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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans and welcome to Live Show Day! Tonight is the Double Eviction!

There was some major stuff that happened last night in the BB13 house and it appears that Dani may have a shot at staying, but it doesn't look promising. It looks more like Rachel is setting Shelly up for a fall. I'll cover that in the Overnighter this morning.

Since this is pretty important stuff and a lot went down, I'm gonna go gather up the Overnighter as fast as I can.

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

12:53am BBT:
Backyard Couches

(This is the convo that set the tone for the rest of the night.)

Shelly: "That's what everybody told me. That (Jeff) threw it." (re: the Cornhole POV Comp that sent Brendon packing.)

1:04am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Rachel grabbed Dani and had a talk with her.
Dani started off crying to Rachel about how bad "it sucks" that Jeff didn't "keep his word" and now Dani's going home because of him. Rachel said she can understand because she lost Brendon twice in the game. Talk turns to her missing dog. Dani said it wasn't her, but said she wouldn't sell out the people that did.

By 1:07am BBT, they start raising their voices at each other while trying to clear the air between them.

1:34am BBT:

Rachel asked Dani if she could get a "pity vote" from Shelly. Dani said she doesn't know and said that she definitely couldn't get Adam. Rach said because Adam thinks Jeff's side has the numbers so he's not gonna budge.

Dani told Rachel that Shelly hid her stuffy doggy. Rachel asked why. Dani said "Because she hates you." and laughed.

Rachel: "If she's mean enough to hid my stuff, then she's mean enough to vote against Jeff and Jordan."
Dani: "But she doesn't wanna be the only one. She'd need the guarantee that it would go through."

1:39pm BBT:
Dani: "I already gave up, what are you doing to me?" (giggles)

Rachel: "You'd have to get Adam or Shelly's vote."
Dani: "I'm telling you, I can't get Adam's vote. I tried."
Rachel: "Porsche's voting for you, right? What if me and Porsche vote for you, and you tell Shelly to vote for you."

The problem Dani is having is that Shelly won't vote for Dani to stay without Adam's vote..which she's been trying to get but hasn't.

1:55am BBT:
Backyard Couches
Dani told Porsche about her convo with Rachel.

2:40am BBT:
HOH Bathroom

Rachel asked Jeff if he threw the POV. He said no. (**He did.) He said Daniele's gonna make up anything to stir stuff up in the house to cause drama. Rachel said it was Shelly who told her. Jeff said that Dani probably told Shelly that just to stir stuff in the house. Jeff told Rachel to look at the situation & that Dani will try anything to stay in the house.

Jeff: "I got a 7! How the f**k could I throw it with a 7?!"

2:49am BBT:

Jordan joins in Jeff/Rachel's convo. Rachel tells them how Shelly told her that Jeff threw it. Jeff said that Dani is "up in Shelly's ears".

Rachel said she believes Jeff. Rachel said she's frustrated with Shelly now. Rachel said she thinks Shelly's gonna vote for Dani to stay.

Meanwhile, downstairs...

2:54am BBT:

Adam told Dani he is NOT voting for her and he knows that it sucks for her to hear that, but that's where he stands. Dani gets upset/sad/irritated and tells Adam that it's a stupid move.

Dani: "Okay. See you in jury next week."

3:16am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Shelly: "You realize that if she goes there (to HOH) and tells (Jeff/Jordan that I'm voting for you), then I'm f**ked."
Dani: "She won't."
Shelly: "I'll tell'em that she's straight-up lying."

3:25am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel said she almost believed Shelly when she told her that Jeff threw the POV Comp that sent Brendon to jury. They talk about what to do now, as far as Shelly goes. They think Adam is solid in voting Dani out & they're not too worried about him.

Rachel: "Adam knows that he has to get rid of Daniele because in the end, she's not gonna take him."

They agree to not say anything to Shelly until after Dani leaves tomorrow.

Jeff: "We NEED Daniele gone. We need it!"
Rachel: "Yea."

Jeff said that he wishes Adam would just a pick a side & stick with it..whether it's with them (Jeff/Jordan/Rachel) or with Porsche, or with Shelly. Jeff says that Adam said that he has doubts about Shelly.

Rachel said that Porsche hasn't done ANYTHING in the game and that she's trying to play a game like Janelle (former BB houseguest). Jeff told Rachel he's glad that Rachel came up to the HOH room and asked Jeff directly about what Shelly said about him throwing the POV because otherwise it would've started a huge fight.

3:37am BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff said how just went outside to smoke and saw that Adam was pissed about Daniele "saying sh*t" & so he told him to come up to the HOH room when he's done.

Jeff said while he was downstairs, he saw Shelly come out of the Have Not's Room from talking to Daniele. Jordan said that Shelly said she was going to bed a long time ago.

Rachel told Jordan that they (Jordan/Rachel) are pretty good at the comp set up BB gave them and said to let Porsche/Kalia stay up all night practicing so that they're exhausted tomorrow.

3:41am BBT:
HOH Room

Adam joins Jeff in the HOH room.

Adam: "One side of me that you guys have not seen yet, is my temper."

Adam said he's trying to not lose it and said that Dani is "throwing sh*t in his face", like how Evel Dick is gonna hate him (Adam) now because he's not keeping Dani. Adam said that he (Adam) was never in Dani's plans in the game and he's not keeping her in the house.

Jeff: "I think Dani has Shelly's vote."
Adam: "Well that does no good because without my vote, it's f**king pointless!"
Jeff: "Yea."

