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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts & Happy Monday to y'all!! Today is the Veto Ceremony inside the BB13 house, where Rachel will pull herself & her duo partner, Jordan, off the chopping block. Adam/Shelly will be the replacement noms because..well.there's nobody else to put up. lol :P

This week, Jordan & Rachel (who are 2 of the 3 votes this week), will be voting out Shelly..despite her 'I'll swear on everything! I just wanna get you guys to the end!' talk she had with them yesterday at 12:38pm BBT. Jordan & Rachel have both been nice to Shelly lately, but they're just working on her jury vote since they're sending her to the jury house on Thursday.

I'm gonna start the morning off with the Adam/Rachel/Jordan convo from yesterday. (I'm gonna bypass the Shelly/Rachel/Jordo talk since J/R decided everything Shelly was saying was a bunch of bullcrap anyways.)

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

1:41pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Adam: "I know you guys have a tough decision to make this week..who do you trust..who do you want..who deserves to be here."
Jordan: "Do you have a Final 2 deal with Kalia?"
Adam: "(Yes), she presented it to me."

Adam said it "hurt" when Jeff looked at him and thought he didn't vote for him (Jeff) to stay, when he did.

Adam: "Even before the vote, the came to me and told me to vote out Jeff."
Jordan: "She said 'Don't think Adam wasn't in on that plan, too.'"
Adam: "Knowing about the plan, and going through with it, are two different things."

Adam tells the girls how Dani was desperate and was using the 'My dad's gonna hate you' line, to try to get him to keep her in the house.)

Jordan said she knows if Jordan/Rachel didn't win the veto, one of them would be going home this week for sure.

Jordan: "I know you feel that you can't trust Rachel right now because y'all haven't talked game, but.."
Adam: "We've talked game, but not enough. I wanted to go into the Final 4 (with Jeff/Jordan/Shelly/Adam) and let the best person win."

Talk continues.

Jordan: "If we're keeping you (this week), we can't have you turn your back on us. If you don't wanna work with us, and you wanna roll with 'them', then (that's) perfectly fine!"
Rachel: "We'd rather you be honest with us."

Adam starts talking about the votes to evict Jeff, again.

Adam: "With you guys, you guys have been straight and honest. With 'them', it's always been back & forth. And you guys know I hate that."

Jordan: "Don't repeat this, but Kalia said she wants to talk with us (Rach/Jordo) to make a Final 4 deal with us.."
Adam: "..and Porsche.."
Jordan: "Yea. They said whoever we keep, they wanna get rid of. So if we keep you, they wanna get rid of you. I don't know if that's fake, or..."
Adam: "I think there's a lot of bullsh*t going around in this house."
Jordan: "But you have 2 honest people right here.."
Adam: "And that's what changed me as a game player in this game. I can't play like that. (fake) My arms are hurtin' from getting pulled (in different directions)."

1:49pm BBT:
Talk continues.
Jordan's trying to get Adam on their side.

Rachel: "What's preventing you from working with us?"

Adam talks in circles but eventually agrees with Jordan that they cannot let Kalia/Porsche get to Final 2.

Adam said that Kalia wanted a Final 2 with him, but then told Shelly about their Final 2 deal, and then Shelly told Rachel/Jordan about it & how he's upset about everyone knowing about it now and he feels that he's being played.

Jordan, again, asked Adam why he doesn't wanna work with J/R.
Adam: "To be honest, I busted my a** to get here. You guys just picked up a phone. You guys have a 2nd opportunity. I'm working so hard for my 1st opportunity."

2:01pm BBT:
They make a deal to work together & shake hands on it.

They decide to work together. Rachel said she better see Adam try to win HOH (since he hasn't been).

**As we all know though, Adam will flip to wherever the power is, so depending on who wins HOH, we'll see who truly is working with.

5:21pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia/Porsche talk about whoever stays this week, the 4 of them (Rachel/Jordan/Kalia/Porsche) need to get them out and then go to Final 4 together.

5:43pm BBT

Porsche's looking for a large pot in the kitchen and can't find it.

Porsche: "Isn't there a bigger one than this?"
BB: "That's what she said."

