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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Morning in the BB House

Good morning/afternoon BB fans!! The HG's were woken up at 9:30am BBT, but I've only seen Rachel/Shelly/Jordan so far on the live feeds.

Let's see what's going on inside the BB13 house, shall we? :)

Currently on the live feeds...

9:47am BBT:

Rachel said she'd be so happy if Brendon came back into the game, but she doesn't think that'll happen. She thinks whoever gets evicted tonight, will be the only one with the possibility of coming back.

Rachel said her skin is clearing up finally. Shelly mentions that washcloths are good for washing your face, but that BB doesn't have any washcloths in the house and how weird it is.

Jordan is in the Diary Room.

Kalia is now up.
Rachel's taking a shower.

Kalia talks to Rachel as she showers, but I couldn't hear anything due to Kalia's mic turned down and the water running.

I did hear them say they'd talk later in the HOH room.

9:59am BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia said she's worried that her HOH won't mean anything and that even though she tried not to, she pissed people off this week. She asked Shelly how she's voting tonight because she'd rather know what's gonna happen, then be blindsided.

Shelly's honest and says she thinks Lawon's going out, "no matter what" & that she doesn't think Kalia's theory of Brendon having the chance to come back in the game is correct.

Shelly said her vote (S) doesn't matter, because everyone else is voting Lawon out anyways. Kalia thinks Shelly's vote does matter.

Kalia said she's feeling "very unsettled". She said she doesn't trust Rachel, and Shelly said neither does she.

10:22am BBT:
Kalia is still rambling. lol She's saying she's scared that Brendon will come back and be realigned with Jeff/Jordan/Rachel and that's a scary scenario for her. She also said she doesn't wanna break a tie and have an even bigger target on her if she gets Rachel out and she comes back in, gunning hard for her (Kalia).

Kalia said that the past 4 houseguests are in sequester. Shelly asked how she knew that.

Kalia: "Annie!" (???)
Feeds cut to "We'll Be Right Back".

Feeds come back.
Kalia/Shelly still talking.

Kalia said she feels like her HOH was a waste. Shelly told Kalia "Don't pull a Chima!" (*LOL)

(**OMG're numbing my brain with your non-stop talk. lol)

Let's see what's happening on cams 3 & 4...

Ahhh..that's better! :D

10:45am BBT:
*Shelly leaves HOH room and heads downstairs.

10:47am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Rachel told J/J how Kalia wanted to talk to her this morning while she was in the shower. She said Kalia asked her if she (R) is going around saying that Kalia told her she has control of the votes this week...Rachel said yes...Kalia asked if she's going around saying that she was bullying her (R), Rachel said they'd talk later because she was taking a cold shower.

Rachel said it has to be either Adam or Shelly that's going to 'their' side and telling them what Rachel said because she's the only 2 houseguests she told that too.

Jordan: "They're gonna try to get your upset today before the HOH comp, to get you all frazzled."

Jeff lets out a fart & giggles.

10:58am BBT:
*Kalia's trying to listen at the backyard door to see if she can hear banging/building noises for the HOH comp.

*Rachel is telling Jeff/Jordan to not get "frazzled" if she ends up going home. (**Don't worry Rachel, you're safe.)

**Okay, I gotta get to work, so I'm gonna end the morning post here. The HG's will go on HOH lockdown soon for an hour or so, then continue to get ready for tonight's live, as Kalia continues to flip out in her own her mind over every wrong move she made this week as HOH.

Starting a new post at the top!!

Stay tuned...
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