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Monday, August 29, 2011

Afternoon/Evening in the BB House

Good afternoon/evening, everybody!! :D Before diving into the Afternoon/Evening post, I'm gonna recap what we missed while I was offline for a little bit..then we'll dive right on into what's currently happening on the live feeds!

2:24pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Jordan tells Adam that the other side is playing him. Adam said he knows. Jordan said now that she lost 'her best friend' (Jeff), she's playing for herself. Jordan then told Adam she needs his word that he's with her & Rachel for Final 3. Adam says yes & that the only way he'd put Jordan or Rach up on the block, is if he had no other choice & they'd only be a pawn.

Jordan told Adam that all 3 of them are solid for the Final 3 deal. Adam agrees.
They shake on it.

As they leave the Have Not's Room, Jordan & Adam keep talking.
Jordan: Adam, I just want you to know, if you're with me and Rachel, that doesn't mean you're gonna be 3rd out." (Hinting that Jordo could take Adam to Final 2.)
Adam: "Thanks, dearie."

3:38pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Jordan tells Rachel about her talk with Adam and that he's solid with them in a Final 3 alliance. They agree that this week they definitely need to get Shelly out.

4:03pm BBT:

The girls talked as they did laps in the backyard.

Rachel: "I think this next HOH (comp) is gonna be something really physical." (**My guess is that it'll be endurance.)
Jordan: "I think so too because when (the game) gets down (to fewer HG's), it's questions."
Rachel: "I know."
Jordan: "Something with us runnin'."

A few minutes later...
Rachel: "I can't believe (this season) is almost over."
Jordan: "Thank God!"

4:29pm BBT:
The girls are still doing laps around the BY yard & talking.

Jordan: "We have to get rid of Kalia before questions."

The continue to talk.
Rachel said that Porsche slept all summer and hasn't done anything & hid behind Daniele, but does respect that she won comps that she needed to win.

Rachel goes on to say that if they (Rach/Jordan) are in the Final 2, it's a 50/50 shot at who would win the game.

Talk turns to Kalia.

Rachel: "Kalia 100% thinks she's got the game and thinks she is controlling everyone.

Rachel said that this HOH is crucial because if they lose, then she (Rachel) is going to jury.

5:28pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

They talked about a Dani for a little bit, why Jordan couldn't trust her, Kalia said she had a Final 2 with that was made Week 2, Jordan said that Dani said she was "forced" into a Final 2 with Kalia & how Dani said all her "friends left in the beginning of the game", etc.

Jordan said that Jeff did want Porsche out, but thought with the Double Eviction coming, that Dani was the better target. Kalia says she felt the same way about Jeff.

Jordan mentioned how verybody wanted to listen to Dani & that it pissed her off that she thought she knew everything.

Jordan: "This is Season 13 - not 8, 11, or 12. There are a lot of differences in this season with different people."

Kalia talked about how Dani figured out the twist before it happened. Jordan said that Jeff did, too.

Kalia said that it upset her that everyone thought she (K) was playing Dani's game, when she was just playing her own game.

Jordan: "If it didn't go her (Dani's) way, then got mad. Everyone loves her..that was her thinking. As it went on, I lost respect for her. If things didn't go her way, then she was rude."

They move to the backyard couch and compare notes about Shelly's lies.

Rachel joins, then Adam a few minutes later.

They're talking about Shelly's trojan horsing in the house & talking about her lies. Rachel gives her props, saying that she was really good at it.

Jordan: "(Shelly) tried to turn me against her (Rach)!"

Jordan said how she told Dani that she doesn't think everything is Rachel's fault (all the lies, confusion, etc that Shelly created).

Kalia FINALLY admitted that she was part of hiding stuff in the house w/ Dani (except for the chess pieces).

6:08pm BBT:
Rach/Jordan/Kalia are still comparing notes on Shelly's lies. They're exposing everything. Adam is there, but being quiet..just listening.

6:11pm BBT:
They're still revealing more lies/manipulations from Shelly. (**Her fate is sealed in this game for sure now. She's a goner. lol)

6:15pm BBT:
Shelly is up from her nap, and is in the K/A/J/R are still comparing Shelly notes on the BY patio.

Rachel thinks that Shelly will go into the Jury House to manipulate people, just to "f**k up the game" even more.

6:31pm BBT:
They're still comparing notes on Shelly's lies and about different BB seasons & houseguests.

6:40pm BBT:
Shelly comes out. Talk is over. :P

**Okay guys & gals, I'm outta here for the night!! :D See y'all in the morning for The Overnighter! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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