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Monday, August 1, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House + Veto Ceremony

Good afternoon, BB fans! At 10:45am BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means it's time for the Veto Ceremony!! :D

Brendon is gonna use the veto on Rachel to pull her off the block, and Dani's gonna most likely put up Jordan as the replacement nom. As soon as the live feeds come back, I'll post the spoiler below and then continue with the Afternoon post!

(*Veto Ceremony should take about 45 mins'ish.)

The Veto was:

Used on Rachel
(no surprise there)

The Replacement Nom is:


11:44am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Rachel is crying. She doesn't Brendon to go home.
Brendon said that Dani is playing personal, because she wants Brendon gone.
Porsche leaves the to have their moment together.

Brendon: "You have a wedding to plan, you can't be crying."
Rachel: "You're still knight (in shinning armor)."

Meanwhile, upstairs...

11:48am BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia is planning on "tormenting" Rachel on her way outside to the HOH comp on Thursday.

Kalia: "I'll be like 'Aww, you okay?'"
Dani: "I leave (the tormenting) to you." (giggle)

Dani: "I'm not afraid of Rachel in this game. But Brendon, I'm afraid of."

Dani: "She's gonna try to vindicate him next week. You (Kalia) BETTER win HOH!"

Dani suggests they both go downstairs.
Dani/Kalia leave HOH.

Dani goes and whisper-talks to Jeff. She asked him if he knew Brendon was gonna take Rachel off the block, Jeff he swears he didn't. (**None of the HG's, except Rachel, knew.)

Then Dani goes & talks to Jordan.

Jordan: "He said he was gonna use it (on Rachel) the whole time, he just wanted people to think he wasn't. I was COMPLETELY shocked!"

Shelly joins. All 3 girls talk about how Brendon kept using the veto on Rachel a secret.

Shelly: "I hate that! So, now we know we can't trust anything they say. I'm always honest. I hate that."

Dani told Jordan she's "completely safe".

12:04pm BBT:
Kitchen Area
Most HG's

HG's are cooking/talking (Kalia's eating) in the kitchen area.

Dani's sitting alone at the kitchen counter, seemingly thinking.

She then heads up to the HOH room alone.

Rachel/Jeff are cooking.

Other HG's are roaming around the house.

Dani just got her bikini on, getting ready to go outside.

12:27pm BBT:
Dani told Lawon that he was the only name that Bren/Rach brought up and wanted out this week (as the renom). She then told him "You really need to fight for HOH this week." He said he knows and that he wants Rachel out.

(**This is just Dani's plan to get Lawon to wanna fight for HOH this week. To light a fire under his butt to fight this Thursday.)

12:34pm BBT:
Dani/Kalia are laying out in the sun.

Kalia keeps talking to Dani and asking "Wanna play a game?", and it's frustrating Dani. She's telling her to shut up. (*lol)

Kalia: "I'm just trying to be nice..."

They then talk about questions Julie Chen will ask Dani on Thursday.

12:39pm BBT:
Jeff/Adam are on the BY patio, talking about votes. They both think that Lawon/Kalia will vote the way Dani wants them to, but that Kalia would vote for Jordan regardless.

Adam: "I'm gonna go lay down."

12:48pm BBT:
BY Patio Area
Jeff/Jordan talked about that they think Jordan's safe this week..she's got the votes.

Jordan & Jeff are now in the pool with Kalia. They talked about a lot of HG's have spider bits on their bodies.

1:19pm BBT:
Pool Area/Backyard

The HG's are talking about non-game stuff...VH1's Pop-Up video, different tv shows, etc. Fun chatter all around as they enjoy the beautiful day. :)

2:03pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...

Shelly is talking to Jeff/Jordan on the BY couches. They're talking about Rachel and how strong of a competitor she is, and Shelly said she'll miss Brendon & that he's "a good kid".

They talk about Porsche. Jordan & Shelly said she can see Porsche switching to Kalia/Lawon's side.

Jordan goes inside.
Shelly/Brendon are shouting/talking across the yard, talking about poaching and what's considered poaching.

Brendon/Rachel are spending some time together in the pool.

Jordan/Kalia are talking openly in the kitchen area.

Kalia said she's fought hard to stay in the house (HUH??! lol) and that she's gonna win HOH on Thursday. Jordan said that she's scared that if Rachel wins HOH, she'll put her (Jordo) up on the block. Kalia doesn't think so. (Sounds like Jordan is fishing for info from Kalia). Kalia said that she thinks if Porsche won HOH, she'd put her (Kalia) up for eviction.

When Kalia asked Jordan if she's gonna fight hard for HOH, she said she's just gonna see what happens but of course she's gonna try.

Kalia is having a glass of strawberry milk.

Jeff and Kalia are now playing a "Guess That Vegetable" game.

Jeff: "Umm..does it have seeds?"
Kalia: "No.'
Jeff: "Is in this house?"
Kalia: "No."

Adam joins in.
Adam: "Are you red?"

Kalia: "I'm yellow...and you can cook me."
Adam: "Is it sweet?"
Kalia: "It can be!"

(**Um, corn?)

Porsche joins in on the game.

**I'm taking a blogging break before I fall asleep on my keyboard. lol :P I'll be back later!

Stay tuned...
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