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Monday, August 22, 2011

Morning/Afternoon in the BB House + Veto Ceremony Results

Good morning/afternoon fellow BB addicts!! Today is the Veto Ceremony inside the BB13 house. We can expect Jeff, the winner of the veto, to pull Porsche off the block, then put Dani up. With the vets having the votes this week, Dani will be going out the door..but it's a long few days between now and Thursday's live show, so anything can happen.

Dani said last night that if she gets put up on the block, that all hell is gonna break loose, so I expect to see some post-veto ceremony drama happening on the live feeds today.

All of the houseguests are up & ready for the day. The veto ceremony should be taking place any minute now! Let's see what the HG's are up to.

Currently on the live feeds...

10:41am BBT:
Cams 1 & 2: Dani in the kitchen.

Cams 3 & 4: Adam/Shelly/Jordan/Kalia/Rachel/Porsche/Jeff are outside on the BY patio talking about songs.

10:43am BBT:
Live feeds go to trivia!!! It's time for the veto ceremony!! :D As soon as the live feeds come back on, I'll post the spoiler below!

The Renom is:


(Jeff used the veto on Porsche.)

11:30am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Dani said it's the worst birthday week ever. Kalia said that if Adam/Shelly would join them (Kalia/Porsche), then they'd have the numbers this week.

Kalia said she's not campaigning against Dani. Dani said it wouldn't be campaigning against her if she's doing it to save herself.

Dani: "I never even had to pack (my clothes) before on this show.."
Kalia: "What am I gonna wear on Thursday?"

(Lots of silence.)

11:38am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel said that her or Jordan have to win HOH on Thursday. Rachel said she was surprised that Jeff used the veto. Jeff said that Dani saying that she wasn't targeting Jeff the past few weeks but that's only because she was getting Brendon out.

Rachel: "If she was really with us, she wouldn't have got rid of Brendon. Instead, she went after him again!"
Jeff: "It's her fault for (making) bad moves."

Jordan said she wants to lay out but is afraid it's gonna be awkward with Dani outside. Jeff tells her to lay out if she wants and that Dani did it to herself.

11:42am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Lots of silence. All I hear are the birds in the background.

11:43am BBT:
Shelly: "Whatcha thinking?"
Dani: "I'm thinking about how people say things and are total hypocrites. Just be real. I dunno. They say they don't play this game personal, but that's crap. I'm only up because I tried to get him out weeks ago. He looked me in the eye for the past few weeks that he will not backdoor me, and he wants to roll with people he trusts, but then he rolls with Rachel who throws him under the bus. It's dumb. Whatever.

Shelly: "I was surprised!"
Dani: "I was not surprised (to be put up) at all."

Dani: "I could have easily backdoored him last week and I didn't. Whatever."
Shelly: "What's your plan moving forward?"
Dani: "I'm gonna fight to stay."

Dani said she wants to stay in the house and that there's "still a lot that has to be done".

Shelly: "I still think that you're an amazing person." (**Work that jury vote, Shelly. lol)

..and Shelly starts Rachel bashing as usual. (To her credit, she hasn't bashed Rachel for an hour now. lol)

11:49am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel is talking about how Porsche isn't there to play because Porsche told Rach that she doesn't like talking game because it "gives her a headache". (*lol) Rachel also said that Porsche said she just wants to win prizes while she's there.

Jordan asked if Porsche/Kalia are really close and Rachel said no..she's closer to Dani. They talk about how Porsche comes in 2nd a lot but that she was really trying hard. Jordan said that Porsche is playing down her game & that it's clear she's trying to win. Jeff's not buying it. (*lol) He thinks she's dumb.

Jeff said his HOH duties are now over. Jordan said it all comes down to the votes now. Jeff suggests they go mingle downstairs. Jeff/Rachel leave.

11:56am BBT:
Dani's already campaigning for Shelly's vote.

Dani swore on the life of her grandmother that if Shelly voted to keep Dani in the house, she'd "never ever" put Shelly up.

Shelly: "I believe you."

Adam & Kalia come out. Adam gets on the elliptical. Game talk stops.

(Note: Yesterday at 5:12pm BBT, Cam 3, Rachel said she's 2 weeks late for her period to Dani/Kalia/Adam in the Candy Bedroom. Shelly asked Rachel about it yesterday and Rachel said no and that there's no Brendon would 'let' her get pregnant now anyways. Well Dani keeps bringing it up that she could be pregnant, when she's not.)

12:03pm BBT:
Feed 3

Dani: "Should I use the pregnancy thing in my speech on Thursday?" (laughs)
Kalia: "Oh my god.."
Dani: *laughing*
Shelly: "Oh my god."
Dani: "I like how you guys are like 'Oh my god', but that would be AWESOME!!!" (laughing)

Dani: "If you wanna keep a pregnant woman in the house, playing in these competitions, it's your own doing. But that DISGUSTS me!"

Kalia switches the convo quickly to talking about shoes.

12:04pm BBT:
Rachel is on the patio now with Kalia/Dani/Shelly/Adam (working out on the elliptical.)

12:16pm BBT:
HOH Room

They worry that Adam could flip on them at anytime. Jeff thinks he's the king of all floaters. They think Porsche will come back to the vets side now that Dani's leaving & that Kalia seems a lot more relaxed now that Dani's on the block because she knows she (K) isn't going anywhere now.

They stop taking and take a nap.

Outside, Shelly/Porsche/Kalia/Rachel are talking non-game chit chat.

