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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Morning/Afternoon in the BB House

Good morning/afternoon, everyone!! I left the Overnighter with Jeff wondering where the chess pieces disappeared to (after talking to Jordan about all the missing items in the house). Well I happy to report, thanks to someone on the's Facebook Group (thanks Jennifer!) that Shelly found the chess pieces hidden in the storage room!

She then walked (quietly) up to the HOH landing & put the chess pieces back on the chess board.

Today on the live feeds, we'll see Dani thinking of new ways to get Adam's vote (**good luck with that) and Jeff taking HOH pictures! Then tonight at 8pm EST, we'll get to see the POV Comp/Veto Ceremony on tonights episode of Big Brother. I'll have the chat room around 7:30pm BBT as usual. :)

Currently on the live feeds...

10:22am BBT:
Big Brother is giving the houseguests their wake-up call! Feeds are on 'We'll Be Right Back'.

10:25am BBT:
*Rachel's making her bed in the Candy Bedroom.

*Shelly's trying, again, to get Adam to vote to keep Dani. Adam, again, is not budging. Talk turns to getting Jeff out.

Shelly: "If you win HOH, do you have the balls to backdoor Jeff?"
Adam is hesitant.

Shelly said it breaks her heart to get him out, but they have to break J/J up in order for them to go further in the game.

Shelly: "There comes a time in the game that you have to set personal feelings aside."

Dani comes out & joins them on the BY couches.

Shelly tells Dani she's trying to get Adam to get on board with their plan (to keep Dani).

Dani instantly starts working on Adam.

Dani: "Why are you afraid of making a move? Why would I go against you? You scared Jeff's gonna be mad at you?"

**Dani's talking a mile a minute! Turn on the feeds!!

Shelly's nodding at everything Dani's saying. Dani said that Jeff's gonna win the game if they don't get him out and that if Dani was in the game, she'd get him out.

Dani: "You have to piss people off in this game, Adam!"

Shelly's smiling & nodding the whole time as Dani tries to get Adam's vote.

Dani: "Do you really wanna be remembered only as the guy in the elf suit?" (**Not sure being condescending is the best approach to get a vote. lol)

Adam said that if Rachel or Jordan won HOH, then Adam would go home. Dani said that Jordan wouldn't win HOH, hinting that she sucks in comps.

Rachel comes out & eats breakfast on the BY couch. Dani's not happy to have her 'Save Me' speech interrupted.

10:53am BBT:

Rachel/Shelly/Dani/Adam still on BY couches. Current talk is about humidity and how it rarely rains in California. Dani said when it sprinkles, nobody knows how to drive in L.A.

11:07am BBT:
Random chit-chat between Rach/Adam/Dani/Shelly.

11:15am BBT:

Adam/Dani had a minute alone briefly (while Shelly/Rach were inside) to talk. Dani tried to get his vote again.

Rachel comes back out. Dani goes inside.

Adam tells Rachel that after Dani leaves, they (Rach/Shelly/Adam/Jeff/Jordan) have to get "the other side" out. They shake on it.

11:20am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Shelly asked Rachel if she thinks Adam will throw Dani a sympothy vote. (**You setting Adam up, Shelly? Or just curious?) Rachel said no & that she thinks that Porsche will vote for Dani but not Adam.

Rachel: "If he did, he'd be going against the team."
Shelly: "Right."

Shelly said that Dani can't convince her (Shelly) to vote for her to stay & she won't trojan horse in the house ever again.

11:26am BBT:

Dani's still trying to work Adam for his vote. He's not saying much. Dani's doing most of the talking.

Dani: "You always say that you cheer for the underdog."
Adam: "Not to sound conceded, but I'm the underdog."

Dani wants Adam to team up with her. Adam keeps changing the subject to food.

Dani: "Why would I want you on my side if I didn't think you rock in competitions?"

Dani: "I'm willing to take the crappiest of crappy deals right now."

11:35am BBT:
Dani: "What do you want, Adam? What do you wanna hear?"
Adam: "Just give me time."
Dani: "I'm not just gonna roll over.."
Adam: "That's what I like about you."
Dani: "I will harass you until 5pm tomorrow. I wanna get Jeff and Jordan out so bad for lying to me and for playing on a personal level."

Adam: "Out of everybody in the house, you're the strongest player in here."
Dani: "Make me a one week deal!"
Adam: "If I made a deal, it wouldn't be a one week deal."

Adam: "Let me digest things..I need time to think about this & see what I wanna do."
Dani: "I will swear on EVERYTHING! If you do this, I'd owe you my life in this game!"

Jeff comes down. Game talk stops.
Jeff goes outside. Game talk starts.

Dani isn't letting Adam get a word in..she keeps talking over him. Adam keeps calling Dani out on things that don't make sense regarding noms, renoms, etc.

Dani: "I kept you off the block, Adam!"

11:53am BBT:
Adam: "Let me digest this..along with my food (breakfast)."
Dani keeps going.

BB just called Jeff into the Diary Room to get the camera for HOH pics.

Jeff goes up to the HOH room & tells Jordan that the chess pieces are back. He takes a pic of the chess board.

Jeff goes downstairs and tells everyone outside that the chess pieces are back. Adam asked who wants to play. They try to figure out who took the chess pieces. Porsche said she was up late but didn't see anyone. Adam said Shelly was up early.

They move inside. Shelly denies she found the chess pieces.

Shelly/Jordan/Dani/Kalia are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Dani is putting on tanning lotion, getting ready to go lay out.

Shelly confessed to Jordan that she found the chess pieces and swore on Josie that she never took them. Jordan said she believes her.

Shelly said she was looking for trash bags when she found them.

Shelly: "And there's something hidden in the toilet tank. It's a duck. It's Brendon's. Porsche left it there."
Jordan: "Oh my lord."

Jordan walks out of the bathroom.

HOH picture taking continues!

Kalia just said she hasn't poo'ed in 4 days due to slop & how it's weird that it makes everyone else have diarrhea but it has the opposite effect on her.

12:45pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

They talk about how Dani came after them, but now that they went after her, she gets pissed. Jeff said he's over it and can't wait for tomorrow. They talk about what Dani's speech will be. Jeff said he hopes she leaves classy. Jordan and Rachel think she'll throw some jabs in her speech towards their side.

Talk turns to non-game.

1:00pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Porsche said she'll work with "whichever one stays" (Kalia or Dani) and that she knows Adam will work with Jeff/Jordan still but she doesn't understand why.

Porsche then starts to campaign for Dani to stay. Adam said it'd put a bigger target on his back if he kept Dani.

Jeff interrupts their convo so they can take a group picture at the small table in the dining room.

1:08pm BBT:

**Okie dokie guys, gonna take a blogging break while the feeds are calm! When I come back, I'll open up a new afternoon post! :D

Stay tuned...
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