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Friday, August 12, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB addicts! :D The house has been in sleep/chill mode all day (ughh!) but now that the HG's are starting to come alive, it's time to start the afternoon post.

Today we'll have the Nominations Ceremony. Who will Dani put up? Will she still target Brendon as planned? We shall see!

Currently on the live feeds...

1:39pm BBT:
HOH Room

Talk is about Shelly. (Between Kalia talking a million miles per minute, and eating potato chips as the same time, it's hard to understand her.) Dani said that Shelly can't be trusted.

Shelly enters and asked the girls what they want to eat...Adam's grilling food outside.

Kalia leaves, talking about how much she loves Starbucks Ice Cream.
Shelly stays and talks with Dani.

Dani: "I don't really know what I wanna do this week."
(**Dani said last night that she's gonna make everyone sweat this week, she's not telling anyone anything.)

Shelly: "You sound frustrated, are you frustrated with me?"
Dani said she's tired of helping others in the game, and not getting anything back.

Shelly: "I've had your back since the beginning.."
Dani: "But you said you wanted the best for me and Kalia, but then you kept Rachel and you were happy when Brendon came back, so I don't understand."
Shelly: "These people are gonna make (votes) in the end, I can't be mean to them!"
Dani: "I don't understand how keeping Rachel helps anybody. Period."

(*They're talking super fast!)

Dani said Kalia said things that aren't true, and Shelly said 'Bring her up here, I'll go head to head with her."

Dani: "Okay!"
Dani goes and gets Kalia.

Shelly/Kalia are going back and forth about what Kalia said before last nights show and voting for Rachel.

Shelly said she's getting frustrated with Kalia because she's lying because Dani's in the room.

Kalia told Shelly yesterday in the bathroom something about "..don't leave her hung out to dry", but both Kalia/Shelly are saying Kalia said something different.

If you have the feeds, turn'em on!!

Dani: "Our point is that Lawon couldn't win anything, he couldn't even swallow a glass of milk! (So why get rid of Rachel?)"

Shelly: "I'm very honest, I don't lie. So when someone lies to me, I take it very personally."

1:59pm BBT:
(Feeds keep cutting in/out.)

Kalia: "I didn't wanna tell you how to vote, but I was trying to tell you to please vote Rachel out because I didn't wanna break a tie breaker. It seems that there are so many people in this house to go against (Rachel/Brendon)."

Shelly: "You said you'd never put up Jordan..."

Kalia is now pinning Shelly's masterminding Kalia during her HOH back onto her (S). Shelly said that Kalia heard her ideas and liked them and "were on the same page" (to keep Rachel).

They're going back and forth.
Dani chimes in for the first time in minutes. Now she's talking a million miles a minute.

She's bringing up the whole 'Why did everyone keep Rachel?' thing again & saying that she pinpointed the twist...she's all over the board with her convo, cutting herself off every few seconds and switching topics.

Dani: "It hurts my feelings because I feel like I've gone out of my way..and I said..I don't know why, and blah blah blah...and it's Adam's birthday, give the guy a break..."

Shelly said she feels like a puppet with Dani/Kalia/Porsche (and Lawon when he was still in the house) and that it was very intimidating.

Shelly: "I don't know where I am with you guys!"

Shelly said she doesn't like Porsche because she's spreading lies about her (Shelly) having a final 3 deal with Brendon/Rachel.

Dani: "I'm sorry if I ever made you uncomfortable.."

**This convo seems more of a clearing-of-the-air talk.

2:16pm BBT:
Shelly asked Dani how she could've thought about the twist of someone coming back. Dani said she told her dad on day 1 that she thought someone was coming back, and then when her dad left, she was positive that someone was coming back. She also told Keith to be prepared for sequester because she thought someone was coming back.

2:19pm BBT:
Kalia/Shelly go back and forth again about votes for Rachel.

Shelly asked Kalia to leave, she does. They part on good terms.

