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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Overnighter

Gooooood morning, BB addicts! Happy Saturday to y''s POV Comp day!! :D w00t w00t!! This weeks POV Comp is HUGE!! It's pretty simple: if Dani wins POV, she stays (and so will either Porsche or Kalia if Dani uses it on one of them). If Dani doesn't win, it's bye-bye Dani. Speaking of Dani, today is her birthday!

Last night was Jordo's last night of wearing the unitard, so you live feed watchers are gonna see her back in normal clothes from this point on.

If you missed last night's quickie Evening Part 2 post, then I'll fill ya in: Dani used her Veto Ticket that she won in last weeks POV Comp, so she'll be playing in todays POV Comp. By Dani doing using her ticket, that left only Rachel to be the host of the comp & she's bummed that she can't play.

Okie dokie, let me go gather up the Overnighter and get some more coffee, and I'll start posting away!!

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

8:16pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Kalia told Shelly that her perfect scenario is that Dani wins veto, pulls Kalia off, making her & Dani safe, but she knows that Jeff would put up a pawn to make sure Porsche goes.

Kalia: "Jeff would probably put a pawn up. He'd never put Rachel up because she'd go out."
Shelly: "So it'd probably Adam or I."
Kalia: "Probably Adam."

Kalia: "I'd never want to get Adam out, but in a perfect world, look at the votes (if Adam's a pawn & Kalia/Dani are safe), Dani, and..well you said you'd vote Porsche out regardless but we're at the point in the game where we need people that (has BB knowledge for question comps) to go, so (you'd) be the 3rd vote. And that's all we need."
Shelly: "Tomorrow will verrrry interesting."
Kalia: "Worst case scenario, Porsche wins and me and Dani are up on the block together."

Kalia said she thinks Dani will be the backup plan & that Jeff will backdoor her.
Shelly, who knows of this plan via Jordan, acts surprised.

Kalia: "..he won't. He'll just backdoor Dani. Dani already thinks that's whats gonna happen."
Shelly: "She thinks she's off the block (so that) she gets backdoored??"
Kalia: *nods her head yes*
Shelly: "You think that's true??"
Kalia: "Yea! I think she's the backup (plan)."
Shelly: "But then why wouldn't he just put her up?!"
Kalia: "Because then he can say..she can win the veto and pull herself down..."
Shelly: "But she's playing in the veto regardless!"
Kalia: "Very true. But I think (Jeff's) target is Porsche, but there's a part of me that says 'don't be so stupid, I might be his target'.."
Shelly: "I don't think so.."
Kalia: "Because I won something already & I have the ability to (win more).."

Kalia then tells Shelly about the whole 'backdoor Jeff' fiasco a couple of weeks ago.

9:15pm BBT:
Pool Table Area

Jordan joined R/A/J at the pool table. She said she only had a few more hours in her unitard and she's excited to get back into regular clothes.

Jordan: "I feel like I'm gaining so much weight. Do I look like I put on a bunch? Because I gained like 7 pounds.."
Rachel: "No!"

Jordan walked up to Jeff and they do a quick hug & a kiss.

Jordo tells him she's not feeling well and has to go poo. He tells her to go up to the HOH and chill. Jordan leaves & heads upstairs.

11:01pm BBT:

Adam and Jordan did a cute lil dance as Jeff sang...

Jeff: "Cruddy's got a chubby, in his pants, do the dance! Crud-chub daaaaance!"

(They're practicing for when Jordan takes off her unitard later on, they're gonna do this little performance.)

11:27pm BBT:

Rachel started badgering Rachel.

Rachel: "Daniele like, hates life right now. What's wrong with you?"
Dani: "I'm fine."
Rachel: "Why are you so mad?"
Dani: "I'm..not mad at all, actually I'm perfectly fine."
Rachel: "You seem pretty upset."
Dani: "I'm fine..thank you."
Rachel: "Are you upset because you have to eat slop?"
Dani: "I'm not upset."
Rachel: "..because it's your birthday and you're turning 25? Listen, 25 is just the beginning of life!"

Dani: "I'm not sad that I'm turning 25, at all."
Rachel: "When I turned 25, last year, it was really depressing..but, I got over it!"

Porsche asked Dani a question.
Rachel gets back to irritating Daniele.

Rachel: "Daniele, why are you being so testy?"
Dani: "I'm not trying to be, I'm sorry."
Rachel: "What's wrong with you? Do you hate me?..I already know the answer to that. But there's no reason!" (..says that with a smile.)
Dani: "I don't hate you."
Rachel: "It's not necessary. Is it because I eat all your chocolate?"

Dani: "I..don't hate you, Rachel. I told you I don't hate you."
Rachel: "Ok Daniele." (big fake smile) "Goodnight! Best friends!"

Dani goes outside.
Rachel follows.

(**The HG's are up right now on the feeds, but until something noteworthy happens, I'm gonna continue with the Overnighter. :) )

Jordan/Rachel/Dani/Adam talked about past HG's that had to wear unitards & costumes, and how Casey got evicted wearing his banana suit.

Dani leaves.
Jordan asked Rachel why Dani's mad.

Jordan: "What did you say to her? She seems mad."

Rachel tells her what she did.
Jordan: Oh my god Rachel..(giggles/irritated) You are something else, woman! Don't make me get on you. Don't go harass her!"

11:45pm BBT:
Dani told Shelly about Rachel's harassing & Shelly said if she does it again, she'll say something.

12:00am BBT:
Dani wears the birthday crown that Kalia made out of a cereal box and foil, and a sash.

Adam sang a funny birthday song to Dani. (*Cute flashback moment.)

1:09am BBT:
Jordan/Adam do their dance before she has to take the unitard off.

The feeds cut as Jordan strips out of her unitard and when the feeds come back on...

..she's back in her normal clothes.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! :D The HG's are already up, so I'm gonna start the morning post very shortly!

Stay tuned...
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