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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

Good morning/afternoon to all you BB addicts!! Today is Tuesday, which doesn't mean much in the BB house, except for game play for this upcoming HOH and twist on Thursday.

Let's see what the HG's are on up on the live feeds! :D

10:00am BBT:
Backyard Patio

Rachel is giving another video diary to Brendon (she thinks he's at home watching the live feeds). She tells him that she's not sure if she can trust Jeff/Jordan but she'll never put them up regardless of her doubts. She also told him that it's "really hard" playing the game without him but that she's fighting her butt off to stay. She also said that she's winning HOH on Thursday because she has to and doesn't have any other options.

10:12am BBT:
Backyard Couch

The girls are making small talk..non-game. Talk is all over the place..from chess pieces still missing in the house, to Lawon and his crazy act of being pissed off for being the renom, to the weather. (Kalia told Shelly/Rachel that she asked the Diary Room where the chess pieces are...which is a lie, since Kalia/Dani are the ones who hid them.)

On feed 3, we have Adam sleeping...

On feed 4, we have a shot of the Candy Bedroom, where Adam/Porsche/Dani are sleeping.

10:45am BBT:
*Kalia is in the kitchen.
*Rachel/Shelly still on BY patio, talking non-game.

10:52am BBT:

*Rachel is telling Shelly how hard it's been to find a job. Shelly suggested maybe a fashion store, but Rachel said she gets bored doing retail, greeting people and folding clothes. Rachel talks about trying to find a job in chemistry but that her being on BB has hindered her opportunities.

*Kalia is eating breakfast.

11:00am BBT:
*Shelly gets called to Diary Room. All 4 feeds are on Rachel, alone, on the BY couch.

11:15am BBT:
alia/Rachel are on the BY couches.

Rachel: "So what did you wanna talk to me about?"
Kalia: "Well I don't wanna talk without (Dani), but just a talk about this week...I don't know..I don't think she drastically cares if I talk to you without her but.."
Rachel: "Why did you put up Lawon?"
Kalia: "I put him up as a pawn."

Kalia then talked about how "weird" Lawon's been acting & that she put him up because he was the only one (out of Shelly/Adam/Porsche) that didn't freak out at the thought of going up as a pawn. Kalia then said that Lawon acting pissed makes Kalia look sketchy.

Rachel said that Lawon going up next to her (Rach) on the block, help keeps her in the house, and that Kalia is giving her a chance and appreciates it.

Rachel: "Also I never said that I have the votes."

Talk continues.
Rachel: "The worst player in this game, is the player that's always safe in the game and that will promise that they'll keep you safe, but then will fall in an HOH comp on purpose."

Kalia: "Or having you do their dirty work in the house for them."

11:27am BBT:
Kalia states again that she doesn't wanna talk without Dani there in the convo, and says the reason is because she doesn't wanna have the same convo twice.

Rachel: "If I stay, I'm not gonna go after you."

11:38am BBT:
Talk turns to non-game.
Rachel's talking about Brendon & relationships in general.

11:44am BBT:
Shelly joins Kalia/Rachel.

Kalia said she misses her boyfriend and starts to cry a little bit. Kalia said that last night, for a moment, she thought she felt her boyfriend laying beside her but it was just a pillow.

Shelly: "You can have a hug from me!"

Shelly asked Kalia what she's gonna write her boyfriend (Derrick) in her HOH blog tomorrow. She said she doesn't know.

11:56am BBT:
The girls are talking non-game. Rachel said how her and Brendon tried to win a "Dream Wedding" from Create & Barrel (as I posted before BB13 started) and they didn't win.

12:14pm BBT:
Jeff is now up.
He goes into the bathroom, does his morning routine, gets on the scale..

..couldn't see what it said, but I'd imagine it said something along the lines of 'Still lookin' fine!', he hops off, goes grabs a cup of coffee, and joins Shelly/Rachel/Kalia on the BY patio.

Rachel: "Big Jeff's up!"

Jeff said he never heard the wake-up music this morning or BB telling him to change his batteries. Shelly said BB only played 1 song (instead of 3) this morning but it was a really long song by 'Weird Al' Yankovic.

12:26pm BBT:
Kalia goes inside.

Shelly: "She's really been making an effort to be out here with us."
Rachel: "She told me she has the votes to keep Lawon, but there's no way they have the votes! ..unless Adam votes to keep Lawon."

Jeff goes inside.

Rachel: "Do you really think Adam would vote
Shelly: "She wants you to think she's controlling you, let her think that! Just say yes, okay, mmm hmm..she's gonna make you swear on Brendon, don't defend yourself, we have your back a billion percent. Just shut up & let her think it! Otherwise, she could try to flip (the votes)."
Rachel: "I'm shocked!..and she said Dani wants to talk to me too."

Shelly: "She does! They're scared! You might have to make some promises that you're gonna have to break. Do whatever you have to do."
Rachel: "I'm really bad at lying to people."

Shelly's coaching Rachel how to word her deal/promise with Kalia/Dani later on, so that they'll believe her and won't try to flip the votes.

12:40pm BBT:
*Jeff & Lawon are outside w/ Shelly and Rachel.

BB: "Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go outside & close the sliding glass door."

1:00pm BBT:
All HG's are outside now for the outside lockdown. Non-game talk all around.

1:07pm BBT:
Kalia is telling Dani about her short convo with Rachel this morning on the BY couches.

Kalia: "She seems scared (that she might not have the votes)."
Dani: "Well she looks happy as hell!"

Dani said that she thinks Rachel is a liar and she's gonna have a hard time believing any deal she makes with them.

Meanwhile, over on the patio couch, Shelly is doing a mock interview with Jordan.

1:26pm BBT:
*Lockdown is over. Dani/Kalia/Porsche are inside.
*Shelly/Adam/Jeff/Jordan are still outside (on Cam 1 & 2).

Per Porsche's request, Adam is squeezing lemon juice on Porsche's hair (to make it lighter while she suntans.)

Adam: "Another BB first for me!"

Porsche washes her hands & then heads outside.

Dani is also on her way outside in her bikini.

Dani goes & lays down by Lawon and Porsche in the backyard to tan.
Lawon is talking about being "sexually frustrated".

Dani: "I can tell."

4:20pm BBT:
Random chit-chat all around. :)

5:31pm BBT:
A look at the feeds:

Jeff/Jordan/Rachel are hanging out together, talk is about Reality Shows. (*lol)

Meanwhile upstairs, Porsche/Dani/Kalia are in the HOH room.
General chatter throughout the house. :)

**By the way, I reset the "Which HG Do You Want Back in the House" since a lot of BB fans have changed their mind. Make sure to cast your vote! :) It's over on that side of the blog. ---->

**Okay guys & gals, I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter! :D Until then, enjoy the Big Brother House Cameras!!

Stay tuned...
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