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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Post-Live Show on the Feeds

Holy crap whatta show!!! Okay, so we have Dani and Jeff both gone from the BB house and the live feeds are on FIRE!!!!!

Rachel just had to pull Jordan away from Shelly!

Jordan: "I swear to God I will hit somebody!!!"
Rachel: "Jordan, NO!"
Jordan: "She's a dumb BITCH!"

Jordan: "If we don't win HOH, we're both going on the block Rachel! We're out numbered!"

Rachel's telling Jordan to calm down and fight to stay.
Jordan: "I trusted her! What's WRONG with me!?! I can't believe I trusted her..I swear to god I'm gonna hit someone, I'm so pissed that I'm shaking.."
Rachel: "I'm shaking too.."

Jordan said she didn't wanna do BB again, she did it for Jeff. Rachel said she didn't wanna go back either and she only did it for Brendon.

Jordan: "I'm such an idiot..."

Jordan: "I'm gonna say what I want to say from now on in here. I don't care anymore. You can't trust anybody in here."

Shelly is crying. Porsche is telling her to focus on her game, separate game play and friendships.

Porsche: "Jeff always said that it's just a game and you all will be friends outside this house. Don't worry. Be happy." (starts singing).

Shelly said she doesn't trust Rachel or Adam anymore.
Kalia just said that the HOH comp is tomorrow & that she gets an HOH basket.

7:22pm BBT:
*Rachel/Jordan are in the Candy Bedroom

*Kalia/Porsche/Shelly are in the living room.

7:27pm BBT:
Living Room

Shelly's talking about flipping and how she told Jeff & Jordan that she (Shelly) knows there's no way she'd be able to win in Final 3 with Jeff/Jordan. Porsche brings up how Jordan already won $500,000. Kalia is bringing up how happy Dani will be that they sent Jeff to jury right after her.

7:30pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Rachel's upset with herself and said she doesn't know why she's not as good as she was in her 1st season on BB. Jordan said they need to win HOH to turn things back around.

Rachel: "The only way to play this game, is to not do anything!" (re: floaters)

Rachel: "How the f**k did KALIA win? She's the worst player ever!"

Jordan is crying again.
Rachel wants her stuffed dog back. Jordan tells Rachel to go ask Shelly for it back.
Rachel: "I will!"

Rachel goes and asks the girls for her stuffed dog back.

Shelly/Porsche/Kalia deny having it. (**Shelly has it.)

Rachel: "Daniele told me you (Shelly) have it! You're 41 years old!! Just give it back to me! I don't have anything else in this guys are winning! I just want my stuff back!"
Shelly: "I don't have it sweetheart."

Rachel said she wants her dog in the storage room, doesn't care who took it. She just wants her stuff back.

Kalia confirms HOH is TONIGHT!

Jordan said she doesn't wanna be there anymore, she just wants to decide who wins. Rachel tells her to not give up because she doesn't wanna be left in the house alone with the other side.

Rachel mentioned that she still hasn't had her period yet.
Jordan: "Are you pregnant?"
Rachel: "I hope not."

Rachel: "Do you think you can win HOH?"
Jordan: "I'll try my hardest!"
Rachel: "And I'll try my hardest, too. It's just me and you."
Jordan: "Jeff is probably gonna kill Daniele (in jury). Her speech was rude."

Jordan starts mocking Dani.

8:10pm BBT:

Jordan is crying & talking to Rachel. She can't believe that she trusted Shelly and that Shelly turned on her. She's also upset at herself for being flustered during the HOH comp.

Shelly/Kalia/Porsche/Adam are in the kitchen.

Adam just came out from the Diary Room. He said that production told him the HOH comp is tonight but didn't give him a time of when it'll start.

Adam: "All they told me was that they wouldn't keep us waiting too long tonight."

(No, Kalia can't play for HOH. She's the outgoing HOH.)

8:22pm BBT:
All HG's (except for Jordan)

Kalia's talking about how big of a difference fat free mayo and regular mayo taste like. They all talk about the Have Not's being over for the sesaon. Kalia said she can't wait to eat (real food) at midnight.

8:26pm BBT:
Kalia just got her HOH basket.

Her letter is from her boyfriend, Derrick.

8:32pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Jordan said that they (Rach/Jordo) have to win HOH tonight. Rachel said that Adam obviously threw tonights HOH comp because she's 100% sure he knew the answer to the 1st question .

Rachel: "He just doesn't win and wanna make any big moves."

8:42pm BBT:
Live Feeds go to TRIVIA!!! Time for the HOH Comp!! :D Who do you wanna see win HOH tonight? New poll is on the right side of the blog!

Stay tuned...
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