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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Nights BB Episode

Good evening & Happy Sunday Night to all you BB addicts out there!! :D Tonight's BB show is the Nominations Ceremony episode where we will see Rachel/Jordan get nominated for eviction and we will also see the Pandora's Box that put the remaining HG's into duos for this week, which happened before the Nomination Ceremony.

Update: Okay, no nomination ceremony. lol They did too much recapping from last Thursday & Pandora's Box to fit it in tonights episode. :P

Today on the live feeds, Shelly campaigned hard to Rachel/Jordan to stay in the game and to play the game with them to get to Final 3. She totally threw the newbies under the bus in the process and swore on everything in her life that she would not betray them if they kept her over Adam.

12:38pm BBT/Camera 1:

Then Adam/Rachel/Jordan had a talk to see if they (R/J) could get Adam to work with them.

1:41pm BBT/Camera 4:

These are 2 convos worth checking out on the Flashback Feeds for sure. (**I'll cover them in detail in tomorrows Overnighter.)

Okay BB fans, the Chat Room is now open, so come on in & say hi!! :D

See you in the comment section & chat room!!

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