
Rachel: "I'm just frustrated with stuff. I just miss Brendon so much, I miss much. And I don't know what's going on and I just wanna like, hug him and..I'm worried about stuff.."
Jordan: "What are you worried about?"
Rachel: "You know..I don't wanna say it outloud."
Jordan: "Ohhh. Mm hmm."

2:46am BBT:
Jordan asked Rachel if she was in on the plan to keep Dani, Rachel said no and that she was just upset that Shelly told her about Jeff throwing the POV Comp that sent Brendon home.

Jordan: "Were you planning on keeping Dani?"
Rachel: "No!"

Jordan: "Kalia said that she wants to talk..and I feel like she just wants to talk now that you won the veto and they (K/P) are trying to (agree to the Final 4 deal) just to save their butts."

Rachel said that Kalia told her that if she (R) got to Final 2, that she wouldn't win because Rachel doesn't have any friends in the jury house. Jordan thinks she would win because Rachel would have Jeff/Jordan/Brendon and possibly Adam.

Jordan: "But don't tell'em that!" (re: Rachel would win in Final 2.)
Rachel: "Kalia would beat anyone though."
Jordan: "No she won't."

Jordan said that Dani might go to jury and change her mind and not vote for Kalia. Rachel said she feels like she's playing for 2nd place, no matter what.

Jordan: "You've won 4 things, you will win."

**And that's it for The Overnighter!!! Today is Sanity Sunday for me, where I get my full 6 hours off from the BB world. ;) lol As always, I will be back here tonight to open the Sunday Nights BB post & chat room at 7:30pm EST. If you're dying to know what the HG's are up to while I'm gone, then ya gotta get the live feeds!! Okay guys & gals, have a GREAT Sunday afternoon & see y'all back here tonight on the blog! :D

Stay tuned...
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