Jeff tells Adam how Shelly told Rachel that Jeff threw the Cornhole POV Comp.

Jeff tells Adam how Shelly's been making deals all over the house with everyone. Jeff brings up the idea of cutting Shelly out and just going with Adam/Jeff/Jordan/Rachel.

Adam: "I'm all on board! I'm starting to get nervous about her as well."

Adam: "I want Daniele to go home, then we'll start f**kin' killing people." (re: outing Shelly.)

"And that sucks for me because Shelly's been the person I trusted from Day 1! Shelly & I were so f**king close & Dani is f**kin'..ALL OVER her! She's good at manipulating people!"

Meanwhile, downstairs...

3:41am BBT:

Shelly: "I don't know what you guys (Rach/Jeff/Jordan) were talking about up there, but I need to know where you're at.."

Rachel said that she asked Jeff if he threw it and he said no.

Shelly: "You know he threw it, don't you?"
Rachel: "I don't know!"

Shelly: "I need to know what you're doing." (re: which way Rach is voting.)

Shelly: "Me and you CANNOT turn on each other!"

Shelly is acting really nervous. She asked Rachel if she's going into the bedrooms when she's done brushing her teeth, Rachel nods yes.

3:49am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Shelly's waiting on Rachel.

Shelly: "Where the freak is she?"
Dani: "She's probably putting on her zit cream."
Shelly: 'I cannot believe I'm working with the devil. I know she's gonna screw me."

Shelly starts pacing, nervously.

Dani: "We're not gonna give her the chance to. She's terrible and comps lately. Plus after this, she's gonna screw them tomorrow and she's gonna want them outta here."

Rachel never did go in the Have Not's Room. So they go searching for her at 4:15am BBT.

4:15am BBT:
Storage Room

Dani: "We're all good, we're all on board, Porsche is 100 percent. We're all solid. It's only gonna be Jordan tomorrow and Adam. Are we good?"
Shelly: "Are you going to be board if Porsche is? I'm so scared!"
Rachel: (smiles and laughs) "We're all nervous.."
Shelly: "When you went upstairs, I was like what the (hell).."

Dani: "Shelly was nervous because you were talking to Jeff."
Rachel: "Don't worry I won't say anything."
Shelly: "She (Dani) said you wouldn't."
Dani: "We're all good. It's ok."
Rachel: "I am so f*cking tired, girl, I am just so tired."

Shelly squats down with her hands over her face, freaking out.

Rachel: "Shelly you are so funny." (laughs)
Shelly (to Rach): "Are we cool?"
Dani: "You have no idea, like seriously, you have no idea!"
Shelly: "They are going to freak out on us tomorrow."
Dani: "We'll figure it out."
Shelly: (to Rachel) "How can you be so cool?" (re: not freaking out like Shelly)
Rachel: "Because I can. I've played it before."

Shelly: "You guys wait a minute..."
Rachel hears Shelly but still goes & heads out the door & goes to bed.

"Where is she going?!?" (freaking out some more)
Dani: "Look at you in here freaking out!"
Shelly: "I think i have hives!"

Shelly: "You better make her shake on it!"
Shelly starts pacing around the room.

5:01am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Dani said that Rachel was acting weird (like she's not on board with the plan to keep Dani). Porsche said Rachel might be trying to screw Shelly over by putting her on the spot (with her vote). Dani said she thinks so too, but this is the only shot she (Dani) has at staying in the house.

5:02am BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff: "We need to re-group, tighten up some screws, and we have 3 weeks left."

Jeff goes on to say that people think Jeff/Jordan are honest, but they're gonna do what they have to do win at this point, even if that means lying to people and making up "bullsh*t".

Jeff: "As long as we're on the same page, people will believe us."
Jordan: "Mm hmm."
Jeff: "I'm (gonna say) everything I f**king heard, and I'm throwing everybody under the bus...Shelly made final 3 deals with everybody...I'm gonna make Rachel hate Porsche and Shelly.."

Jordan: "I think Shelly knew where the chess pieces and everything (Brendon's duck) were."
Jeff: "Well I'm starting f**king wars. I'm gonna say Kalia did it, I'm gonna hide Adam's skulls in Kalia's draw..I want the f**kin' target off of us & have other people start going to war."

Jordan said she thinks they can get Kalia to work with them if Jordan wins HOH. Jeff said if she wins HOH, they have a lot of options but if she doesn't, they don't. Jordan said she's gonna try her best to win HOH. Jeff said he feels confident that she'll win.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! So the question now is, is Rachel setting Shelly up for a fall? Or does she plan to keep Dani? My bet is on Rachel setting Shelly up for a fall and Shelly/Porsche/Dani are thinking the same thing.

Adam/Rachel/Jeff/Jordan are now done with Shelly and plan to blow up her game tomorrow after the live show & after Dani's gone.

If anything is crystal clear, it's that this is the part in the season where the whole house goes to war and houseguests start flipping on each other and new alliances start to form, as old alliances dissolve . Also with tonight's double eviction, anything is possible at this point! If you don't have the live feeds yet, NOW is the time to get'em!! $15 for the rest of the season, you get to watch endurance comps (including the Final 3 endurance comp), and today the house will flip upside down & major drama is just right around the corner!! :D

I'll start the morning post as soon as the HG's get up & start getting ready for the day. As of 10:04am BBT, the HG's are still sleeping, even though BB gave them their wake-up call already.

Stay tuned...
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