Dani/Shelly talk alone.
Feeds cut off because Dani's talking about production...again.

Feeds are back.
Shelly said that Kalia was just trying to make sure she (K) was safe, and Dani was happy, all at the same time.

Shelly said she can never talk to Dani alone because Kalia is always with Dani. Shelly said she wanted to tell Dani about the scenario (of putting up Porsche) but that Kalia said she'd talk to Dani herself.

Shelly is now throwing Kalia under the bus. She said that nobody in the house likes Kalia and that Kalia is very manipulative with words. Shelly said she likes to talk to Dani one on one.

Shelly: "I can't go through (Kalia) to talk to you."

Shelly says she doesn't trust Kalia like she trusts Dani.

Shelly said she's sorry that Dani feels let down by her by voting to keep Rachel and she's glad they got to talk.

2:38pm BBT:
Dani makes it clear that Shelly can feel free to talk to her at matter who's around her, or what she's doing.

**Curious to see if Dani tells Kalia all of us or not. Dani *seems* to be very nice and genuine with Dani, but is she playing Shelly? We'll find out!"

Shelly and Dani hug, Shelly tells Dani she loves her, and leaves.

Dani grabs a drink and a snack, sits down on the bed, and is seemingly thinking.

(Dani didn't give any info on her nominations this week to Shelly, and seemed to successfully get Shelly on her side in the process. But..we'll see what she tells Kalia, or doesn't tell Kalia.)

2:52pm BBT:
*Jordan/Shelly on backyard patio eating french fries.
*Dani is in the HOH, listening to her CD.
*Everyone else is in the kitchen.

Shelly: "I think you're gonna be surprised by Dani's nominations today..she could put up Adam, or even me."
Jordan said she's not even gonna go talk to Dani & reminds Shelly that she (S) has the votes to stay anyways.

Shelly said she's pissed at Kalia and can't stand how big her ego is. Jordan agreed.

Jeff comes out.

Shelly tells Jeff that Dani's "pissed off" and that she thinks Dani's changing the way she's playing the game. Shelly tells Jeff/Jordan about her convo with Dani.

Jeff doesn't think that Dani will put up Shelly at all.
Shelly said she's pissed because Kalia talked to her like she was a kid.

3:04pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Kalia is telling Porsche about the Dani/Kalia/Shelly convo and how Shelly tried to put Shelly's plan (to put up Porsche) on her (Kalia). Kalia then told Porsche how Shelly was talking badly about her (P).

Kalia said she's tired of people asking where the chess pieces are and asked BB to give back the chess pieces so everyone will stop talking/worrying about it. (**Not sure who took the chess pieces..might have been Shelly, but I know Kalia/Dani/Porsche have been hiding stuff lately.)

Game talk stops.
Kalia said she feels like she's gaining weight.

Kalia: "I feel really wide."
Porsche said she needs to work, too.

Dani comes in.

No game talk. Dani said she hurt her foot and needs a bandage. (*It's not that bad, she's walking around fine.) Porsche comments on Dani's clothes..she likes them.

Jeff asked Dani to "step into his office", the Have Not's room.

It was a real quick talk: Jeff said she's safe next week, Dani said he's not her target and haven't been since 3 weeks ago. They have a couple laughs, pound their fists, and leave the room.

Dani: "I'm dreading talking to Brendon and Rachel."
Jeff: "They're waiting for ya!"
Dani: "I know.."

3:34pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dani: "If you can convince how it'd be beneficial for me to keep you, then I'd love to hear it."

Dani said she heard that Bren/Rach would've put Dani up if they won HOH.
Rachel & Brendon pitch their "Let's make a truce" speech...keep it between them 3..continue the game like they're on opposite sides of the house.

Dani: "Going into the HOH comp, me and Kalia were your targets! On a personal level, people down there that you think that are friends, are really terrible behind your back."
Rachel: "Oh I know! And I think I know exactly who you're talking about." (*Shelly.)

