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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Wednesday to all of you BB addicts out there! :D Today is Wednesday which means a couple of things; it's HOH picture day and tonight's BB episode is on at 8pm/EST, it's the POV Comp/Veto Ceremony episode. I will have the chat room opened back up after doing some tweaking. (You'll most likely get a 'Clear your cache' message when you first log in, that's supposed to happen & it'll only happen once.)

Last night on the live feeds, Dani/Kalia got drunk, Dani/Kalia/Rachel had their (fake deal) meeting, and Rachel figured out tomorrows twist!! I'll be covering all of this in the Overnighter this morning.

Okie dokie, let me go gather up the Overnighter & I'll start posting it below! :D

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

9:18pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Rachel & Jeff figured out the twist!

Rachel: "..they bring back Brendon, and Lawon got evicted, and they'd battle it out. What if that's part of the 'may have a chance to come back'?"
Jeff: "Maybe Brendon has to battle Lawon, and (the winner) gets to come back."
Jordan: "That would be cool!"
Jeff: "Could you imagine? They'd sh*t if..just..Ding Dong, Brendon comes in and he's like 'dude, I just had to arm wrestle Lawon.'" (*LOL)

They all laugh.
Jordan: "That would be freaking AWESOME! That'd be a cool twist! I never thought of that."
Rachel: "That's what they did with Survivor..with Redemption Island."

They talk about how they didn't even make it to Jury yet & it's Day 40 in the BB13 house.

10:37pm BBT:
HOH Room

Waking up from their drunken slumber, Dani tells Kalia to stop telling Shelly info because she goes back downstairs and tells everyone.

Dani: "What did you wanna finish saying about Shelly? Just that you don't trust her? Just that you're finally realizing to stop telling her things? You really need to, I'm just letting you know."
Kalia: "No, obviously.."
Dani: "Well, obviously you say this, but.."
Kalia: "But it's..."
Dani: "You need to be very censored with her and you're not."
Kalia: "I know. Well, I don't tell her every single solitary thing but I tell her a lot..."
Dani: "You tell her too much and I'm telling you she tells everybody everything. That's her MO here. And she's a liar. I don't care what you say. She lies."
Kalia: "Mmm hmm."
Dani: "Really."
Kalia: "That's really annoying, like really annoying...because she swears up & down that she doesn't."

11:24pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dani & Kalia have their (threatening) meeting with Rachel.

Kalia: "Do you think you have the votes to stay?"
Rachel: "Ummm...*thinking*..yea. I'm not sure, I have 2 votes for sure..that's all I kinda know."
Dani: "Why did you tell Kalia that if you stayed, you'd gun after me?"
Rachel: "She asked me if I was coming after you, and I said yes, and I'm on my own. I don't have Brendon, and that was all I had."

They go round & round for a few minutes.

Dani: "If you got the votes to stay, where would that put you?"
Rachel: "I'd need people to work with. I don't have anyone to work with, Daniele."
Kalia: "Here's the deal..there's a possibility that whoever leaves could come back..we have the votes to keep you or evict you (**no you don't. lol) ..we could strike a deal to keep you and you don't come after us."
Rachel: "You're talking about you two (K/D), right?"
Kalia: "Yea."

Kalia: "If you like go downstairs and let people know that we're calling a truce, and that you're gonna stay, (then) deal's off. Like, seriously. They all think Lawon is a pawn, and let them think that."
Dani: "..this doesn't leave this room. Period!"

Kalia: "...and if you were to stay in the game and win HOH, and put us up, like..Rachel, I swear I will take you down in every way possible & you won't even see your stipend when I'm done (with you). I'll be so mad.."

Dani: "If you won HOH, who would you put up?"
Rachel: "I'll let you know on Thursday, if I win HOH." (**'Atta girl!)

This is on-going, but the conclusion is that they made a deal, but secretly Dani/Kalia and Rachel would gun after each other regardless of the (fake) deal. This is just Kalia/Dani trying to cover their butts in case Dani doesn't win HOH, which Dani said yesterday she doesn't feel like she needs to win it this week & wants to wait until next week..her birthday get HOH.

12:00am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Rachel told Jordan that Dani/Kalia only asked her about votes...but not about the deal. Jordan reassured Rachel that she definitely has the votes to stay this week.

Rachel: "Nope, no deals..nothing. She said 'If I wanted you to go home, I would've put up Jordan or Adam."
Jordan: "What are you sad about?"
Rachel: "I'm just confused, I don't know what's going on."
Jordan: "Wait..she said that if she wanted you out, that she would've put me or Adam up? Then why'd she put up Lawon? Doesn't make sense."
Rachel: "Doesn't make any sense. I don't know what they're doing. What did Shelly say she said to them?"
Jordan: "She gave the pros and cons to keeping you..she campaigned for you to stay, never said anything bad."
Rachel: "Then why did Shelly say they were gonna make a deal with me?"
Jordan: "Because that's what Kalia said."

Rachel goes to get Shelly, but Shelly walks in the Have Not's room.

Rachel: "(Dani & Kalia) said that they control the votes this week.."
Shelly rolls her eyes.

Shelly said they're just trying to pick Rachel's brain to see what she's thinking. Rachel said she told them she didn't have the votes.

12:28am BBT:
Pool Table

Rachel tells Jeff the same thing she told Jordan...that they told her said they control votes & were threatening her & that if they wanted to get Rachel out, they would've put up Jordan or Adam. Rachel still doesn't tell them about their deal. Just talks about they were trying to see where the votes are.