They all laugh.

8:30pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Adam talks about how he almost got on BB last summer, but Enzo "took his spot". Adam said that at the time, he was 300 lbs and it was motivation for him to lose the weight and apply for BB again.

8:59pm BBT:

Jordan: "If Adam is really with us until (Final) 3, then all we gotta do is get rid of 2 more people in the house." (Kalia/Porsche, after Shelly goes this week.)

Jordan: "We cannot get split up because if I'm here by myself, I will shoot myself!"
Rachel: "I know."
Jordan: "I cannot by myself."

Rachel tells Jordan that Shelly's coming outside. They stop game talking.

Jordan goes over and talks to Shelly about her season of BB and how she watched it.

She said Jeff still hasn't watched their BB season. Rachel said Brendon hasn't watched theirs. Shelly said she'll watch this BB season.

Shelly: "I'll definitely watch our (season). I wanna see every second of it! Tony understands. We had a long talk about this. There's all these people online; half of'em will hate me, half of'em may like me. But you're gonna read stuff that may hurt your feelings about me. And I said, people are gonna say stuff and they could all hate me, and be callin' me every name in the book. He's like, 'They don't know you!'. We've watched the show every season, you see how people get mad, you see people that are together after & they're all friends and they get past it, and everything else. Ya know, he's's gonna be interesting to see how it all play out. Because he's probably gonna ask me 'Why did you do what ya did', or he'll say 'You made a good move', ya know..he may say that! Umm..Tony is very direct & very honest. Tony can't tell a lie, he can't fib, he can't exaggerate. So I'll get it straight. And he'll give it to me straight; good or bad. And I love that! Because that's what I want. I'll know right away, if it was good or if it was bad."

10:42pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Kalia asked Shelly if she told Rachel about the fortune teller turning on the other day and she said yea & that Rachel had asked her about it and how the mouth moved, but never actually said anything about it.

Adam joins the girls a few seconds later.
Shelly: "Rachel said she saw it go through it's whole routine earlier in the season."

10:46pm BBT:
Adam asked Jordan if it'd be okay if he joins her in the hot tub because his back was hurting from the POV Comp. Jordan said of course he can join her.

Adam: "I don't know how I can be hurting from holding that thing for 5 f**king minutes, but.."
BB: "That's what she said!"
All HG's: (laughing)

10:58pm BBT:
Hot Tub Area

Porsche (who is on the BY couch) wants to nair Adam's back hair.

Shelly: "It'll look so much better, dude! We're only trying to help!"
Jordan: "Adam, PLEASE??? You'll definitley get more TV time! Fara will LOVE US if you let us.."

Adam: "She likes me harry! I'm a man! Real men are harry."

Porsche joins A/R/J at the hot tub, trying to talk Adam into letting them shave his back for him.

They talk about how Jeff "manscapes" by shaving his chest and trimming his armpit hair.

Adam declines the girls offer to shave his back.

1:00am BBT:
Backyard Couches

The girls talk about how Shelly is lying to them (K/P) by saying that Rachel had asked Shelly about the fortune teller moving the other day, and how it's funny that Rachel just asked that 'out of thin air'. They also know that Shelly talked to Jordan/Rachel yesterday because Porsche saw her go into the room with them, even though Shelly claims she didn't, & they think that's when Shelly told R/J about the fortune teller.

A few minutes later, they head up to the HOH room and Adam joins them. They tell Adam to keep his eyes on Shelly and see if she's talking to R/J.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! Wheww..that was a doozy!! :P Okay, as of 10:10am BBT, all 4 cams are only showing Shelly/Rachel/Jordan.

Jordan: "It's weird how it's so quiet in here now."

10:12am BBT:
Shelly is in the bathroom now with Rach/Jordo. Shelly's gonna take a shower. They all chatter about how to remove gunk buildup from a toothbrush. Shelly tells Rachel to boil it and it'll all come out.

Cams 3 & 4 are now showing Porsche in the HOH bathroom putting on makeup.

I'll start the morning post as soon as I get some breakfast! :D

Stay tuned...
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