**This convo seems pretty pointless. Dani seems pretty dead-set on putting them up today.

Rachel/Brendon are still trying to pitch a deal to Dani.

3:51pm BBT:
Brendon still pitching the deal.

Meanwhile, on feeds 3 & 4, Shelly is yelling at Kalia.

Kalia wants to know why Shelly won't talk about her what kind of car she drives. Shelly said it's nobodys business and that if she won the BB money, she'd go to St Jude and help a kid because that's the kind of person she is.

Shelly is saying that she has no respect for Porsche for laying down all day and not doing squat, and then talk crap on Shelly in the process.

Pick a feed, any feed...

Brendon: "Why keep people here that won't help you in the game?"
Dani: "Because they're not a threat."
Brendon: "They're not helping you in the game either."

**My head is spinnin'. :P

Brendon: "You can't win this game alone, and the first chance they get, Porsche and Kalia are gonna bail on you. I'd rather have one of us 3 in this room win this year because we have all fought hard!"

Rachel told Dani that no matter if Rach or Bren wins POV, Brendon's gonna stay..Rachel will go home. (**Brendon was Dani's target.)

4:10pm BBT:
Dani said she doesn't wanna put up Shelly and piss her off because they're down to jury members now. Rachel said that if Shelly wins HOH, there's no telling what she will do..she might put Dani up.

Brendon making it clear that he does not want anybody to know if Dani/Rachel/Brendon make a deal together.

4:18pm BBT:
Talk is still going on. Dani seems to be a little interested at this point.

Rachel: "You'd have me, Brendon, Kalia, and Porsche fighting for HOH next week." (..thus making Dani safe.)

Rachel: "Tell Adam he's a pawn, Shelly will have a month to get over it in jury."

Meanwhile, Shelly & Porsche are yelling at each other on feeds 3 & 4...holy moly!!

I have to stay on the Bren/Rach/Dani convo, so if you have the feeds, turn'em on!

Brendon/Rachel still talking to Dani in HOH. They're pushing for Shelly to get evicted this week.

Dani: "I'm not gonna lie, I have a lot to think about. You've given me a lot to think about, FOR REAL for real."

Dani said she was gonna put up Brendon/Rachel for sure, and she even told the Diary Room that, but now she's not sure.

Dani's concerned that if she only puts one of them up, people are gonna ask her why she didn't put up both of them.

Rachel: "If you nominate us, I'm going home, Brendon's still here..and you've gotten nowhere in this game again."
Brendon: "Jeff and Jordan only want me here, to take you out."

Dani: "I promise on my life, I'll think about it."
They all hug.

Rachel: "We'll tell everyone we tried to make a 1 week deal with you, cool?"
Dani: "Yea."
Rachel: "If anybody tells you differently, it's 100% a lie!"

Rachel: "Don't put both of us up, otherwise there is no deal. With a fast forward coming up, you NEED people that are fast and that can think on their toes. You're gonna need people on your side."

Brendon/Rachel leave.

Dani: "Ughh....oh my god I hate being HOH!"

4:38pm BBT:
Adam comes up to talk to Dani in the HOH room.

Dani said Adam might be a pawn but if he's up, he'd be safe...but she's honestly not sure what she's gonna do yet.

Dani: "If I put you up, you're safe."
Adam: "And if I stay, you're good next week for your birthday."

Adam leaves.

Dani goes and grabs Kalia really quick in the storage room.

Dani: "You're gonna hate me! What if..I put up Adam..."

Kalia starts freakin' out a little bit. She's not on board with it. Dani's trying to talk to her. Dani tells her she's gonna put up Shelly/Adam, and backdoor Jeff...make a 1 weeks deal with Brendon/Rachel, and they can always go against it next week if they wanted to.

Feeds cut to "We'll Be Right Back", Nominations time?? :D

Stay tuned...
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