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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning BB addicts!! Today is Saturday, which means it's POV Day in the BB13 house! If you missed everything that happened yesterday, I highly recommend you scroll down and read over's too much to recap.

Yesterday was the nomination ceremony, where Dani held up her end of the deal with Brendon/Rachel, by not putting them on the block. Instead, Dani nominated Adam/Shelly.

While I gather up the Overnighter, take a look at Drew's 'The Big Brother Cynic' article #5 for the season! It's a good read!

'Next Time Is Now'
by Drew, the Big Brother Cynic

(I changed the background/font color of the cynic, hoping it'd be easier on the eyes than a black background. Let me know what you guys think!)

Okie dokie, let's see what happened last night in the BB13 house! :D

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

9:30pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dani: "I talked to Shelly, I go 'please don't hate me, I had to do it, you're just a pawn, I have to have Brendon out. And she goes 'I don't care who it is, I want one of them out, I'm gonna win the veto', and I was like 'I need you to win, blah blah blah', and she goes 'as long as you're not lying to me, I can tell when I look in your eyes,' and my heart sank & I go (*gut wrenching noise*)."

Kalia: "(Shelly) said that downstairs that 'unless Daniele is lying to me, then I was completely wrong about that girl', and I was like..ummm...(laughing)"
Dani: (giggling) "Oh no..."

9:33pm BBT:
Dani: "I mean to be honest, best case scenario, to an extent, is if Brendon plays and he wins (veto), ya know?"
Kalia: "I just hate having Brendon still in this game."
Dani: "Obviously. That's the whole point! I mean, that's best case scenario for "A", for "B", best case scenario, would be I win it, and if i want to put him up, I could. But if he (Bren) were to win it, or Jeff or Rachel were to win (POV), (noms) would remain the same and be like (joking) "This is terrible! This all went wrong.."
Kalia: "And then Shelly would go home."

9:44pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Shelly's game was pretty much blown up last night by Rachel in the Candy Room, with Jeff/Jordan/Porsche/Rachel/Brendon around. Ever since, Shelly has been on a downward spiral. (**Remember, Shelly saved Rachel last week from going home, and now Rachel's outing Shelly's game play.)

Jeff & Jordan try to calm Shelly down, who was crying & saying she wants to quit the game.

Jeff: "Well see where (Rachel) is next week.."
Shelly: "Brendon couldn't even defend her!"
Jeff: "I know! She where she's at next week..when she has nobody!"
Shelly: "And why Brendon allows someone to do those things to me, is beyond me. I'm not cut out for this game."
Jeff: "Don't let this house, or these people, get the best of you."
Shelly: "In 20 YEARS, I haven't been this upset."
Jeff: "This game gets to everybody! I get f**king fired up, too! But I know it's just the game."
Shelly: "I want to choke her! And I'm not gonna stoop to her level."
Jeff: "Then, don't. But don't even think about leaving. Don't let that even cross your mind. I know (Rachel's) a liar, and she's going against us, I know that! But I still put on a happy face."

This is on-going, but you get the jist of it.

12:22am BBT:
Backyard Patio

Adam: "I would say that you (Jeff) are not the replacement nom, but you said that I had nothing to worry about, so.."
Jeff: "If it comes down to it, I'll let you guys (win POV) and take yourselves off the block."

Adam talks about the upcoming POV Comp.

Adam: "Who am I handcuffing myself to for 24 hours? (laughs) Kalia. I'll hit the self-evict button and pull her (out) with me."
Jeff: "Yea! Take one for the team!"
Adam: "Take two for the team!"

Jeff heads inside.

12:57am BBT:
Lounge Room

Jeff asked Dani what's going on this week with noms. Dani told Jeff that she plans to backdoor Brendon and that she didn't put Bren/Rach up because then they'd both have a shot at playing POV and she knows it's a big risk by not putting them up, but she's hoping they at least one of them doesn't get to play.

Dani: "Because if (Brendon) wins it, Rachel's staying up on the block because she doesn't wanna play, she knows she doesn't have a shot to win."

Dani goes on to tell Jeff/Jordo that she wants Adam to win the POV.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! One more thing worth mentioning is that Shelly had to sleep by Bren/Rach in the Wood & Steel bedroom and she wasn't happy with that.

As of 8:26am BBT, the HG's had their wakeup call, but everyone's still in bed except for Shelly & Dani..both are in the bathroom (Shelly's in the downstairs bathroom putting on makeup, Dani's brushing her teeth in the HOH bathroom).

Stay tuned...
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