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Monday, August 1, 2011

Evening in the BB House (Updated!)

Good evening, BB fans!! :D In the past hour I was away, we didn't miss much, but here's what happened on the live feeds:

*Jeff/Jordan/Rachel agreed that the three of them will stick together after Brendon leaves.

*Brendon saw Porsche/Lawon whispering to each other, now he's paranoid that she's in an alliance with him.

*Brendon told Jeff/Jordan he thinks Porsche is with Dani/Lawon/Kalia, and Jordan said that it'd make sense because she's been in the HOH room a lot with Dani.

*Jordan told Jeff about probing Kalia earlier (in the kitchen) for info to make sure there weren't deals that would send Jordan out.

*Lawon taught Adam/Porsche how to dance to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" for tonight's bachelor/bachelorette parties. lol It's totally worth the watch on the Flashback Feeds!

Currently on the live feeds...

Rachel, Brendon & Jordan are talking on the BY couches. The rest of the HG's are roaming around inside the BB house.

Brendon said after he gets evicted on Thursday, he's just gonna crash with friends until BB is over. He said that they (B/R) moved out of their apartment a couple days before BB this year and he'll wait until Rachel's done with BB to look for a new apartment.

5:24pm BBT:
*Jeff joins the BY couch crew of Rach/Jordo/Bren/Porsche

*Lawon is working out on the elliptical.

Talk is about BB intros. Jordan said that they got a shot of her bowling and saying "Nobody can rest this southern charm!" She said her friends made fun of her because it was so cheesy. Jeff said that he got tackled by his friends for his intro after he said he was gonna "tackle the competition".

5:40pm BBT:
BB: "Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door."

5:45pm BBT:
Dani asked Adam if he's still voting Brendon out, Adam said yea. (**Earlier, Brendon campaigned to Adam saying that Jordan's already won $500,000.)

Dani: "I just don't want Jordan to stress out for no reason."
Adam: "She shouldn't (stress)."
Dani: "Okay."

Talk turns non-game. (Video games like Nintendo 64)

All other HG's are on the BY patio.

Current topic is about why the HG's can't sing. (BB have to pay royalties to the artists of the songs they're singing.)

6:02pm BBT:
*HG's still laying around, waiting for the outside lockdown to be over. Random chit-chat.

UPDATED @ 8:04pm BBT:

At 6:05pm BBT, Bren told Rach to make a deal with Dani after he leaves and to use the bond of both of them losing their partners in the game (Dom/Bren) as a bonding tactic, but not make the deal obvious so nobody knows about it. Brendon also told Rachel to not trust Porsche. He also told Rachel that Shelly's playing both sides of the house and he thinks Jeff & Jordan have a deal with her, so before he leaves, he's gonna plant seeds of doubt in Shelly's head.

At 7:08pm BBT, Dani told Kalia that Rachel has to go next week. Kalia agreeed.

Around 7:30pm BBT, Brendon told Rachel to let Shelly win HOH so that she (S) can send Dani home.

9:20pm BBT:
Brendon/Rachel's mock wedding still has not happened. (If it happens tonight, I'll post it in the Overnighter.)

Jeff/Brendon are playing Big Brother Cornhole (bean bag toss) against Porsche/Adam

Okay guys & gals, see y'all tomorrow morning with the Overnighter! :D

Stay tuned...
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