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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning & welcome to Thursday...LIVE SHOW DAY!! :D After we had a couple of boring days on the feeds, yesterday more than made up for it! From seeing Dani/Rachel fighting, to Rachel's meltdown, and having tonight's twist accidental revealed by was an interesting day yesterday! By the way, CBS "leaked" the same page twist page again, but with Jordan on it instead of Brendon, so they've made a page featuring both of them. Not just Brendon.

Okay, well let's see what other crazy antics the HG's were up to last night! Sifting through the overnight house happenings, I see that Dani/Kalia took things in the house and hid them in an attempt to throw the other HG's off their game for tonight's HOH comp.

Also, in case you're wondering, Dani's HOH blog (which was the reason for Dani/Rachel fighting last night), still is not posted on I'll let y'all know when it gets posted though! :)

**Everything posted below can viewed using the flashback feature on the live feeds!

11:14pm BBT:

As Brendon/Rachel were in the hammock talking game, Shelly was in stealth mode..creeping up to them, totally undetected.

Shelly inched her way, slowly, to the hammock.

Shelly pokes Rachel from under the hammock..

Rachel: "Oh my long have you been under there?"
Shelly: (Laughing) I crawled all the way over here!"
Brendon: "You're good, Shelly!"
Rachel: "You are good."
Shelly: "It was just me trying to cheer you guys up."

They continue to talk. Rachel brings up the idea of playing sad after Brendon leaves and throw comps to make her look like a weak player without Brendon, in hopes that they'll keep her. This then spirals into Rachel saying that she might as well not even try at playing anymore because she's gonna get evicted out soon anyways and go to jury, and that they don't want strong players in the house, so why even compete. She said she'd rather go to jury and not stress out anymore for the summer. Oddly enough, Brendon encouraged her to keep thinking this way, saying he agrees with her.

12:04am BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Rachel feeling defeated, goes and talks to Jordan. Jordo gives Rachel a pep talk and tells her to keep playing the game.

Jordan: "'d just be putting yourself back in the situation that you were in last year." (Re: Rachel vs the house)

Jordan: "Do better than that! Ya know? You're here to play the game and y'all wanted to do somethin' different, stand up and try your best tomorrow! I know you can do it! You're smart. And you're a good competitor. Now you're hear to play for both of y'all and win some stuff, or even a half a million dollars. So don't think that it's over, 'cause it's not!"
Rachel: "Yea."

Jordan keeps talking to Rachel, telling her that she could win HOH this week and things could be different.

Jordan: "You need to get on the positive train!"

This is on-going.

12:28am BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Jordan told Shelly about her convo with Rachel that she just had & how Rachel seems to think that J/J don't know that she's been lying and talking about them behind their backs.

Shelly then told Jordan how she (S) told Adam that they're not protecting Lawon, so "say goodbye". (Adam doesn't wanna see Lawon up on the block because they're friends, Shelly reminded him that Lawon lies and there's no reason to "protect" him.)

Shelly: "What do they even do together, that makes them buddies?"

12:54am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Rachel kept saying how nobody is gonna put Dani on the block. Brendon agrees. (**Jeff/Jordan will.)

Rachel: "She thinks she's this great game player because she took you out."
Brendon: "She didn't take me out. I took myself out. I left myself on the block."

1:02am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Shelly told J/J/A about Bren/Rach's campaigning to her. Adam tells them how they (B/R) did the same to him.

Talk turns to Lawon and Porsche: Jordan said that Lawon will skate by, and that Porsche is dangerous because people forget she's even in the house.

Jordan said that she likes them (Jordan/Shelly/Jeff/Adam) being in a Final 4 deal & that nobody will suspect that Adam/Shelly are working with J/J.

Jeff: "If we get rid of Daniele, we're f**king gold(en)."
Shelly agreed.
Adam: "Kalia will sh*t a brick."

They talk about how Porsche made a deal with Dani to keep her safe this week, and Porsche will keep Dani safe next week.

Jordan: "Dani made a deal with everybody!"

1:13am BBT:
Talk continues.

They talk about endurance comps and how some of them are designed for men only, or women only. Jeff thinks next week will be another endurance comp.

Talk turns to who they should nominate if any of them (J/J/A/S) win HOH. They all agree that if one of them win HOH they are going to put up Lawon & Kalia because they can't risk assuring Dani a chance to play for veto.

Jeff said that Kalia is "way to comfortable" and that she's "on her way out".

They talk about how Kalia will be in the jury house.

Adam: "Anybody that goes to jury (with Kalia), is gonna have to listen to her stories."
Jeff: "No, I'll be like shut the f**k up in the jury house. I will. I'll be like listen, I can't handle anymore of your fake stories, everytime somebody tells a story, you have a story to back it up, it's not a true story...and if you mention Dominic one more time..."
Shelly: "She didn't even acknowledge Dominic (when he was in the house)!"
Jeff: "No sh*t!"

They then talk about how Dani likes Dominic, more than a friend.

Talk then turns to about Rachel. They wonder if she'll be on her A-game tomorrow. Shelly said she'll pull Rachel aside before the HOH comp and tell her to get her head back in the game after Brendon leaves.

3:05am BBT:
After getting the OK from production, Dani & Kalia start taking things around the house and hiding them/relocating them in hopes of throwing the HG's off their game for the HOH comp by making them think that BB hid stuff.

Dani took pans from the kitchen, and Kalia hid them in the cabinet outside & under a rug by the pool table/grass area.

They then take the mini grill and hide it in the backyard.

They also hid the "Occupied" sign from the bathroom door downstairs.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! :D Just a minute ago, the live feeds switched to trivia (the control room probably hit the wrong button, usually they do palm trees), the HG's are most likely getting their wake up music played. I'll start a morning post shortly! :D

Stay tuned...
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