Jeff: (laughing) "What, do they have one of your family members hostage in a basement somewhere?" (*lol)
Rachel: "If I stay, I'm coming back guns blazing at them (K/D)."

Rachel/Jordan go inside for a minute.
Adam/Jeff talk. Jeff said that they're scaring Rachel because they know she'll break.
Jordan comes back & says that Rachel doesn't know why Jeff's so mad at her (because of the 'hostage' remark).

Jeff: "Because she wants me to get the f**king votes!"
Jordan: "Calm down!"
Jeff: "I have her votes already! They know they don't have the votes. Doesn't matter what they're thinking, we have the votes."

Jeff's irritated by Rachel, which is no surprise. She's been getting under his skin a lot lately. Yesterday, Jeff was pissed at Rach because she took all the defrosted catfish and marinated it with italian dressing, so when Jeff went to get catfish for lunch, there wasn't any defrosted that wasn't marinated. Rachel apologized, but Jeff was still ticked off regardless.

Jeff/Adam/Jordan continue talking about Rachel & how she doesn't listen when they tell her to not do or say certain things.

Jeff: "It doesn't sink into her brain cells!"
Jordan: "I don't think (Rach) likes you, she thinks you're mean."

12:30am BBT:
HOH Room

Shelly comes in the HOH room door..

Shelly: "Alright, I hear him (Lawon) up here laughing, you hate him the other day, WHAT AM I MISSING HERE?!! Share me..the love!"

Everyone's laughing/giggling.
Porsche: "You're always on the hammock!"
Shelly: "Explain to me what's up! I don't (Lawon) were frustrated the other day, and now you're up here laughing and I missing something?"

Shelly's tone of voice is joking, but the undertone is serious.
Dani pulled Shelly into the HOH bathroom and told her they'd talk later.

12:39am BBT:
Backyard Patio
Jeff/Jordan..then Adam

Jordan: "And I told her after when Porsche doesn't vote for you, and she sees that it was 4-2...
Adam: "Then she'll see that I voted for her, if it's 4-2. Or will she think that Porsche voted for her?"
Jordan: "No, she knows Porsche's full of shh..I'll tell Porsche to her face, you're a liar! Go get in your bathing suit & start cookin'!"" (*lol)
Jeff: "This is why we can't (Rachel), because she'll be cocky to Porsche, and be like 'look I'm stayin' anyway'.."
Jordan: "And then Porsche will go upstairs and run her mouth."
Jeff: "Exactly."
Jordan: "I told Rachel to drop it, they're trying to get you to be dramatic and get pissed, and make a scene, just keep your mouth shut but maybe you can make Porsche feel bad.."
Jeff: "So.."
Jordan: (cutting Jeff off) "LISTEN!!"
Jeff: "Ooo.."
Jordan: "I told Rachel to tell Porsche you gave Brendon a vote, why couldn't you give me one, and that you want a vote (from her) because y'all are friends."
Jeff: "And then the vote comes out 4-2.."
Jordan: "Then we know!"
Jeff: "..go to Porsche and she can be like 'you f**kin' liar & I'm still in this house'. And they can start fighting with each other."
Jordan: "Exactly."

Adam said Porsche could say "I voted for you, Adam voted against you."
Jeff: (about Porsche) "She'll be busted."
Adam: "(Dani/Kalia) are trying to rattle her."
Jordan: "Maybe (BB) should give (Rachel) some nerve pills. I want Rachel and Dani to battle it out, and have (Rachel) get Dani outta here!"
Adam: "I need to win HOH this week because after this week, I'm gonna be outted (for working with you guys). They think they can control me, and I vote against them.."

This is on-going.

Jordan said it's good to keep Rachel in the house because they (Jeff/Jordan/Adam/Shelly) are gonna be "hidden" as Dani/Kalia/Rachel battle each other. Jeff said he wants to get Rachel/Porsche to fight, too. Makes them (J/J/S/A) less of a target. They tell Adam to vote for Rachel to stay, and they'll pin his vote for Rach on Porsche, since Dani/Kalia already don't trust Porsche..and this is will save Adam from having to out his alliance with Jeff/Jordan.

Adam: "And that keeps me off their radar, and keeps you guys safe."
Jordan: "Yep!"

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D The rest of the night is filled with rehashing the same old stuff...Jeff wants Rach/Porsche to fight because he's afraid Porsche's gunning for him, Jordan said Rachel's hard to 'keep in check', Shelly thinks Dani/Kalia/Lawona are "a bunch of f**king liars", etc etc. I gotta head to work for a couple of hours, but as long as traffic is kind to me today, I'll be home at 12pm BBT, just in time for the afternoon report! :D Don't worry, nothing ever happens in the mornings anyways...just HG's barely awake, downing coffee, having small chit-chat, eating breakfast, and taking showers..and that's only if they actually get outta bed before noon. lol ;) See y'all in a couple of hours!!

10:00am BBT:
Only Adam/Shelly/Rachel are up.

Shelly almost guessed the twist, but Adam/Rachel shot her idea down.

PS For those of you asking who I'm "rooting for", it changes every.single.week. This week, I like Shelly's game play, but next week, I'll probably find her game play annoying. lol :P It switches all the time, from week to week. But that's what I love about this game!! Things change all the time! :D

Stay tuned...
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