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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning BB addicts & happy Tuesday to y'all! :D The last couple of days inside the BB13 have been interesting to say the least. Kalia put up Lawon as the replacement nom. Lawon actually volunteered to go up as "a pawn". So why would Lawon put himself in harms way? And why would Kalia and Dani decide to put up 'one of their own' as a pawn? Who knows! If it doesn't make sense to you, then join the club. lol It doesn't make sense, because actually doesn't make sense!

If you're wondering what Evel Dick has to say about his daughters game...

(Click pic to enlarge.)

Okay, let me go gather up the Overnighter & see what the HG's were up to last night! :D

9:44pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom

Dani went & talked to Kalia as she took a bubble bath. Dani said that Lawon's getting on nerves, and Kalia agreed.

Talk turns to about Rachel.
Dani: "I feel that we need to make a deal with (Rachel) soon. She's like, convinced that she's staying."
Kalia: "Is she convinced?"
Dani: "Yea!"

Dani: "..Because if she doesn't make a deal, or something, then I think we can still vote her out. And I have absolutely no problems doing that!" (**Good luck with that. Rach has Jeff/Jordan/Shelly/Adam's votes.)

Kalia: "Or if she doesn't take the deal, we'll vote her out."
Dani: "Yea."
Kalia: "I asked Shelly who she'd put up (if she won HOH), and she was like 'I really don't have any idea.'".

Kalia said that Adam said he "wants Rachel gone". (**But he's still voting to keep her this week, in case y'all were wondering.)

Dani: "I feel like we should've talked to (Rachel) before putting Lawon up."
Kalia: "Really?!"
Dani: "Because she's sooo convinced that she's staying."
Kalia: "I don't know why she's convinced.."
Dani: "I don't know either."
Kalia: "If we talk to her (and try to make a deal with her) and she says no, then I'll be like okay, take your chance. You think you have more votes than you do. Everyone wants you out of this house. Including your own alliance. She thinks she has Shelly. (**She does.) She thinks she has Porsche. I'm gonna tell her that I did a huge favor by putting Lawon up (next to her) because it's not an absolute out."

Kalia goes over the deal she wants to make with Rachel.

Kalia: "Here's the don't come after us, we keep you here, it's a huge thing (for) Daniele giving you her vote. And you swear on Brendon's life that you won't come after us next week. Should we keep it a one week thing? Or.."

Dani: "I don't know. I still want her gone next week though."
Kalia: "I think everyone does."

Dani: "I'm not gonna lie, I don't want HOH this week, I want it next week; my birthday week. I don't feel like I need it. I mean, I need it but.." (**HUH!?!)

Kalia: "If (the deal with Rachel) works out, then this week we'll be safe, and the next week is your birthday."
Kalia: "I think you think a lot in this game, because you've done this before (BB), and you know where the holes are and you can see that."
Dani: "Absolutely." (**And yet, you're blind to the hole you & Kalia have not only dug, but also getting buried in.)

This convo is ongoing and is good for a laugh, more than anything. lol But I gotta keep movin' on with The Overnighter.

11:04pm BBT:
HOH Room

The girls were talking about how Lawon's acting crazy and that they think he's lost it. Rachel bashing starts up, and I'm moving on...

11:54pm BBT:

Talk is about Lawon and him offering to be this weeks pawn.

Jeff: "Maybe he thinks the person's coming back for sure, because we keep saying it, and then just gets more (air) time. I dunno. It's a big chance. I wouldn't take it."
Jordan: "Yea."

Talk turns to how they don't think whoever goes this week, goes to jury. They say that they think jury happens next week. They then talk about how "they" (Jeff/Jordan/Adam/Shelly/Rachel) need to win HOH this week. They both don't think that Adam would have the guts to put up Dani/Kalia if he won HOH, so Jeff thinks Adam won't try to win it...keep blood off of his hands.

1:46am BBT:
Backyard Patio

They start talking about this weeks HOH comp. Rachel thinks it'll be a physical HOH comp. They then start talking about Lawon.

Shelly: "There's something weird in that whole deal."

Rachel: "Can I get a guarantee on your vote?"
Adam is hesitant to answer.

Adam: "It's looking good."
Shelly: "We're afraid you'd flip on us."
Rachel: "And go be Dani's best friend??? She took out my fiance and I went psycho!"

Jeff said that he thinks Lawon kept hearing them talk about how they think whoever is going up & out, is just coming back, so that's why he volunteered.

Jeff: "But I don't get the show (that Lawon's putting on) AT ALL! I don't get it!"
Shelly: "Kalia said she doesn't get it either."

Rachel: "He's not telling us he volunteered because he doesn't want us to know that (he did). He.."
Jeff: "But why?"
Rachel: "Cuz..cuz he thinks that nobody would wanna volunteer to be the pawn."

Rachel said that she thinks that if she left, she's "100% sure" she'd come back, but Lawon won't because Rachel thinks it'll be a physical comp/battle that the HG's has to play to get back in the game.

2:17am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Rachel is wondering why 'they' (Adam/Shelly) don't trust her..and think that she'd flip. Jordan said it's only because it's weird that Lawon went up on the block next to her.

Rachel told Jordan that her and Brendon saved Jeff/Jordan, and that she's not gonna flip to Dani/Kalia's side. Rachel goes on to say that she only trusts 2 people in the game: Jeff and Jordan.

Jeff enters.

Rachel says, again, that she thinks this upcoming HOH comp will be a physical comp. Talk turns back to votes this week: Jordan tells Rachel that she "for sure" has Shelly/Adam's votes to stay.

2:33am BBT:
Backyard Patio

Kalia tells Lawon that people knew that he might go up as pawn, but then Lawon started telling people that he didn't know, and now people are confused. Kalia said she put up Lawon because Porsche didn't wanna go up, and Adam said (at first) he was cool with it, but then Kalia heard that was telling others that he wasn't okay with it, so when Lawon offered to go up, she took him up on his offer because she didn't wanna piss off anymore people in the house.

Kalia also said that she wasn't sure why Lawon was acting pissed that he was the pawn. She tells him to drop the pissed-off act and go back to being the 'old Lawon'.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D As of 9:20am BBT, only Jordan/Shelly/Rachel are up. (They just woke up) & they're all putting on makeup in the bathroom.
Everyone else is still sleeping. As soon as the HG's get up & moving, I'll start the morning post! :D

Stay tuned...
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