They're talking about libraries: how New York has a great library, Shelly hasn't been to a library since college, and Kalia said her friend used to rent movies all the time for her library. Talk turns to Netflix.

12:37pm BBT:

Cams 1 & 2: Dani laying down in the Have Not's Room.

Cams 3 & 4: Kalia is non-stop talking about newspapers, magazines & books. To Shelly & Rachel.

12:38pm BBT:
Shelly goes inside.

12:43pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Dani said she doesn't wanna campaign against Kalia, so she wants her (P) to do it for her. She wants Porsche to remind Adam/Shelly that Kalia said she'd never put up Jordan & that nobody's gonna push through J/J and they need someone strong in the house to do it & that she (Dani) is a huge target in the house.

Dani said that Shelly's gonna be hard to get a vote from.

Dani confesses that she's the one that hid everything in the house. She said that the chess pieces are hidden in the storage room. Porsche thinks it's hilarious. Dani wants to throw a chess piece during her speech, either their King or Queen, on Thursday and say "checkmate".

Dani: "I will stay awake every day until Thursday to make sure that I stay in this house."

Dani told Porsche to not turn her back on Kalia after Dani leaves.

Dani told Porsche to "c*ckblock" Kalia from game talking to the other side. Dani said she needs to hold off and keep her mouth closed because there's still a few days between now and Thursday. Dani then tells Porsche about how she already campaigned to Shelly.

Dani: "I'm thinking about a (fake) final 2 deal with Adam so that he keeps me. I just wanted to tell you that so you know. I think Kalia will sink herself..."

12:55pm BBT:

Dani said to push the whole Dani/Porsche/Adam/Shelly alliance idea to Shelly & Adam, to go against Jeff/Jordan/Rachel.

Dani: "We have to convince Shelly that she's below Adam on the totem pole, and convince Adam that everybody loves Shelly."

Meanwhile, outside...

Kalia is being super social with Shelly.

They're talking about reading books.

1:13pm BBT:

Dani is still coaching Porsche. (**Shelly/Adam are not gonna budge & Porsche barely wants to play her own game, let alone play for Dani's. lol Dani's screwed either way.)

Kalia enters.

1:33pm BBT:
Porsche is joking to Dani/Kalia about making Rachel self-evict so that Dani stays. Porsche wants to spit in her face, or dump water on her, or tell her that she'd sleep with Brendon if she's sent to jury and that they won't make it down the aisle.

Porsche: "You think she'd punch me if I said that?'d guys would pull her off of me, right?"
Dani: "Yea."

Porsche said she plans on throwing away food that 'they' eat next week.
Kalia: "Take'em and hide'em. I say we just start stealing sh*t and put it all in her suitcase."

1:48pm BBT:
Adam/Porsche/Rachel are on the BY couches.

Porsche: "How many weeks are left (of BB13)?"
Adam: "3 1/2 weeks. 24 days left."
Porsche: "WOW!"
Adam: "I'm gonna have to set up cameras and mics in my house just to feel normal again."

2:16pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Shelly just pitched the 'flip the votes' idea to Adam/Porsche, to keep Dani. (**Hard to tell what Shelly's motive is behind this convo. Is she lying? Is she being truthful? She just got out of the Diary Room not too long ago, makes me wonder if they ran this scenario by her.)

Shelly said that if Shelly/Adam kept Dani, it'd be Shelly/Adam/Porsche/Dani against Jeff/Jordan/Rachel and there's no way to win BB13 if J/J get to Final 3 because they'll obviously take each other.

Jeff and Rachel join them on the BY patio and the talk stops. (Shelly told P/A to not tell anyone about their convo.)

2:34pm BBT:
Backyard/Pool Area

Shelly's pushing Adam to flip the votes to keep Dani, Adam wants no part of it.

Shelly wants to make a Dani to keep them safe, Adam doesn't trust that Dani would keep it. He goes on tell Shelly how Dani cornered him the other night for wasn't to sweet talk or talk to him on a personal level.

Shelly: "So when do you wanna break up Jeff & Jordan?"
Adam: "I'm thinking Final 4. We can beat Jordan."

Bottom line: Adam says that he doesn't trust Dani. He trusts Jeff/Jordan. Adam wants Kalia on their side, not Dani. He thinks Dani would have no problem using Adam/Shelly as pawns.

Jeff comes out. Their game talk stops & pretend to be talking about concerts.

2:59pm BBT:
Pool Area

Adam & Jeff talk game a little bit, after a few minutes of non-game chatter. Adam said that Dani gives too many "half-truths". Jeff said that's because she runs her mouth and stuff doesn't add up. Adam agrees and starts telling lies that Dani told him that.

Adam: "She tried to fill my head with lies."

Adam keeps saying there's no way he'd ever trust Dani & that they just need 3 votes to get rid of Dani & the only way that Dani would stay is if Dani got Adam/Shelly's vote, or Shelly/Rachel's vote, Jordan/Rachel's vote, or any other combo of those. Jeff adds that he thinks they can get Porsche's vote to get Dani out too, on top of already having Adam/Shelly/Rachel/Jordan's vote.

Adam said he's trying to "avoid the bitchfest that's coming" and he can't wait until Thursday comes.

3:06pm BBT:
Cams auto-switch to Dani getting a little loud with Kalia in the bathroom.

Dani: "I dunno what you want me to say, Kalia! You already have everybody (for votes) including Jeff and Jordan."
Kalia: "Okay.."

Dani goes into the bathroom. Kalia walks away.

3:33pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Rachel & Porsche are playing cards.

3:42pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Shelly told Kalia that she's safe.

Stay tuned...
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